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Pokemon: SoulSilver Version (includes Pokéwalker)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  Nintendo make a good game great

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Pokemon SoulSilver (SS) is a redo of the old Pokemon Silver game that was produced and sold over 10 years ago. As a redo, the fundamental story line is the same, but they have added new features that make this title one of the best.

The game runs under the physics mechanics of Diamond+Pearl, running with a 3D landscape. It is really crisp and well designed and players can feel familiar to the old game. The attention to detail is really solid, and the controls seem heavy at start, but once you get the running shoes, they feel much lighter and easy to use. Each city, road, cave and path looks really nice and they have added little cut scenes when you enter some caves and paths, which is a nice touch. The only downside to all this hyped up graphics is that occasionally the frame rate slows just a little bit, and this is shown in heavy graphical areas, like GoldenRod City. The battle graphics are really good. Both your and your enemies Pokemon look really detailed and accurate, and look better than Black and White (on those titles, your Pokemon is really pixillated). The menu system has had a little tweak, and now the touch screen is used alot more, which is a good thing. Your menu appears on the touch screen along with your registered items. Accessing the bag is a little slow, and TMs can only be used once (unlike B+W) but its all done on the touch screen. The games presentation is really solid.

The storyline is a rewarding one and again follows you roaming around a region, but this time the game has the Kanto region for you to explore after completing the Johto region. To date, this region is the best one, with the best legendary Pokemon. A total of 10+ legendary Pokemon can be caught on one game- :D. The Pokemon in both regions are really well designed and are the best bar none. The game has real depth and will keep you entertained for a good number of hours. The little additions along the way are really welcome: the PokeAthelon, a series of minigames are really fun and well worth your time, and the little things like the GameCorner running a new game and the GTS is good. Speaking of which, trading globally can only occur in GoldenRod city, where the GTS is based. The PokeCentres do not have these built into them, which is a shame, because it was handy on B+W. Lastly, the addition of the PokeWalker is cool, and runs by Pokemon being able to be sent to and from it via infrared. Here, they can grow (by one level each time they enter the Walker, which is a little annoying that its only one) by you taking steps: its a pedometer. Doing this earns you Watts; a form of currency that you can then use to catch Pokemon and search for items, all inside the PokeWalker. These are then sent back to the game when the original Pokemon is sent back too. It really works well, but it is annoying your Pokemon can only grow by one level each time it enters the device.

With everything looked at, this redo of a good game has made Pokemon SoulSilver a great game. It is well worth the money, and is a Pokemon fans MUST BUY.

  What can i say...

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I Have never played pokemon before this. I knew slightly was it was about, and in my opinion it was pretty lame. All you have to do is run around fighting pokemons. Nobody i knew had got any of the games but i knew some big fans. I Decided to try it off a friend, and i looked really good. I Couldnt get enough of it, it has been one of the best games i have ever played in years. Now the new one is coming out this game has made me want to get the next one, i have emerald,diamond,soulsilver and white. Looking at my name you can tell how i have loved this game. If you love to play online games that consist of levelling up .ect. then this game is for you. A fantastic platform game.

  Even better than the original

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This game is clearly one of the best pokemon games. Pokemon soul silver utilises all of the qualities that the original had and with the generation 4 graphics the game has been given a modern twist. With new battles, new characters and the use of internet trading this is a must buy.

  Even better than the original

| | See all DanielPotts's reviews (3)

This game is clearly one of the best pokemon games. Pokemon soul silver utilises all of the qualities that the original had and with the generation 4 graphics the game has been given a modern twist. With new battles, new characters and the use of internet trading this is a must buy.

  brought my memories back

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this game is amazing very good game worth its money played 60 hrs of it and not satisfide buy it its a must

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  The definitive pkmn game..... An essential purchase!

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I've been a fan of pokemon since Red and Blue came to the UK back in 1998 and from then i've been playing the games. I own(ed) Blue,Yellow, Pkmn Pinball,Crystal,Sapphire,FireRed,Diamond and now that i've bought Soul Silver, I can add that to the collection. Looking at the reviews and gameplay on youtube, it looks great. The game is running on the pokemon platinum engine so there are animated character sprites during battles and updated graphics. In my opinion, Johto was the best region and pkmn crystal was the best game. For it's time back in 2001, it was the first game to introduce the boy and girl trainer feature, it had animated pkmn sprites, used the day and night feature that gold and silver had and you could travel to another region giving you 16 badges to collect. Not to mention to get to Kanto, the ferry or the train could get you there. There hasn't been a pkmn game to date that has this functionality. 9 years on Soul Silver is here at last. I recommend this game whether you're an original fan like me or just getting into pokemon.

  Daft not to buy it,

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when there is so much offered by it. Whilst I may not have the game (I have Heart Gold), I have seen and known of enough people with the game to advise you, the consumer, to pay good money for Soul Silver. An equally enthralling experience from both this and it's partner game (Heart Gold).

  I eat my words

| | See all wonnabehero's reviews (7)

I said in another review that pokemon emerald was the best in the pokemon series but i was wrong, after playing this much, much improved version or the older pokemon silver/gold version. after playing this I'm really looking forward to pokemon black and white because if they are half as good as this then they will be awesome.


| | See all AnDwoo123's reviews (8)

In a nutshell this game is both amazing and a good old blast from the past. Regardless of whether you played Pokemon Gold or Silver on the game boy colour you should buy this.
It has the best two sets of pokemon and is as addictive as Diamond, Emerald or whatever colour you've probably played before.
There's the Johto region to explore first and you go along the same story as in Gold and Silver but with a few surprises and changes along the way. Then you go through the elite four and the pokemon champion and then to the Kanto region.
You are then free to wonder around both regions and get the Kanto gym badges and collect the original set of Pokemon everyone knows and loves.
Looks wise it looks basically the same as Diamond/Pearl or Platinum and the touch screen is used in pretty much the same way.
However, the overall story in SoulSilver and HeartGold is the thing that makes this game amazing. It's not just a revamp, there are so many extras hiding around and the updated graphics give the cities more depth and detail.
I don't really give many games five stars as people seem to throw five out of five for anything but this game really is a must have for anyone new to pokemon or not, young or old. This is the blast from the past people have been waiting for.
Bring on Pokemon Black and White!!