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Ridge Racer 3D (3DS)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Even better then the arcade version & many tracks to race on

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

The first thing that really impressed me with Ridge Racer 3d is the graphics especially in 3D. This game is really fast and the drifting around the corners is a bit insane at times as I can't stop my car from drifting one direction to the other direction. The race tracks are very good and I can't stop asking myself why has the Wii been left out when it comes to racing games like this. Local Play is excellent fun from 2 - 4 player versus mode but each player requires their own copy of the game. After Mario Kart 7 this is the next best racing game on the 3DS at the moment and should not be missed if you like your racing games.

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  it's ok

| | See all floops's reviews (11)

what this game needs is multiplayer but now that mario kart is out i don't really think this is gonna get much attention

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  Just like every Ridge Racer since 1998. Fun... for 5 minutes

| | See all Deviloffuel's reviews (32)

Do you own Ridge Racer 7 on ps3? If you do, stop reading this review, and get a different game, because it's just as bad as that one.

So, just over 9 hours of play time, and I've finished the campaign, it was dull, dreary, repetitive, and there is only one track on the entire soundtrack that I found decent to drive with.
Graphics aren't bad, but as for the 3d.. no, tire smoke does not fly towards you. No, water does not fly towards you. No, it does not make this game feel fast in any way.

The beginners grand prix is truly awful, far too easy and the cars are far too slow, and even the "difficult" dynamic machines are easy to drive.
The advanced grand prix is much the same, just faster cars, but they don't feel fast, 200mph looks more like 20.
The expert grand prix, even worse. The first 4 or 5 tournaments will provide a minimal challenge, and then you race the special machines. The Soldat Crinale is pretty good in this game, but otherwise, all useless.
Then the last grand prix, you're up against cars that seem to have single shot nitrous lasting twice as long as your triple nitrous (this is in the crinale, not the madbull).

When you finish it, there's no ending movie, just a well done message and some mirrored tracks to run on.

I will never be touching this game again. I want ridge racer type 4 again.

Please, please avoid, and get Zelda 3D instead

  best racing game for a long time

| | See all f1freak97's reviews (6)

The 3d is great and the graphics are amazing this is a must buy for the 3ds.drifting feels smooth and slipstreeming is fun. this game will keep you hooked on it for ages as ther are plenty of races to do and also local online and to top it off you can even race other peoples ghosts by exchangeing data through street pass

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| | See all nocama's reviews (4)

Really awesome game, solid graphics, great show of the 3D capabilities of the console best launch title on the console AWESOME

  Great Game

| | See all Jezster2's reviews (1)

I've played most of the Ridge Racer games, since the original in the Arcades. This version is an excellent launch title, and while I got it in a bundle, it still feel it is worth the price. 5 Stars for the opening movie alone!

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