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Cooking Mama

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (74 reviews)"

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  Good fun but...

| | See all Rev2072's reviews (4)

I did enjoy this game to begin with, however some of the tasks are quite frustrating such as peeling as the controls arent very good for it. I was also disappointed that you cant make desserts which I was looking forward to.
All in all though it is a bit of fun and some of the dishes are quite a challenge so you have to keep at them to get a gold medal. Practice makes perfect! I would recommend this game to anyone but dont expect something to keep you entertained for a long time unless you really want to try and get gold for everything.

  Simple but Fun

| | See all Vickery's reviews (57)

This game is very childish but also very addictive. My Mum bought it and didn't like it so I thought I'd give it a try and she's not seen it since. Admittedly it takes the best part of a couple of hours to complete and it's so obviously intended for children, but I can't help but like it. If you buy it for your kids, you'll probably play it more than them but they'll like it just as much as you do!

  OK but Buy Cooking Mama 2 instead....

| | See all gorgeousgames's reviews (44)

This is a good fun game but, i would recommend that you buy Cooking Mama 2 instead because, the graphics are better and so is the menu.

  Surprisingly addictive!

| | See all Kiriyama's reviews (21)

When a friend of mine lent me this game, I thought "I'll play it, say it's okay and give it them back". After about 5 minutes, I was hooked. I now have my own copy. It's fairly basic but you just can't seem to put it down!

  A tidy little game

| | See all minirac's reviews (60)

This is a nice, cute little clever game that I believe will appeal to children and casual gamers. However it only had me interested for about 6 hours or thereabouts so its really up to you if you think that is enough for you, lets just say I'm glad I got it as a gift and didn't use my had earned cash! Despite what some reviews say it does actually get quite hard in some points but for me this was more frustrating than fun. I've heard that Cooking mama 2 is better and, overall, it has had better reviews amongst many gaming journalists. So if you are still up for it, I would get the second one if I were you. But why did I give it a 3? Well, its really not a terrible game and as I say it did hold my interest for a while and the world is very cute and colourful, but I shall be selling it soon!

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  A good cooking game

| | See all dapperdan's reviews (75)

This game is only good if you enjoy cooking games. If you do like cooking games then you might as well pick up a copy if its under £15 if not don't bother as this game will get boring and wont be any more fun so i do recommend this but it will get boring after a week or so.

  Good if you have a mental age of 3.

| | See all kategeorgearchie's reviews (30)

No fun.

Sorry to burst the bubble - but what world are you people living in???

Yet again Nintendo DS fails miserably.

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  really good

| | See all garfieldandodie's reviews (20)

i love this game, and everyone else who i know loves it to! i havn't got number 2 yet, but it sounds brilliant! i hope it is good as the first one.

  good but not as good as number 2

| | See all brownieowl's reviews (49)

This game is good and fun but cooking mama 2 is soo much better. if your thinking of getting this buy number 2 instead. Its not a follow on of this game just an upgraded version with much, much more to do hope this was useful.

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