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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all melly654's reviews (1)

This game is prefect for Harry Potter fans and people who enjoy game where you have to work things out. Each level has golden hats and wizards cards and you have to use the characters you unlocked to retrieve these items. At the begining of each level you watch a mini clip which is a funny spoof of the film.

  love it love it love it

| | See all kwoodacre91's reviews (2)

if your a harry potter fan then just buy this....stop reading and press buy you will love it! :)

  nearly as good as lego star wars

| | See all Monika84's reviews (14)

I really enjoyed this game, having played lego star wars, indiana jones and batman this is now my second favourite lego game.

The game play is intuitive and can be played in story mode and free play. There is a fun way using the DS stylus to cast spells and mix potions. Each year you complete you learn more and more spells and these are then used in free play to unlock hidden areas. There is the standard format of collecting studs and wizard hats (the new canisters), red bricks and this time trading cards to unlock characters who can then be bought. There are of course the classic lego clips which are funny in a way that only lego can manage.

The only down side to this game is that there are no mini games. Also you need to use the stylus to make the characters jump which can be a little frustrating if you are used to using the A and B keys. For this reason the game loses a star.

In summary this is a great game for the DS and I will be on the look out for lego harry potter years 5 - 7 and I will be pre-ordering it.

  Great for younger kids

| | See all azzie74's reviews (3)

My 5 year old son loves this game. He has played all the lego games and this one is definitely one of his favourites. I've also played this game and as another reviewer said, I finished it within a week, with only light play - I would say that it is aimed at younger players. Its not as good as Starwars, Batman or Indy 1 but it will pass the time.That said it was entertaining (especially if you are into Harry Potter), and sometimes it is nice to play a game were you aren't getting stuck and stressed all the time!

  It's ok

| | See all sarahp123's reviews (23)

I've played all the lego games, and thought that they did have a challenge, lots to do etc, however this 1 didnt cut it, I took it away with me and got 100% within a week, thats bad cause I was only playing for few hours in the evening, there was no extra mini games, it had a key in the top screen for where u were missing hats/character keys, very weak game it lacked the challenge like the others did.

  Not as hot as it should be

| | See all FrankieMcStein's reviews (3)

Unlike the other lego games, this one only took 14 hours for me to complete. It feels a lot like it's been dumbed down- this could be because of the new interface where everything has to be controlled by the stylus, or it could be that they really have made the game a lot easier.

Whatever the reason, while it is an amazing game, its simplicity has lost it the 5 star rating I was expecting it to get. After only 2 days, I had 100% and was back on Lego Batman


| | See all fizzyade's reviews (57)

this game is amazing.i,m a mum with teenage son's and i've been playing it everyday,gets your mind working and the film clips are funny,bring on the next one can't wait.

  This game is alot more fun then EA's Harry Potter games.

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

As with all the lego games the cutscenes are very funny and for me this is the best lego game since Star Wars: The Complete Saga. You get to play as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and there are over 100 playable characters for you to unlock. The Stylus is used for casting different spells which are fun to use, talking to the many different characters, solving puzzles. The Harry Potter universe is captured brilliantly in it's lego form with the films music in the background. You get to have fun with potion making and the puzzle solving is set at just right level for the younger Harry Potter fans out there or not such able gamers.
This is important there is no two-player co-op mode for us to enjoy on the DS version of this game like we could on Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Both the two main uk websites state in there write up about this game on the ds that there is a co-op mode.
This Lego Harry Potter game only covers years 1-4 and that means we should have another Lego Harry Potter game at some point that covers the years 5-7. This is a must have game for all Harry Potter fans and I can't wait for the next one.

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| | See all hellsbells1982's reviews (1)

what can i say lego harry potter is brilliant. controls are good and i cannot put the game down. would recommend this game to anyone.

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  Good Game

| | See all SkippysBBM's reviews (1)

Very good addition to the Lego games collection, its a little easier than the previous titles and it does feel a little as though they have done a rush job, especially in the menus, but it does maintain the Lego games humour and playability and follows the Harry Potter story line pretty well. Would recommend for all those Lego fans.