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Bomberman Land Touch!

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Okay.....But too easy.

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The whole party game genre seems to fall under franchise only games with Mario, Sonic and various other franchises attempting the genre. Now we've got Bomberman Land.
The fact that they have several uses for bombs is quite impressive but one look at the front cover and one look at the intro gives the impression of a child's game which is pretty much what it is, there is nothing really about this game that would challenge serious gamers other than the classic mode and even that mode is looking old and dated.
The fact that no one appeared online shows how little this game is looked at.
So to conclude, the game is fun but only really challenging for a 12 year old.

  The Best Bomberman Game In A Long Time

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Bomberman Land: Touch! is a great return to form after a string of embarrassing Bomberman games.

The game is essentially split into two halves; the minigames/main story and the battle mode.

The main story takes place on a theme park island, where you are required to play the many attractions there in order earn the title of Pirate King. OK, so the story isn't very enticing, but it's a Bomberman game, not a major motion-picture.

The minigames make full use of the DS touchscreen and microphone, and all the games are done very well. Some minigames can be very tough, but after you have failed a game a few times it gives you the option of trading one token (which you will collect throughout the game) to lower the win requirements. Further, I noticed that the more you fail a game the easier it seems to become on repeated attempts. One example is on a game where you have to clean various dirt-marks off a giant trophy. Each time I failed, the dirt marks seemed to group closer together, which made it easier to complete in the required timeframe. This is a nice touch which stops you throwing your DS out of the window, regardless of your ability.

The bosses are battled through a game in which you must throw bombs with the stylus from your side of the screen to the opponents. The bombs will turn from black to green to red and then explode after a period of time, and once there are a multitude of bombs onscreen, the gameplay becomes very frantic.

The battle mode allows up to 8 human or CPU players to battle it out across both screen of the DS in the traditional Bomberman format. There are a tonne of options available, which make the game both great fun and long-lasting. The only problem with this mode is that the AI can be a little rigid, however only one cart is required in order for up to 8 people to play, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding other people with their own DS to play against, as this is one of the best multiplayer experiences for the DS. Add to this the online capabilities, and you've got a great package.

This game is genuinely worth the money for either of the two halves alone, so combined this game is a real gem. If you've enjoyed any Bomberman game in the past, want a brilliant multiplayer game, or are after a new minigame collection, this is a definite consideration.

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I brought this game more because it includes the original bomberman puzzle game which is still as fun as ever but I actually found that I liked the new bomberman land even more. Your character is wandering around a theme park & can interact with other characters to complete loads of different tasks & challenges.
There are loads of different mini games skattered all around the theme park (some can be a bit on the boring side but some of them are highly addictive!). Once you have unlocked the mini games you can play against friends using the download play.
I have spent hours playing this game and still haven't completed all of the puzzles - I'd definatley recommend the game

  Not as good as the Original Bomberman game

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This is OK. Would probably be aimed at the under 12's I think. I found the games a bit boring and navigating around the different levels tiresome.