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Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations

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Customer Reviews

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An amazing game, if an edgey fan then youll love it!!!!!!! i must buy for the ace attorney series :)


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this game is brilliant...after waiting so long for it i went out and brought it on the first day it was released (i dont trust pre-ordering).
it is different to the pheonix wright games and rightly so as you are playing a prosecuter, not a defence attorney. but it didnt take away any of my enjoyment, once you get used to the new methods of investigating with logic and deducing that is!.
the storyline is brilliant and if you have played pheonix wright and appollo justice games, most of the characters you meet will make you feel like you are at a family reunion. :). my only complaint of the game is that it is just not long enough! and i wish that there had been a few episodes that wasn't connected to the general storyline. and yes the courtroom scenes were missed (but im a avid fan of the series)
However, if someone is buying this game as a first time player it shouldn't be something to put you off. although i would recommend playing the first games in the series as it adds to the enjoyment of the gameplay when you meet the characters.
i completed this game in just over two weeks mostly because i wanted to make it last as long as i could because you only get a measly 5 episodes in the game but it is a brilliant well thought out game with lots of excitement ,frustration and just too many damm im good!! moments for you to not regret buying this game....so what are you waiting for?? put it in your shopping basket now!!! :-)

  Not quite the same

| | See all superkawaii's reviews (2)

Having played all the other Ace Attorney games I couldnt wait to get my hands on this lastest chapter but unfortunatley it just wasnt quite the same. The new style in which you carry out your investigations is alot of fun but after youve done snooping around the game seems to fall flat in some places and at times alittle boring! The courtroom scenes which added just that little something are sorely missed, some how trying to convict someone of murder while stand in a hallway just doesnt quite have the same affect! despite these few niggles the game was still very enjoyable and is well worth playing.


| | See all Icarus's reviews (29)

It's been a rather long wait for next Ace Attorney chapter to arrive and I can easily say it's been worth the wait.

You play as Miles Edgeworth, who if you have played the previous titles will know that he is a key character in the series. If you're a new to the franchise then I would suggest picking up the Phoenix Wright games beforehand as you will be able to understand more with this game, thats not to say you wouldn't enjoy playing this one first but with returning characters and how the whole game plays out would be more beneficial to do so.

What sets this game apart from the previous titles is you play as an prosecutor as opposed to a defense attorney. What this means is rather than trying to defend your client you're out to prove that someone did it and collect evidence to prove that.

The graphics of this game I feel are a lot sharper and the sprites look amazing on the DS. The music is very catching and addictive. The number one thing I love about this game however is the drama you get from it ranging from when you're battling to prove who commited a crime and trying to outsmart the people trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

If you own the previous games I'd no doubt you will be buying this but if you're unsure I would definitely take the plunge with this game as you wont be disapointed. Long may the Ace Attorney series continue!

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  Hold it!

| | See all sonyfanboy1987's reviews (6)

While the courtroom sections are dearly missed this is a solid title in on of the best game series on the ds. It's a welcome change to play as edgeworth with all the great writing and comedy found in previous titles. Only problem is now I can't wait for the next installment in the ace attorney series ;)