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Dead Or Alive: Dimensions (3DS)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Dead Or Alive: Dimensions is excellent fun online.

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

Dead Or Alive 2 was one of the first games that I had for my PS2 and when I saw this game on the 3DS it put a big smile on my face. There are a impressive 25 charcters for you enjoy playing with in which many of them get unlocked as you progress through the games many different modes. Chronicle mode allows you follow the gripping Dead or Alive story and in Arcade mode you are given 8 fighters to compete for the best clear times. Survival mode is the hardest mode in which it goes up to 100 fighters for you to challenge in one go.
In Tag Challenge you team with a computer player and battle against very powerfuful opponents and it's in this mode that you unlock the boss charcters. Free play lets you choose your favorite stage and charcters for battle against the computer.
Throwndown lets you take on other fighters you've come arcross by using Streetpass which is pretty cool stuff.
Interenet Play mode is by far my favorite mode, in which I play against people from all over the world with no slow down 99% of the time. The one time I did have slow it reminded me of Matrix when Kasumi was falling down in slow motion. I thought I was pretty good at Dead or Alive but their are some people that seem to be able block and counter attack nearly every move. I always look for opponents which are rated D or lower. I have beaten one person who was ranked A, but this was a very lucky fluke.
The graphics in Dead Or Alive: Dimensions are fantastic and I love the way you can knock your opponent through walls and off ledges. Yes the ladies boobies still have a lot bounce in them as you fight and the music still rocks as well. For me this is the best fighting game on the 3DS at the moment with Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition a close 2nd and Tekken 3D - Prime Edition taking a proud 3rd place.

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  A 3DS must buy!

| | See all LibbyBess's reviews (3)

Bought this not long after its release and dont regret it one bit. Really great 3D and great fast game play. Definately worth the money

  not best but worthy fighter

| | See all REALIST4U's reviews (94)

its not class of st fighter4 dead or alive has been bout gurls wobbly bits since ps1 games its not a bad fighter jus doesnt stand out to st fighter - blazblue - mortal kombat - tekken worth geting if u aint played DOA before and theres a volley ball game on xbox jus the way developers minds are lol

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  Best 3DS Game yet, Great Purchase!

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I have been a big Dead or Alive fan ever since i got Dead or Alive 4 on the xbox360, i have still got the 360 version and its one of those games i will never ever sell !, i still play it alot online when i get the time, this new one is really good, no REALLY GREAT ! 5/5
Not only is the online fun but there is also a story mode called "Chronicle Mode" with really nice long Video Sequences and great story depth, its worth the money and you're missing out if you do not purchase this game ;p, feel the REAL GFX of the 3DS !

Also a small note
They're adding items and costumes everyday for your character, you can also collect figures and stands on the game, it really is a fantastic game :)

So yea, if you like Fast thinking fighting games you will love this, this is fast, fun and full of hardcore girls, whats not to like?


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  3DS's New Fighting Champ

| | See all jcmonkey's reviews (13)

Had this game from launch and so glad i made that choice.
Dead or Alive: Dimensions' cast of impossibly proportioned females makes it all too easy to dismiss it as a form of mere titillation, rather than a serious fighting game. Yet underneath its busty exterior lie fast-paced 3D battles that eschew complex button combinations in favour of agile reversals and counterattacks.
Graphics are top-notch and a big smack in the face for anyone doubting the 3ds's capability - if games like this are being released so early in the consoles life then the future looks very promising for this wonderful handheld. With such fantastic graphics it also moves a an incredibly smooth rate with is i suppose the most important feature for a fighting game.
What makes this game special is anyone can pick it up and pull off winning combos straight away (there is a fantastic tutorial tagged into chronicle mode also), but to master it will take a while especially considering there are 25 charaters all with different styles and combos to perfect. Perfecting the throw and counters will take dedication, but you will be more than willing to put the time into this great game.
While most fighting games shoehorn their storylines into their arcade modes, Dimensions tackles things differently, with an ambitious mode called Chronicle. It tells the story of the first four Dead or Alive tournaments via in-engine cutscenes and prerendered videos, which are split across five separate chapters and interspersed with one-on-one battles. Trying to make sense of the story is a nigh-on-impossible task, though but it is a nice addition to the normal arcade, tag battles and online modes. Street-pass and spot-pass are very much part of this game also setting up throwdown challenges from people you meet through the 3ds.
Overall, a great fantastic game. Everyone should pick this one up, especially since there isn't much out right now for the 3DS. Its worth the money to add to your library.

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