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Professor Layton And The Spectre's Call

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Half hearted and rushed, feels like a cash in

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The game starts off quite slowly in the story sense but goes very fast into finding hidden puzzles with very little effort. Every screen more or less from the begining you can find a hidden puzzle, the puzzles are nearly very easy and remain so, despite the rating that the in game gives them. Yes I understand we want the puzzles easier to solve but most of these make you think, well was that a puzzle. I'm first to admit to being of non genius IQ status but it takes the biscuit when they practically give you the answer.

For instance most puzzles came across like this example..

puzzle: It's raining outside and kitty is wanting her raincoat, which coat is kittys? (you see a picture of three coats yellow, red, purple)

clues: 1, Kitty doesn't like the colour red, 2, Kitty's sisters coat is purple, which one is kitty's coat. This is not an actual in game puzzle but it bares the lack of imagination and effort message,

You will also find that unlike the previous games you don't need to constantly go back and forth for the story, so unless you want to find all the puzzles for yourself you may not notice your missing any as you play. They go to the missed puzzle house anyway which you can play them all at once.

The story unlike previous layton games feel rushed to finish and start off slow, sometimes you feel slightly irritated at the pace of the story. Or the lack of creativity it does however kick in on the final third of the game but this is over very quickly. It shows you how layton met luke but tells the story of such a strong friendship half heartrendingly. The characters lack interest and appear to be just a guy/women you need to press to proceed. In the other games the story was interesting and well written that you enjoyed reading it and developing along with the game itself. This one however you could practically skip along the story and you would still have the same idea of the story and characters as if you had read it.

This game doesn't have as many chapters as the last and you feel it as you come to the end and believe me you will go, 'oh is that it'. The mini game's in it are not the best, the have slightly recycled the last games ideas but instead of a car it's a train and instead of a bird a fish. The theatre mini game to me isn't what you would call a mini game. There's not real thinking involved just put the right word in place (sometimes it feels childish in planning).

Everything in this game is rushed and if you buy the uk version you will feel what I mean. Bad planning and half attempts make this game come across to me as if they have rushed it out to purely make a whole pile of money on it. To me this game is a cash in and if you haven't tried the other games go for anyone instead of this on...

  Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call

| | See all BeckiiLittlemore's reviews (2)

Wow. A really great game, good for puzzle-solvers! I think all of the 'Professor Layton' games are great but this by far is the best! It was great to see back into Luke's life and also a re-apperance of many characters. For example, Inspector Chelmey and his obedient assistant, Barton. I highly reccomend this for pretty much everyone, children will enjoy the puzzles as much as adults! Overall, a great play, good value for money and also (as always) great graphics! Buy now!

  Great game

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I am a huge fan of the Layton series and I avidly await each game. I really enjoyed this new addition and it contains the same "Laytonesque" fun and charm the previous ones have.
Critics have been pretty harsh with this one saying it disappointing and not worth getting and yes I do agree this one isn't quite as brilliant as the others were, but for the brilliant price of17.99 it is still definitely worth getting and is still a great game that keeps you playing to find out what happens. A must for Layton fans :)

  Professor layton and the Spectre's Call.

| | See all Chocolatecake17's reviews (3)

Fab DS game. 5 stars and I would certainly recommend to a friend. This game is full of mystery, and you think you've worked it out, when suddenly another mystery pops up! I love this game, and I have all of the other Professor Layton games too. Perhaps the best out of all of them. Can't wait for the next one to be released!


| | See all fizzyade's reviews (56)

i had this for christmas it's really good but watchout for the trick puzzles with luke and the door.is good.

  Useful info

| | See all AlexByromDrummer's reviews (14)

If you are planning on buying this game, try to get the US import version (it will play on any DS) plus, you get an extra London RPG mode, that isn't included in the UK release

  Professor Layton and the spectre's Call

| | See all lucyp86's reviews (1)

Really good game - I think its best in the series so far!! Great puzzles and storyline. Definetely doesnt dissapoint, worth buying!!

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| | See all Mercury30's reviews (1)

Another great edition to the Professor Layton series. I would recommend this game to everyone!! There are some really good puzzles, and some new features, and this time Professor Layton has a new apprentice called Emmy, and the story is set 3 years before The curious village, and sees a young 7 year old Luke as one of the main characters in the story of the mysterious Spectre! Buy this game, you wont be disappointed.

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