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The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Released on 11 December 2009

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

(14 customer reviews)  |  Write a review

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Comment:Brand new and sealed. Game in English (cover and manual in german). Delivered within 5 working days. This game is multilanguage and can be played in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian. Free delivery worldwide! No shipping to Malta, Cyprus, or Norway

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks sets hero Link on a daring new adventure. The game provides players with a new story, more puzzles and even a new mode of transportation. In this game, Link voyages by train, which offers up new possibilities for problem-solving. The game has the same look and feel established in the hit Nintendo DS game The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Team Up: Link has a valuable new companion. While navigating dungeons, he's accompanied by a Phantom, a hulking suit of armor that responds to his commands. Players can tap the Phantom to take command of him, then draw a line on the touch screen to direct him where to go. The stout Phantom can walk through fire or lava, be used as a platform to carry Link above dangers, or even run interference to block Link from harm.

    Travel By Train: When Link conducts the train, players enjoy a satisfying combination of action and realtime puzzle solving as they determine which track to take and how to best manipulate their speed. When on the train, Link must plot the best route to the end of the line around ever-moving obstacles. While en route, Link might need to fire an onboard cannon at enemies who attack the train or sound the whistle to scare animals off the tracks.

      New Weapons: Link uses a variety of new items and weapons, including the Whirlwind, which players activate by blowing into the microphone of the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi system.

        Touch Screen Integration: As with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, players can draw notes on the ingame maps using the stylus on the touch screen.

        customer Reviews

         Average rating (14 reviews)

         Even more great then the most excellent Phantom Hourglass!

        | | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

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        If there is one thing that you can more less guarantee in life is that when a new Zelda game is released it's going to be something exciting and rather speciel. Spirit Tracks has the same excellent touch screen controls as Phantom Hourglass and the same wonderful graphics style too. The music is very atmospheric and the story is dark and very gripping. You travel around the map on steamtrain which can have a connon added onto it just like you could with the steamer boat in Phantom Hourglass. The boss battles are great fun and look wonderful. The puzzels are clever and are set at just the right level for most gamers. I don't know how Nintendo do it but they always keep their Zelda games up to the most highest of standards which for me and many more people, makes this the best DS game to come out this year.

         Up to much lately?

        | | See all DJReginald's reviews (3)

        Either 'yes' or 'no', I advise you to buy this. It's inexpensive and the money you pay for this game would most likely prove a worthwhile expense on your part.
        Spirit Tracks can keep you occupied for short or long periods of time (and I know from experience, as it has kept me playing it for hours on end some days).
        Musical scores in this game are wonderful. You may possibly hum the tunes that are played even when you're not on the game, they're that catchy.
        Spirit Tracks' story (from an emotional viewpoint) can be strangely evocative at times, as it seems to put much more emphasis on characters and the relationships/ attachments they have to one another. I drew close to tears at a late stage in the game (not through frustration at a boss or something but due to sheer happiness at the outcomes later on, and how far I'd gone through the game) and seemed to have developed an attachment to the characters.
        'Involving' is how I can accurately describe the gameplay. This time the DS engages you and you don't engage it. None of the tasks you are asked to do in the game play as if they are chores. All tasks that it gives you are original.
        Overall, it is better than its former (Phantom Hourglass) and continues to lift my spirits even now, after completion. It's perky and engrossing as are most Zelda games.

         A great addition to the Zelda handheld system collection

        | | See all Viisasmies's reviews (4)

        This is a fun game for the DS. It has everything you want from a Zelda game: good gameplay, a fun system to work with (in this case, the trains), great mini-games, items to collect, and is just generally another great Zelda game to play on a handheld system.

         Great game!

        | | See all Daibhead's reviews (7)

        good game but not worthwhile buying until it gets cheaper

         New, Unique, Endless, Diverse: Perfect. Get it!

        | | See all Meebee's reviews (6)

        To be honest, I have never been that interested in Zelda, as it isn't my kind of game. But when I saw this new idea on the TV adertisements, I was quite intrigued about the fact they'd managed to incorporate trains into the mix, and by gosh, they really upped my view on the Zelda games and makers in whole!
        It's the perfect mix; half the game involves driving your super special awesome spirit train up and down winding tracks (getting chased by tanks and ebil doom trains), and the other half is all the action, puzzle solving, whipping and boss-defeating.
        The makers of this game have really tried to use everything the DS has to offer, with you now being able to talk to villagers and blow into the microphone to hurl tornadoes of impending doom at enemies. There's just so much interactivity!
        The gameplay is almost endless, as there is the main plot, several funky little subplots, and even tasks that involve you carrying passengers on your train, unlocking paths to new areas and new plots! I've had the game for a few months now, and I'm still barely within reach of the finishing line, just because there is just so much to DO!
        The graphics occasionally blow a little, but you can't really blame them, because it is a DS, and the DS doesn't do Xbox graphics and detail. The whole thing is also touchscreen-based, which is a little awkward if you don't have anywhere to lean whilst playing: so the DS doesn't skid all over when you're s'ploring.
        But aside from that, it's a wonderful little game, that combines two utterly different styles: train riding and fantasy fighting, in such a perfect way it seems the spirits themselves must've created it for us. I can't encourage you enough to get this game, just for the sheer range of things to do and the pure fun involved. If you're a lifelong Zelda fan, or just a new starter like me, it's a brilliant game to get stuck in to. Don't heasitate: The price is almost a steal!

        Rating7+ (PEGI)