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Star Fox Command

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Cool game with great wifi dogfights

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Great dogfights
easy and relaxing
good controls
decent story

Single player is boring

Overall a game that is essential for the ds

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  Star Fox Command is a great 3D shooter for the DS.

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I had Star Wing on the SNES and Lylat Wars on N64 which I both really enjoyed playing at the time. When I saw Star Fox Command out on the DS and they had gone back to the roots, as a 3D shooter I thought I've got get it. You control your arwing/spaceship using your stylus for the steering and barrel roll. The graphics are some of the best yet for the DS and music is very good too. If like me you enjoyed the others then this game is worth a look and it also has multi-player too up to six players.

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  An ingenious combination of shooter & strategy

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I'll explain quickly I've never played any other starfox game, so this'll provide a good viewpoint for someone who is unfamiliar with/never played the series. STORY: You play Fox McCloud, leader of the fighter squadron Team Fox. In a nutshell the story explains how after Fox McCloud defeated Dr.Andross (previous head bad guy of other starfox games) the team disbanded. They must now reunite as a new enemy called the Angler now launches waves of attacks from planet venom. CONTROLS: First thing you'll notice is you control your fighter ship via stylus, the d-pad and A/B/X/Y buttons well..shoot. I have to admit, it felt a bit weird at first but you get used it surprisingly quick. Star Fox should definitely be commended for this originality and really takes advantage of the NDS' touch aspects more than any other game I've seen, makes the game feel much more interactive eg. stroking the stylus back and forward across the screen sends your ship into a barrel roll. Cool huh? GAMEPLAY: Most interesting thing is Starfox combines strategy and good classical shooting. At the start of each mission the Great Fox ship (doesn't move, but launches all the fighters) any fighters you have, and any enemies (that are visible, some are hidden in "fog" in later levels) are mapped out onto a birds-eye-view terrain. You must draw a flight route from the chosen fighter using your stylus (since you have limited "fuel" you can only draw so far) to use up a turn. At the end of each turn all enemies and your own fighter moves, so if an enemy hits the great Fox its mission over. The aim is to intercept groups of enemy fighters. If you do a little window pops up showing the number of enemies (the whole thing's very well presented) and you jump straight into 3rd-person battleship perspective. Not really much to explain about this part, it's basically classical shoot-all-you-see. There are a number of items to generate by flying through a hoop (eg health, fuel) and because barrel rolling (apparently) generates a magnetic field you can suck in nearby goodies. A number of enemies reveal cores when killed, and a certain number are required to end the battle. Killing all enemies in a battle gains you bonuses like a missile for the Great Fox which can shoot down bad guys. After killing all the little enemy ships you then take on the enemy base, at the end of which you must try and bring down the mothership, by flying through beacons and then barrelrolling into the ship at the end. But this happens EVERY mission; so the main problem of Star Fox is it gets very repetitive, luckily though half the time you are so happy flying around and shooting stuff you don't really care as much as you should. Good thing though is as you progress you gain more characters for the team each with their own vantages eg Fox has target lock, Slippy more bombs. GRAPHICS: 3D, so everything's looking all crisp and nice. Terrains are mostly detailed too eg like corneria's cities. However some can be pretty bland for instance one is just red sky, and enemies sometimes pop-up out of the background. SOUND: Nothing to really complain about here, all music sounds heroic and generally classic. Coolest thing is the characters all speak in a garbled language, and you can actually record your voice on the DS and implement it into the character's speech! LASTABLILITY: Very beefy cart - 9 endings for single player, multiplayer mode and Wi-Fi though at the moment really only U.S people/ importers have it.

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