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Pilotwings Resort (3DS)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Best Release day game!!!!!!!!!

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I pre ordered this game separately to the 3DS. I thought that being a flying game that uses your mii and looks relaxing would be a good starting game. I was right. I love Wuhu island and have enjoyed doing island flyover on wii sports resort (another great game). When i got it i was so excited and when i tried the jet pack it was so fun i couldn't stop playing it. the game progresses mixing some challenging levels with easy and funny ones. It is not a hard core game it is for the relaxed gamer who doesn't want to be shooting some one at every corner they turn. People say it's not a long game but i disagree there is plenty of content to keep you going until you've saved up for another game.

  Standard Nintendo Launch Title

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Pilotwings Resort sticks to the recipe like a fly to a jet plane's windscreen. You start on novice stage learning the basics of your environment (effectively, the skies above a quaint little holiday island) and your various craft. Then you work through bronze, silver, gold and platinum cups, each offering a selection of challenges. Sometimes you're flying your plane through a series of rings, shooting at targets; or you might be swooping gracefully over the town on your hang-glider, tasked with taking a glorious photo of a historic lighthouse. The control experience is different for each craft - the jetpack is all about careful bursts of speed and constant downward glances at the land below, while on the glider you must look out for thermal air currents to provide you with extra height.
I cant help feeling that this game was released more so to show what 3d effects the 3ds was capable off rather than a true game that gamers can enjoy, and it does this nicely, out of all the launch games this has the best use of 3d yet. However this is also the only 3ds game i have played to date where i have had to turn down the 3d effect to halfway as the combination of bright colors really do hurt your eyes on full 3d after short time playing.
The new analogue thumbpad works really nicely in this game, giving you intricate and comfortable control through some tricky aerial courses. However there was certainly room here to provide more in terms of options and activities, this was after all a key launch title for nintendo, so some sort of Street Pass implementation would have been welcome. But for gamers wanting a nicely sedate, yet increasingly fiddly and demanding challenge, Pilotwings Resort delivers.

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  Good 3d showcase

| | See all wonderboy's reviews (7)

I bought this with my 3ds and it does really show off the 'glasses free' 3D. Overall good game with missions and free flight mode allowing you to just fly around at all times of the day. Graphics are really good, just need a few more good games for the system.

  pilotwings at last and very good

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I have waited since Pilotwings 64 back in 1996 for a new pilotwings game and finally it comes out out. First of all i have to say that after all the years of waiting i have always hoped they would have made a full screen console version of pilotwings. Pilotwings 64 for the N64 is one of my all time best games and i still play it to this day. They never made a Gamecube version and im still hoping that a Wii version comes out. If they were to use the Wii motion plus sensors they cud make the flying controls and landings very smooth and precise. Anyhow its a handheld version we have to settle with for now and i have to say that pilotwings resort for the nintendo 3DS has exceeded my expectations. the controls are very smooth, the graphics are very nice and wuhu island from wii sports resort is an ideal location for the game. And like pilotwings 64 you will have to master the game to get the perfect score on all missions so its very challenging but still manages to have that relaxing pilotwings feeling to the gameplay. if you like flight sims and enjoyed previous pilotwings games then i highly recommend this game. the 3D is amazing but you shud play for limmited bouts off time as the 3D can make your eyes go a bit funny after to long.

  very easy

| | See all f1freak97's reviews (6)

this game makes great use of the 3d and it has stunning graphics BUT you will get bored with. I bought this game on the day it got realesed and then traded it in 5 days later. trust me you will get bored.

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  Get Your Wings

| | See all spoole76's reviews (2)

This game is absolutely stunning to show off your new Nintendo 3DS. It really gives you an idea of how good the 3DS is. When playing Pilotwings you feel like you are atually there as the 3D gives such a great depth of field. The game itself is rather short and limited compared to the original Pilot Wings 64 but don't let this put you off as it's a must have game that your friends and family will love !

  nintendo 3ds pilotwings resort

| | See all nightshift's reviews (1)

If your played it on the Wii then don't except too much from this, its ok in 3d but isn't as good as i first thought you will get bord after 20 minutes or so. otherwise great looking game great 3d atmosphere and depth of play.

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| | See all styledvinny's reviews (19)

Wow what a game! Thanks to play.com we received our 3ds on Thursday and this game is stunning. Adjust the 3d to the right setting and it is great. Wii style graphics are a major step up on this machine. impressed