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Elite Beat Agents

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  fun game

| | See all Jennid456's reviews (3)

I got my version of this second hand from a shop in town. I heard of this when Rhythm paradise was released (a game i loved). So i heard of this the same time as that. At first i thought it was odd, but.......... i know this game is from 2007/2008 and i got it in 2012 but, i find it good. I like doing the games skater boi, ymca, material girl, and september. the game is a little odd at first, very anime design. It's not as good as rhythm paradise, i played that game non stop, but this is catchy, and calling me back to play material girl!.

  If you haven't got it, then AGENTS....ARE....GOOOO!!!

| | See all Hewitt's reviews (4)

I'm not usually a massive fan of rhythm and dance type games, but was strongly recommended to buy it. Needless to say, I'm very glad I did.

The basic story is that whenever someone cries for help to overcome a major problem, the Elite Beat Agents are there to help them overcome it, whether it's to help someone direct a successful film, or to more bizarre problems like helping someone overcome a fire breathing golem.

The concept is very simple. You just tap and slide the numbered circles while spinning a wheel from time to time to the music being played.

It's a very simple game to get into, as you'll eventually begin to time your taps well after only a few goes, and doesn't start off to hard to begin with. However, as you progress, you'll unlock more, harder songs to beat, and eventually unlock harder difficulty levels. When I mean harder difficulty's, I mean MUCH harder. I'm still stuck on the final song on 3 stars, and have heard there is AT LEAST one more harder setting. It's not a game you'll finish in a few days unless you're very quick. This could put some people off mind, but will give many people a good challenge.

It also boasts a good multiplayer, even through one cart. I've only done this via one cart, but this alone was good to play against someone, flowing smoothly without a hiccup on either side.

Lastly to mention is the lovely cutscenes and animation detail before and after each song and cutscenes during the song. All of them are in Japanese style anime (This game is based off the Japanese original after all), and all are worth watching at least once through just for it's weirdness. In fact, it's worthwhile going through each song and purposefully messing up (Having your bar in the 'No' bit). The cutscene is usually humerous to watch. The agents themselves look nice in their 3D models, and dance on the screen fluently with no slowdown at all

Overall, this is a great game that boasts great graphics, very good gameplay, and long lastability IF you challenge the harder difficulty's (Which I'm sure you will). A strong multiplayer to boot makes this a must have title on the DS.

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| | See all minirac's reviews (60)

This is the one of the most addictive and challenging games on the DS. I bought this game as it had got lots of good reviews and I thought it would be different to the other games in my collection, how right I was it is completely stupid and mental (but in a good way, I asure you) simply it is a rythym game where you have to hit the numbers on the screen at the right time and sometimes slide the stylus or spin it. Warning, you will fear for the DS screens life but just invest in some screen protectors and you don't need to worry. It's surprising how much mileage you get out of the game because when you play it the time just flies by and you find yourself still wanting to finish a level (in the umpteenth try) 2 hours later. I found myself. Switching off then 10 minutes later going back to it! So in a nutshell, enjoy!

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  great rythem game

| | See all girlgamer1989's reviews (164)

I`ve really enjoyed playing this; there`s some great songs on this, and there`s comic book style clips which really helps you to get into it. there are short clips that come up when your playing and what happens will depend on whether your doing well, or not so well. it`s hard at first, but oka when you get the hang of hitting the circles at the right time. there are two difficulty levels, breezin and cruisin, and theres also a training option if you want to practice before getting started. It took me about 2 hours to complete one difficulty mode, (and thats including watching all the story clips, but if you wanted to skip the clips you could finish it faster). visually looks good, the elite agents dance as you play, and it`s a very colourful game. It says 12+ but the fighting in this looks no more violent than that in childrens cartoons, so I think a 7+ rating would have been more suitable.
overall a great rythem game thats colourfull, challenging and addictive. reccommended.

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  Great Fun!

| | See all Dimagery's reviews (1)

This game would easily appeal to a wide range of ages. Its wacky story/mission lines and fast paced action keeps you hooked for hours.
A nice feature is the replay option once you complete a stage, which allows you to watch it over again so you can catch all the story on the top screen which you were unable to watch while playing.

Overall a very good,fun and challenging game.

  Genius. Stupid, Crazy Genius

| | See all PJCorrigan's reviews (18)

As a 24 year old male I fully expected not to like this game, but in all honestly it's impossible not to love it. The stories are so over the top and the dancing tips the camp scaled, but it all makes for quite simply the best game i've played on the DS so far.

You find yourself grinning like a fool at the screen as you tap along to the music, and you wont even care!

  Simply Awesome

| | See all UrbanRapunzel's reviews (17)

Words can't quite describe the joy and excitement I get from playing Elite Beat Agents (and I've only had it for a day too!). The basic premise is there are three agents who go around helping others in need when they call for help. All you do is tap away to the music with the stylus, the more 'in-sync' you are, the more successful the mission.

The game makes excellent use of the DS Lite touchpad and speakers. The various songs (including Y.M.C.A, Sk8er Boi and Walkie Talkie Man) aren't sung by the original artists, but are covered quite well by others.

Some of the missions are rather hard (particularly if it's a fast track or you're on a higher level) and some can verge on the surreal (one example being a mission where a baseball player fights some sort of monster). Though there are others that could potentially bring a tear to your eye (if you do purchase this game, look out for 'A Christmas Gift').

Overall the game is very enjoyable and could quite easily steal away a few hours when you could be doing something else. Only downsides are the storymode shown on the upper screen can get annoying and tiresome, especially if replaying a mission. And at times the music can be a bit loud, even if the volume is lowered (I'm guessing earphones would be appropriate if playing this on public transport!).

But don't let the minor downsides put you off, this really is a great game that, in my opinion, would be a great starter game for a Nintendo DS novice.

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  campest game ever

| | See all kingstaffy's reviews (71)

i hated this game at first because of the contols and found it hard to hit the targets at the right moment but once i got used to it i've became hooked.camp,colourful with great catchy songs,elite beat agents is so addictive it should come with a health warning.tough to master but even tougher to put down its the best ds game i've played so far.i want a sequel.now.

  A stunning rhythm-game

| | See all Alazar's reviews (7)

From the makers of the brilliant Gitaroo Man comes the equally brilliant (and insane) Elite Beat Agents. The concept is simple, yet it's really difficult to master. A recommended title for people who wants a game that's friendly towards pick-up-and-play yet allows hours of fun without boring you.

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