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Sonic Classic Collection

Rating: U (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Good, but implementation could be better

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Sonic Classic Collection... well then. It's essentially a collection of the four main Sonic games released in the Megadrive era.

I'm not going to review the actual games themselves, we all know how they play, and they are available easily as part of various compilations. The problem is, you can get these compilations and play the games the way they were meant to, via Xbox Live, PSN, and the Sonic/Megadrive collections on PS2/Xbox, etc.

The games play well on the DS. They do their job and by and large are faithful to the originals. This is classic Sonic through and through. The graphics too are pretty much ok. The thing is, these versions of the games are emulated, rather than carbon copies. They have been shoe-horned to fit on the tiny DS screen, and this is evident with frequent scrolling bugs. There are weird scrolling effects on boss fights, because the bosses don't fit onto the screen, and these scrolling effects are present at the start and end of each act. Particularly with the Act summary once you beat it, with all the scores, rings, and collectibles you have amassed, all the information should stay on the centre of the screen, and it actually doesn't. It's a poor implementation of a scrolling system that shows that this was probably rushed out.

There are bugs too, both physical and graphical. In Sonic 1, in the Labyrinth Zone, the Grounders that burst from the floor often end up wandering through walls, while enemies that force Sonic to recoil in pain often end up pushing him behind physical objects such as item boxes and rocks, instead of in front of them. It's a poor show really and blemishes like these really tarnish an otherwise decent product. Oh, and the sub-boss music in Sonic and Knuckles uses the Sonic 3 music rather than the much better Megadrive version of S+K.

Because these games are emulated, you get the feel that much of the cartridge is empty. This should have been used to put in the Master System versions of the Sonic games. Granted, Sonic CD is probably too big, and Sonic 3D wouldn't work too well on the DS, but why not a couple of Game Gear bonuses too? Tails Adventure, perhaps, or possibly even Knuckles Chaotix, a great game that has been strangely absent, and overlooked from every single compilation since its 32x release?

Perhaps I'm being a little greedy asking for more, but the Master System versions at least would be doable and make this worth the original asking price. The games included, however, are classics, despite their slightly shoddy implementation, but they're also all quite easy, and there are no unlockables to earn. Once you've played the lot, there's nothing more to look forward to. Even the cheats don't work, including the famous debug mode in Sonic 1, so could play about in an effective sandbox environment.

Overall, if you liked the original four Megadrive adventures and want a nice portable reminder, by all means get this at its current price (around 10 pounds) but just be aware that this is ALL you get.


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this is a good game, sonic 1, sonic 2, sonic 3, sonic and knuckles, sonic 2 and knuckles and sonic 3 and knuckles.
all games are just like the original mega drive games, it comes with a save that you can save at any time but when loaded it starts at beginning of level, there are a few problems though,
1) graphics seem even worse than the mega drive version,
2) it would be nice to have unlockables, such as when you complete 1 game you unlock another or something along those lines,
3) could have been nice to add sonic spinball or something for bigger game choice
but still a must buy, just hoping for a golden axe classic collection or something

  These 4 old Sonic games are when Sonic was at his peak!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

I've been playing games for over 20 years and these four Sonic games are as hard as nails and I highly recommend that you save your game after you have completed each level. I have Sonic Rush Adventure which is alot easier to play then these four classic games and I also find the boss battles are pretty tough too. I found the speed of the Sonic games to run at a decent speed and not that much slower then the old Mega Drive versions. The graphics have aged well and the music is very catchy too. These Sonic games are well thought out platform games with great hidden items/routes and are not just about speed. I find the Mario games easier and overall more fun, but I have been playing the Mario games since the NES days. It's great to have these four classic Sonic games because I never owned a Mega Drive and only played them a little bit on a friends console before. Overall this package is excellent value for money if you think your gaming skills are up to the hard but mostly enjoyable challenge.

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  Great games, but...

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The games themselves are amazing, although the squashed resolution may be a little annoying the games biggest problem is it's lag. I find it hard to believe the DS's hardware can't cope with something the Mega Drive could.
If you want to play 4 brilliant classic platformers this is a great buy, but don't be surprised if they're a little slow at times

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  Sonic Classic Collection

| | See all RabidRaccoon's reviews (1)

A great idea, but in this day and age it would have been easy enough and a nice touch to throw in Sonic Spinball, and maybe the Game Gear titles for good measure like the Sonic Collections that came out on the Original Xbox and PS2 a few years back. I would find playing the GG titles on the DS especially enjoyable as I used to have a Game Gear.

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  this is awsome

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this is a great collection for the ds, 4 of the best sonic games crambed into one with knuckles in sonic 2 and sonic 3 and knuckles thrown in for good measure. i would of liked some nice extras but never mind eh, whats in this package is brilliant enough.

  Does not save at any point!

| | See all Lovewizard's reviews (67)

Well received this loaded up and although you can save the game it will only return you to the start of the level you were on when you saved it,Also it won't give you the rings and although i have'nt tried it yet but i doubt whether it will save and give you the chaos emeralds either as it don't give you the rings you collected when loading up a previous saved game.

I have this sonic collection on my xbox360 downloaded from xbox live and with that you really can save the game at any point and it will return you to the exact point with all rings and chaos emeralds collected prior to saving so for me this collection is very poor!

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this game is awesome it has sonic 1,2,3, sonic 3 and knuckles and sonic 2 and knuckles plus it has some pretty cool illustrations. its well worth this price if like me you have a great appreciation of sonic despite what people say. 1 of the best games on ds a must buy. make haste with the blue blur

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