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The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (103 reviews)"

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  A cute and fun followup to Windwaker

| | See all Viisasmies's reviews (4)

This is a fun game with pretty much everything you want in a simpler Zelda game. When they make a handheld system followup to a console game, I don't expect it to be groundbreaking or amazing (like Spirit Tracks or Minish Cap). But I do expect to have a fun game with good graphics and entertaining minigames, which is exactly what this was. The graphics are sort of comparable to the cell-shading in Windwaker, and the collection games were entertaining. It's a good addition to the series, but nothing to take too seriously.

  I felt a little let down

| | See all RTSIan's reviews (4)

I got this game with my DS, being a hardcore zelda fan i felt the need to have it, when i played through it i was truly disappointed with the graphics (having just finished ocarina of time) being so cartoony but the story made up for it, you play across four areas of the map (unlocking them as part of the story) i found this new system of navigation interesting aswell but thats for the game to tell you, although the story is good you have 4 or 5 story facts you need at a time or you'll get lost in it, as for the interface, they made it brilliantly!! making full use of what the ds has to offer! this game is a MUST for zelda collectors and good starting point for people looking to start the zelda series

  not good

| | See all lukesant's reviews (9)

well this game is a bit too repetitive i think you have to go there here and there again the game play is good but i hate going to the tempil so many times do the same levels all over agian so i stopped playing it .i dont suggest this game for every body only for those who dont bother repeat thier missions all over again

  okay for a zelda game

| | See all Daibhead's reviews (7)

great game but can get boring after completing the game twice

  Loving this!

| | See all Nettan's reviews (2)

Compared to the first one in the line, this is a lot different, but an old school like myself really enjoyed this game for its story line, graphics, quests. Kept me awake for several nights until it was done and I have started all over several times. A must have game for every Zelda fan.

  Best game ever?

| | See all asphixiya's reviews (1)

I love all the Zelda games. & there's no exception for The Phantom Hourglass. Since playing this game, I can no longer enjoy others on the DS as they just do not compare. If you've enjoyed the other Zelda games you'll love this one too.

  Is Link Still Up to the Task After This Long?

| | See all Krippy's reviews (3)

The Legend of Zelda has been around for ages now, surely one would imagine the franchise has become stale by this stage. Well... No. Zelda is still as glorious as ever. Phantom Hourglass follows the vibrant, cartoonish art style of The Wind Waker on Game Cube (my personal favourite) and looks great doing so. The gameplay is still as excellent as ever, very few games are as satisfing as Zelda. Whether it's scouring the deep dark dungeons in pursuit of your goals or sailing on the open sea and blasting some pirates with your customizable ship, Phantom Hourglass is truly an awe-inspiring game. If you own a DS you have no rational reason not to purchase this game... Buy it, you owe it to yourself.


| | See all bowersreading's reviews (4)

I love Zelda games as much as the next person, and this one was no different, until I got to the temple; once I got to a certain point I just could go on. Not only was it challenging, it was too challenging. So much so that I just gave up and don't want to play the game any more. If you get bored easily, or aren't that good at videogames, I'd recommend borrowing this before deciding to buy it.

  Brilliant game

| | See all sianyo's reviews (14)

Really enjoyed this game. Was hard to play and very frustrating at times, especially the part where you have to run away from the guards. I like a challenge though :)

  Probably the best DS game ever

| | See all Ripleyclone's reviews (15)

This game is huge! There's so much to do when you're not carrying out the story missions - fishing, sailing, treasure hunting - keeps you entertained for ages.

I love going in the temple although some people would find it repetitive as you have to keep going back there, but it manages to be different every time ie. different beasties and challenges. But thats probably how they can fit so much into one little cartridge.

The story and variety of puzzles is inspired, the character and location design is perfect. The boss battles are great split over the 2 screens, loads of extras/secrets too. Really well thought out - Brilliant!