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Pokemon: White Version

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  Step down from heart gold and soul silver

| | See all Lewis775's reviews (1)

This game was a disappointment, after releasing HG and SS this was a big step down i think they have finally reached the limit on new pokemon, after hitting 400 ish it went down hill. They aren't even creatures/monsters any more i mean there's one that's a coffin (abit too far there i think)

And they've made the graphics during battling too good that it takes up most of the game memory so everything's been made to look more pixelated than usual to fit it all on one game, personally im sticking with HG and SS (there's even more to do on HG and SS)

Overall a disappointment :/

  Good but a copy....

| | See all lankyjake222's reviews (5)

I think this game is brilliant, with the story line and new gym leaders this game is awesome this is by far one of the best pokemon games out there.....but all of the pokemon are copies of the first game e.g. there is a pokemon called pidove which is an obvious copy of pidgey.
But it is a really good game!

  really good :D

| | See all stefane's reviews (1)

pokemon white is a really fun game and was equally good or better ( better in my opinion ) than platinum,pearl,diamond,hg and soulsilver. really good looking advancements in 3D graphics and the new online features were just fantastic, even though i have finished the game i am a long way from quitting because this game like most pokemon games is so addictive and fun you will be playing for ages. the new pokemon differ in my opininon about how stupid looking they are but it has been the same with every new genaration of pokemon, you get used to the pokemon( i mean mr. mime wtf !! )

  Pokemon: White Version

| | See all chubbainmalta's reviews (24)

Game Is Great Pokemon Are Awesome Graphics Are Fantastic For Me It Barely Takes Game Of The Year And Also Takes My Personal Best Pokemon Game In History

  Amazing but only one problem

| | See all blamps88's reviews (1)

It is annoying that the game is so based on using wi-fi and having event pokemon as none of my friends play this game so I cannot trade but asides from that this games graphics and the amount to do is very good.

  The Best Yet!

| | See all Scarface1490's reviews (1)

This Pokemon game is AMAZING! I can't believe how far the Pokemon games have come and still do a great job impressing the audience, young and old. There are hours of gameplay, a great story and it's all set in a brand new region! I highly recommend this game for anyone that enjoys watching or playing Pokemon!

  pretty good

| | See all Recon0003's reviews (5)

This is a really good game.

The new pokemon are really cool, the region is new and excting and feels like an adventure.

The game still has the familiar Pokemon charm.

For some reason when I bought this game I thought there would be all pokemon on here (all 700 or however many there are). But there isnt, theres only the few hundred new ones which are all good pokemon, I just wish they had all the pokemon in the game.

The story is also quite serious and in depth for a pokemon game considering all I want to do is capture, train, evolve pokemon and beat everyone else.

But despite these small points the game is great and receives a healthy 4 stars.

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  One of the best Pokemon games available

| | See all MisterBliss's reviews (4)

To start of I have to say, for me, this is one of the best Pokemon games released. The gyms look fantastic as do the individual towns and routes.

the actual new generation of Pokemon....they have some BRUTAL ones (Beartic, Escavalier, Solipede) and some not so great (Vanillish comes to mind) but overall I think they're fantastic.

the story is one of the strongest in the history of the games for me. The graphics are really pretty good too, maybe the ONE thing I would say is the Pokemon you are using looks a little pixely but its something you soon get used to and forget.

The replay factor is great value too. I finished the final boss of the game a little while ago and I'm still going through collecting things and searching for certain people!!!

All in all its one hell of a game and its not to be missed!!!
Worth every penny in my opinion
Grab the Pokemon fever if you havent already!!!!!!!!

  Best Pokemon game since crystal. 10/10

| | See all Deviloffuel's reviews (32)

The new Gen 5 games, where to start...
The story, is excellent. Probably the best pokemon story since generation 2 came out to be fair.
The new pokemon will have you going back to the days of red / blue / green / yellow, where you have absolutely no idea what type the pokemon you're staring down at is, fantastic.
The graphics are much improved too, the moving sprites are very good, (they are pixellated on your side because the screen zooms in on your pokemon) and the sound is great too (The Team Rocket theme you will eventually come across is cool too).

The gym trainers, can be brutal, as most of them pack the typically overpowered pokemon we've had to fight before (Haxorus, Excradrill),

Then there's the elite four, they aren't too hard the first time around,, but the rematch is alot tougher, all are lvl 72+, making the first few runs for xp very challenging.

One more thing, Cynthia is brutal. =D

Hugely recommended game, will have you plugging in hours here there and everywhere

  Pokemon are back

| | See all Dagenham70's reviews (29)

This is a well rounded game that has been able to keep me interested and playing for some time (game clock say 42 hours) and I am still not near completing it. Its an good introduction to the Pokemon world as well as an enjoyable game for the past player. There are some new Pokemon to get to know. I found this game fun and still interesting for a person in there thirties

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