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42 All-Time Classics

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (66 reviews)"

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  An all time great!!

| | See all nintendofan18's reviews (5)

I bought this game as a gift for my mum for Christmas and after i played Darts and Bowling, my mum and i are really enjoying it. Overall an essential purchase!

  Pure gaming heaven

| | See all Jaymedia's reviews (12)

This game is wonderful. Absolute value for money. It's designed very well, the interface is clean, player input is smooth, and the presentation is near perfect. This is what gaming used to be about. A solitary affair, where high scores matter above all else. There are three modes to choose from; Free Play, Stamp, and Mission. All self-explanitory really. The game's manual is wafer thin, but every game has on-screen tutorials, and there is an in-depth help section with the game, including index, and search options. So if you come across a game that you don't know the rules to, its pretty simple to learn.

There are 18 card games; 1. Old Maid 2. Spit 3. I doubt it 4. Sevens 5. Memory 6. Pig 7. Blackjack 8. Hearts 9. President 10. Rummy 11. Seven Bridge 12. Last Card 13. Last Card Plus 14. Five Card Drawer 15. Texas Hold'em 16. Nap 17. Spades 18. Contract Bridge.

There are 12 board games; 1. Chinese Checkers 2. Draughts 3. Dots and Boxes 4. Hasami Shogi 5. Turncoat 6. Connect Five 7. Grid Attack 8. Backgammon 9. Chess 10. Shogi 11. Field Tactics 12. Ludo.

There are 4 variety games; 1. Soda Shake 2. Dominoes 3. Koi-Koi 4. Hangman. There are 5 action games; 1. Bowling 2. Darts 3. Billiards 4. Balance 5. Takeover

There are 3 single player (no cpu opponent) games; 1. Solitaire 2. Escape 3. Mahjong

With all that content, its hard to see how anyone could go wrong with this purchase. Highly recommended.

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| | See all minirac's reviews (60)

Yup its a touch generation type game that some people don't like, but they can't deny its amazing Nintendo polish. The interface and menus are very VERY well thought out and the games are wide ranging and fun. If you don't like most of these games - don't get it, simple... it isn't meant for you. I do have problems playing chess though as I find it hard to visualise and plan ahead, I'm the type of person that needs the board infront of me, but that may be just how my brain works! Its a perfect pick up and play casual game and the online and multiplayer play is very good too.

  Excellent- hours of fun!

| | See all sarahjane23's reviews (7)

my dad bought this game yesterday and i didnt like the look of it to begin with- but i had a go and now he's not getting it back! so addictive ive been playing it all day while he's been at work lol
you can play against each too which is fun! would recommend its an excellent price for getting 42 games in one!

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| | See all gemzibaze's reviews (1)

I wasnt going to buy this then i had a go on my mums one and throughly enjoyed it...good challenges...still enjoing it now 3 months on.

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  Lancs Lass 42 All-time classics

| | See all misseymint's reviews (2)

I received the DS lite for Xmas and have so far got 4 games, the 2 brain training and word coach, but my favourite is this one and especially mahgong which I have become addictive to, but the other games are excellent, since receiving this game I have not touched the other ones.

  42 All-Time Classics

| | See all ClassyGirl's reviews (3)

I only bought my DS lite this week and had to borrow some games to get me started this was one of the games and since playing I haven't bothered trying any other games it's so addictive and I would highly recommend it. I'm buying myself a copy as my Dad wants his back. I'm looking forward to hubby buying a DS lite so we can compete together. I hope that I can find other games as good as this one for my console.

  Mty least favourite

| | See all SpursMel's reviews (3)

- The instructions for each game are not very detailed
- It is not easy to select which one you wish to play
- Clumsy and overpriced for the gaming sensation

  Hard to put down

| | See all kay1025JJA's reviews (1)

I spend hours on this its so addictive i'll advise it to anyone who wants to diet as you can put it down therefore you wont be able to snack!!!

  One of the best DS games ever!

| | See all helenc1's reviews (3)

If you like playing card games and other board games this is for you. As the titles says 42 games. You never get bored of playing these games and if you can't decide what to play there's the stamp mode, which randomly picks a game to play. If you win you get 3 stamps and move on to the next one, If you lose you get 1 stamp and play again until you get 3 stamps.