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Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  An amazing debut for Mario on the 3DS!

| | See all Dexterfanboy's reviews (2)

I bought this with my 3DS four weeks ago, and all i can say is that i am so glad i bought this game. It shows off the potential of the 3DS and it also shows you how innovative Nintendo can get with their 20 something year old franchise. I would suggest this game to anyone who loves platforming and anyone who loves to be challenged because in some of the latter stages of the game it can get harder but if you love platforming games, you will love this. But make sure the 3D is turned on at all times to get the best out of this game!!
5/5 stars

  Mario proves again he his still the King of platform games.

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

When playing Super Mario 3d Land I was whizzing my way through the eight worlds and thought this game was too easy as the credits rolled up but after the credits had finished I had unlocked another eight special worlds which are more of a challenge. The best thing about this Mario game starting off easier means that my six year old daughter has got to world four by herself. It's the first Mario platform game which she has really got into and enjoys playing alot. The Tanooki Mario suit is back from Super Mario Bros 3 at long last and on later levels you get the special one which turns into a statue. I use to love the Frog suit from Super Mario Bros 3 which made it much easier to swim underwater but as yet no return but we do have the most excellent Boomerang Mario and the fun Propeller Box which will help you find hidden areas high up in the sky. The best thing about Mario games and Nintendo games in genre is even though they feel familiar they are jammed packed with new ideas which keeps them feeling fresh still even after twenty five years. Along with Mario Kart 7 and even Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games on the 3ds us Mario fans have had it really good on the 3ds so far. Mario Tennis looks to be a return to form and you might like to know that Luigi is a playable character later on in Super Mario 3d Land.

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| | See all Alekthecat's reviews (1)

Only 4 days for the delivery and the game is good as I was expecting (classic Mario).
It was my first buy and you've earned one more sutisfied customer! I'm more than happy...

  Good and bad (also because of personal reasons)

| | See all THIEF15's reviews (9)

I have a bit mixed feelings about the game. On the 1 hand I found the first 8 worlds far to easy with the exception of some levels. The first 3 worlds of the extra levels were about the right difficulty and the last few worlds and a bit on the hard side. But here are where some of the personal reasons come in. But also some levels I would have preferred a different camera location and I wish you could control the game with the old fashion control pad and not only the new circle pad controls.

On these levels I really noticed the 3DS doesn't feel right in my hand. My left hand / thumb get a little numb since these levels require more speed in the movement. Or maybe it also has something to do of the location of the circle pad control. And on the 3DS on the back at the bottom are 2 small pins where I keep
my little finger. Since those levels are more tense I start holding the 3DS harder which starts to give me an annoying feeling in my little fingers.

All in all it was a nice game to play, just think it would have been more enjoyable with a different 3DS layout. Do want to give the game 4 stars since the game can't be held responsible for 3DS conflicts that I have.


| | See all supababe's reviews (96)

I have loved this...the 1st half seemed a bit too easy - but once you have completed levels 1-8 you unlock the secret 8 levels....these are harder and more of a challenge - which I love.....you also have the option to play as mario or luigi. If you collect all the stars and complete all words with mario AND luigi - you unlock a final crown level.....this is super tough - but I have just completed

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  The game is great from what I have played of someone else's

| | See all Moonie14's reviews (3)

However I can't give my full verdict on the game as I ordered it for next day delivery on the 13th of january, and have just received an email stating the item won't be delivered while the 21st? Not sure whats going on and couldn't find an email address to contact someone on this matter.

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| | See all Mikki1988's reviews (1)

Thia is my favourite 3d game so far. The levels after the initial saving peach levels r slightly harder but I think this is to be expected. It's not repetitive in any way each level is unique with different twists and turns. Defiantly recommend this for any 3ds owner.

  A reason to buy a 3DS

| | See all Jeccius's reviews (15)

Best game on the console; accessible to all ages and massive to boot. Absolute must if you own the console :D

  Super Mario

| | See all malteser's reviews (17)

As expected this game offers good graphics, long gameplay, great replaay value and a few unlockables. Must buy for Mario fans!