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Pokemon: HeartGold Version (includes Pokéwalker)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  Good, But No Diamond!

| | See all TheLifeOfNick's reviews (1)

First Off! This a really great game! Lots of pokemon to catch, lots of things to do and see! it will keep you interested for 40+ hours!
But, compared to diamond it let me down, Diamond had a really great story! but personally, i felt the story in this game is a bit weak :/ this game is more about just catching the pokemon! whetheras in diamond, team galactic are very much in your face Lol

Also, i felt the music was alot more fun in diamond!
But in general, a really good edition to the series!
Great buy +++

  Great Remake

| | See all hotspur96's reviews (18)

Nintendo have done a superb job at remaking the pokemon classic and the first nintendo game i ever played(Got bought a Gameboy Red and Gold for my birthday).
This was a first day buy for me and i loved playing this, the game itself only has one let down which is that nintendo sold it with a pokewalker which raised the price of what it should have been and even now a year since release and it is still cheaper to buy Pokemon Black or White. Pokemon is on the up

  Great game, but alot of work

| | See all Spectrum44's reviews (9)

I love pokemon, at 36 quid is abit pricey. But the game is great and the extra feature (pokewalker) is great for very active gamers. As you can take one of your pokemon from the game on the go, only disadvantage is even if you did 10.000 steps your pokemon only goes up one level each time. But is worth getting for the ds, I gave this 4 stars as it is alot of work and quite difficult to take in for a begginer pokemon gamer.

  Good as the old one!

| | See all VGuerreiro's reviews (1)

Still as addictive! The Graphics have improved a lot since. You get to have your Pokemon walking after you which you can check on and get nice items from a lot of the time. I think it has a nice story line and you can follow the three legendarys on your map about at the middle of the first map story. You also have a Tournament this is a lot of mini games which I find really entertaining and from doing them you can get nice rewards! Like Rare Candys, stones and other stuff. You also get the have the Pokewalker which gives you another way of interacting with the game you can just go for a walk and get a nice result out of it! And if you have the same issue I had (the game is too short).. well on this one you also have Kanto so you have two regions you can explore and complete!

  Same old same old, with a few things worse.

| | See all jimmy492's reviews (4)

Don't get me wrong, it's a great game. I mean who wouldnt want their favorite pokemon following them around, and theres 16 badges to get and an extra region. But they've done so much wrong which made it feel restricted as to what pokemon you can get. For example, the item that makes rhydon evolve isnt available until the very end of your journey. Also there aren't enough of the johto exclusive pokemon available, i found myself with the same old team with the exception of the starter, a gyrados, rhydon, crobat and a typhlosion. The thing that really gets me is how they've completely ruined the safari zone, who wants to chop and change around and mess around putting items in it then waiting for days to be able to catch a pokemon? No one. And worst of all theyve made my favourite pokemon fall victim to this waiting, and thats skorupi. Ive played through the original of this game so it doesnt really feel all that new anyways, it's also too easy. It probably would be alot better if i hadn't played the originals though. But nope, im sticking to platinum, its a far better game, more challenging and better systems for everything, not to mention getting a skorupi early-ish! :D

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  Best Pokemon Game To Date!

| | See all Conorx0's reviews (2)

It seems to be a recurring trend with remastered pokemon games that they always take the spot at the top of the chain as my favourite game to date.
Absolutely amazing game that you can play time and time again and always have a different adventure as it never gets old.
Plus having your pokemon walking around with you makes you feel as if your forming a real friendship with them

  good but what is actualy different

| | See all jakeyboy879's reviews (6)

this was not like I expected I thought it was going to have changes that made it better like fire red and leaf green but it didnt it is basicly the same as the original but it is still a very good game that I love.

  Still Suprisingly Addictive

| | See all cutegamesforgirls's reviews (124)

The remake of everyones favourite Pokemon game is a brilliant revival for the series. Times have been hard recently from the disappointing Pearl/Diamond/Platinum to a string of below par spin-offs. However, Heart Gold manages to both please fans of the original and new Pokefans by reliving the Johto region and including all the new features. For Example, All the new Pokemon, touch screen menus and new moves. Starting a team and raising them all becomes quickly addictive and for a moment, you're transported back to the late 90s. The story is stronger than other games-Team Rockets antics are ingenius as at one point you have to disguise yourself in their uniform to infiltrate their base. Once you've defeated all the Gym Leaders and beat The Pokemon League, you can go to Kanto for more Gym Leaders and an even stronger League. You can even phone the Gym leaders for a rematch if you really want to humiliate them. This still isn't all as the numerous legendaries, surely the most to ever appear in a Pokemon game, are all there for the taking. The standard legendary dogs are all up for grabs as well as Ho-oh AND Lugia along with the legendary birds and Mewtwo. Plus, depending on your version, Kyogre/Groudon and Latias/Latios. Thats a total of 12 legendaries to be caught. Oh, and you can battle Ash from the original TV show as a final challenge. His Pikachu is level 88.
The only thing really off is the Pokewalker. It's really just a glorified pedometer and has faults such as your Pokemon not learning new moves they're supposed to when levelling up. The items to be collected are usually just rubbish berries and to be honest, I barely used it at all. The game on the whole is fantastic though-probably the only Pokemon game you'll ever need! (Along with XD: Gale of Darkness on the cube!!)

  Pokemon Gold....I choose you!

| | See all evoluanX's reviews (9)

Gold / Silver, amazing games. I got the gold and my partner has the Silver for trading and such. This game has been so well re-made. I was hooked on Pokemon back in the 90's and this once more awoke the urge to battle and train with these legendary beasties. Aswell as the insane long story, collect all 16 Badges and defeat the Elite 4 twice. This game offers, Pokeathalon and Battle stadiums. There is always something to do or see, also great to play Pokemon Battle Revolutions of the Wii to see your hard trained pokemon in 3D. Gold / Silver - Best pokemon game i have played.

  Outstanding - As Expected...

| | See all ParrotSick's reviews (1)

This game is hugely worth your money whether a fan of the Pokemon series or not. Essentually remakes of Gold and Silver, you start of as a young protagonist in a small town, and have to select a Pokemon from the Proffeser. Then you embark on a journey throughout the region, catching and raising your Pokemon, as well as thrashing some noobs and evil guys aswell. Familiar stuff? Sure, but it`s better than ever.

With loads of new features such as the Pokewalker, a small pedometer which ultimately speeds up the leveling up process and makes your Pokemon love you, not to mantion the ability to spend your 'Watts' on Pokemon and Items. Other features include the fact your first party Pokemon walks with you, the awesome new Pokethlon (essentually a collection of 10 basic, but fun, minigames) and the introduction of the Hoenn and Sinnoh Pokemon which were not available in the originals.

Overall a fantastic game, perhaps to say the best current DS game - well worth trying out.