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Super Pokemon Rumble (3DS)

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Customer Reviews

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  Quite a bit better than most would have you believe

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I must admit, I took a bit of a punt buying this game, as you may well know, this game has struggled to get much more than 6/10 anywhere.
Maybe it's because I haven't played the wii version, but I am struggling to put it down, sure, it's very linear, the story leaves much to be believed, and the trade in your pokemon for evolved versions is a bit peculiar, but it does entertain.

Let's start with the graphics. Yes, they look basic, but I'm beginning to think this was on purpose, seems to me like the game was meant to be kept simple and fun to play. It's all there though, just... Toy style. The 3D is good too, unlike some recent releases. 7/10

Onto the sound. It's all there, good soundtrack, attacks sound good, and it's all good quality. 9/10

Now, the gameplay. Here's where Rumble falls down a bit, the standard gameplay is just wander round, mash a / b and hope you don't faint, there's a "boss" so to speak, in each level, some quite a bit harder than others. Then there's the other modes, some I like, some I'm not sure on. The tag battle was a good idea, but I'm not too sure on the hyper mode system.
Then there's the charge battle mode, this just seems like content filler to me, it's really not the defining point of the game at all.
Battle Royale however, I do like, it's just 90 seconds of wind up mayhem. 7.5 / 10

Next, the multiplayer: This is where Rumble falls down big time. The co-op is pretty good, but you can't progress through the story with a friend, and the only way to battle is to use streetpass, which of course, means more AI. There also isn't any trading, which may make "catching them all" quite hard work. 3.5 / 10

Now I'm going to touch on the game itself, it's generally pretty good, again, not sure about the evolution system, because you could have 1 of 7 (or 49, depending on how you do it) with a massive power score, but the evolution system seems to take the average, so, if the other 6 to 48 have bad scores you could (and probably will) wind up with a pokemon who's power rating is actually lower. That said, you do get the benefit of higher attack and defence ratings.

If you're looking for something to fill the gap between Pokemon B/W and the long anticipated 3rd instalment to generation 5, this could well be for you. It's a good game.

Sadly, that also hinders it from becoming 5 stars in my view; its "a good game", whilst rumble does (almost) everything it sets out to well, there's nothing there that I can honestly say is revolutionary and amazing.

If you're a pokemon fan, you'll probably enjoy this game, if you're new to the series, it may not float your boat, and you may well be better off pretty much every other 3DS game on the market.

7.0/10, enjoyable, but probably needed a little more time in development to be a 5 star game. Definitely better than most reviewers would have you believe however, and certainly worth renting, if not a purchase