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Nintendo DS Lite Console - White

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all vmartin's reviews (6)

I have the white ds and my sister has the pink one we both got them for christmas last year! They are really brilliant, great graphics, great selection of games, and good battery life.
I am now buying my boyfriend one for this christmas

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  Greatest Present i ever got!!

| | See all gadgetaddict77's reviews (11)

Hubby got me one of these for christmas.........and i love it! Its such a great console that makes gaming accessible to everybody, or any age!! The games selection is amazing too. I'm addicted to mine......highly recommend!!!!

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  Closest Thing To A Perfect Handheld Console

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

A big step was taken from the Advance to the DS and has worked really well for Nintendo.
The main selling point is the touch screen system which explores new ways of gameplay which proved successful.
Also proving successful was the marketing of casual & learning games for everyone as opposed to the gamers market.
It looks perfect on paper but because it's so popular with kids, adults and even the elderly, the serious gamer is being ignored completely. The selection of DS games started really good but lately the market has being throwing in mediocre games, casual games, kids games and games for the older generation.
The major problem is that unlike the PSP, the DS requires games that need to operate on two screens along with the hope that the game uses the touch screen and since the audience for the DS is different to the other consoles, it uses games your likely to find on a school computer or a family PC.
It's online function is probably the best on the market but the recent wave of games would suggest that it doesn't have an online function which doesn't really help it.
The DS is not for the serious gamer but I would recommend it to everyone as it's light, easy to store, good price and it's incredibly user friendly. All it needs now is more mainstream games.

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  Small, responsive and fun !!!

| | See all deffstar's reviews (2)

My wife had been asking for one for a while now (a DS I mean ;) ) and I decided to get her one because we had some vouchers for a retail shop.

What a nice little machine. I always liked the PSP but this is more fun, like the WII. I cannot say that it's better but it is nice in a different way.

Would I recommend if you have a PSP, Xbox 360, PS3 or other newer, more powerful console? Yep.... £100 is a lot to pay, but it is a nice little console. The only problem you might have is if you haven't got an Xbox 360, which do you go for? I'd say if you want GTA, it's gotta be the 360, but for things like brain training etc. the DS Lite !!!

Well done Nintendo !!!

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| | See all Helennah's reviews (24)

im and 18 year old girl! and i have had my ds for nearly 2 years now and i love it lol - sad i know - but heyho!
mine is white, but my brother and sister got theirs in dubais and they have really cool colours - green and dark blue - i have never seen them anywhere else - but i prefer my white one =p

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  class but go to america

| | See all papajoe's reviews (4)

this is class but I Know that if you go to america you can buy a crismo red ds. Ihave it. it is so cool

  Takes Handheld Gaming To The Next Level !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all Maudsley's reviews (5)

The Nintendo DS doesn't need reviews. It's the biggest selling game system in the world right now and is number 1 in every global marketing territory. It was the first games console to successfully appeal to children, parents, grand parents AND gamers.
I've owned a lot of hand helds and home consoles and whilst I still feel a bizarre emotional attachment to the GBA SP I have to concede that this is probably the best console I have ever owned. The touch screen just works as a control system and it's the key to the machines cross-generational appeal. Even my own reluctant Games Widow enjoys Brain Training, the new Tetris and Wario Ware. She said she likes that she doesn't have to learn what the buttons do if she wants to play on the DS: it's instinctive.
For gamers there are some absolute classic titles available. The DS entries into the Zelda and Mario Kart franchises are among the best both series have ever offered. Sonic and Bleach are much better on the DS then their home console equivalents and Elite Beat Agents is possibly the best music game yet released.
Also the DS is the only handheld system currently on the market with a battery life that will see you through a transatlantic flight. My DS also holds a charge much better then my PSP. After a month without touching it my DS still had several hours of power but my PSP runs flat when left alone for a few days.
The DS is quite possibly the best system Nintendo have ever made. It certainly has an excellent library of games that will provide years worth of fun for kids and adults alike. I recommend this to anyone of all ages.

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  So Much Fun!!!

| | See all Jones001's reviews (106)

this gaming console is amazing and this is where all the touch screen stuff started and is so much fun.

  Best Handheld Device

| | See all MrKermit's reviews (16)

The latest incarnation of the Nintendo DS is a marked improvement with a smaller case, brighter screen, better battery. As someone who recently purchased both the DS Lite and Sony PSP slim I can tell you that the Nintendo comes out on tops. In terms of graphics the PSP may be better but for the range of games and the gameplay experience the DS is far superior. Nintendo really are marketing this device at all ages so it's great for family use and it has plenty of low cost games available. Buy!

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