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42 All-Time Classics

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (66 reviews)"

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| | See all punkrocker's reviews (7)

This game is brilliant! You get so much from this game for so little! Other people have told you what it has, I'm just telling you that you have to own this game!! BUY NOW!!

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  Good idea, poor execution

| | See all Matty86's reviews (11)

This could have been good but instead it's a real bore-fest.

The idea of having so many popular (well a lot of them are popular, some are very random) games in one handy package is a good one but it's let down by a few things.

Firstly, a lot of the games are actually very dull to begin with, whether they are played virtually or not. These games include Solitaire, Checkers and Connect 4. You could argue that a change of pace in your gaming is acceptable, and maybe you'd be right. I would be prepared to bet, though, that after twenty minutes (I'm being generous there too!) of skimming through the games thinking "there must be something worthwhile!" you will give up and reach for your Mario or, hell, even Brain Training cartridges!

Still, after all this, this game could have been acceptable had they cleaned up the speed of the games and the accompanying sound. The games are played at such a pace that you get bored waiting for your turn. When the games are about as fun as a colonic irrigation to begin with, well it's not good. The sound is irritating and very repetitive.

Now I know this may sound all doom and gloom. So I will try and think of some positives. The price is ok. Though, I paid £10 for it and in hindsight, I feel like I got ripped off. Another positive is that with so many games in there I'm sure there's at least one you may like but I would wager that you'd get bored of it fairly swiftly.

This game could have been something very decent indeed. Instead, it's a genuine let down and I'd rather play Solitaire on my PC.. and that's saying something!


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| | See all Simmo1's reviews (6)

42 games all in one, you can't really beat it. The touch screen enables you to do whatever you want on the specific game you have chosen. You have full control and the games on this game are excellent. The selection is also fabulous including bowling, pool, checkers, darts and all the card games. Top Notch!!!

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  Multi Fun!

| | See all bala8oo's reviews (1)

Excellent game! so many super games which are great in 1 player but excellent with multiplayer. Plus the beauty is you only need ONE cart to play multiplay. The games include classics such battleships, bowling, darts, billiards, chess, dominos etc and many card games such as blackjack, patience, Rummy and hearts.
All in all worth every penny and the sort of game that you can just pick up and play when you got a few mins. COOOL!

  42 reasons to get this game

| | See all Adam2712's reviews (7)

OK, so maybe I don't have 42 reasons to get this game like the title suggests, but this is a game that deserves your attention.

For starters, you get 42 games for under £20, if that's not a bargain then I don't know what is.
There are some real gems in this game that will bring back some nostalgia in your life with games such as Ludo, Dominos and even a Battleships-type game. For the more modern gamer there's a selection of Billiards, Bowling and Darts; and for the gambler inside of you there's Blackjack too. There are even some games that you've, probably, never even heard of.

Single player mode has three different options -Stamp mode, Mission mode and Free Play mode-.
In Stamp mode you have to win each of the 42 games against the computer; once you've won the first game you receive a stamp and then move on to the next game, and so on.
Mission mode is pretty obvious but very tricky. You have to complete a certain objective in a certain game, such as getting 5 strikes in-a-row in Bowling or getting a "Straight" in Rummy.
And Free Play mode lets you play any of the 42 games at your leisure.

Multi Player mode is great fun too. With Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, not only can you challenge people across the globe, but you and also communicate with them due to the games built in Picto Chat function. The Picto Chat function also work with the normal DS-to-DS Multi Player games too. You can even download a demo version to your friends Nintendo DS so that they can see how great this game is.

This game is fantastic and is very easy to just pick up and play. It's also a great way to introduce your friends or family into gaming, and for under £20 you really can't go wrong.

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  Perfect for some Quick fun

| | See all AJT305's reviews (15)

I wasnt sure about this game because usually games like these are really boring really fast but was I wrong about this game.
The one player is really fun you can do a mission style games which have you do different objectives. `Stamp where you play all the games and are awarded stamps and 3 stamps moves you to the next game, which is great if you want to try all the games, which I would recommend because its a nice way to understand and play all the games. You also get a free play option.
The Multi player is also good you can chose to play someone with the game or without through the download play option.
Overall youll be surprised by how many games they actually have classic games which will have you remembering the good old day.
Another solid and all round fun game for the DS. A perfect pick up and play game

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