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Final Fantasy III (3)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (40 reviews)"

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  Just awful in every way

| | See all xxxtheonexxx's reviews (5)

Im going to be as sharp as i can.


# The story is just too bland and i know its been used before. You re knights going around restoring power to cystrals thats it in a nutshell.

# Lack of save points in dugeons is unforgiveable. The duegeons are small but still why no save points?

# The grapics are nice and colourful.

# The game does'nt use the DSs touch sceen function at all. Other than control the whole game with it but its a chore.[ thats not very imaginative at all}

# In this game you use the job system to do up your buddys that you control. Now this is done so badly in this game and i will explain why below this text.
1. Some jobs like warrior are good but with only two real actions to pefrom everytime saying it gets repetitve just does'nt cut it.
2. When you want to swich jobs you have to go and do ten battles sometimes less to get you're stats back up WHY!!! tell me theres no reason for that at all it's just annoying.
3. Some jobs become alot less usefull in the game for example you have Black Mages that you get in the start of the game that can cast up to i think level 6 out of level 8 spells but later on in the game you get another type of black mage that can cast up level 8 spells not only that you get better stats to go along with it. This also happens with white mages.

# Also you may wander around the map trying to find out where to go next at times because there the map does'nt show you the names of the places on it WHY!!!!

# The hardeness of the game is unbelievable the bosses get many hits per turn somtimes if you can complete the game without dieing you must be god himself.

# And to top it all off the top of the ds is usally blank and unused.
Also you listen to the same music looped over and over again when you walk in town or caves lame.

I fight back at it because its remake its jut money spinning for the unimaigative. If you die hard fan of the seris go for it but i promise you i have'nt lied at all.

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  Final Fantasy 3

| | See all Roosteronline's reviews (15)

This is a decent game. Its not a five star because of the job system. I feel that they could have simplified the leveling up system alot better instead of messing about with it. The graphics are great aswell as the story. Worth a punt at £18 quid.

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  Entertaining and fun.

| | See all Samariton's reviews (5)

Right off the bat i am not a huge final fantasy fan but i have played the classic snes versions of the final fantasy games so i thought it would be fun to try out. Ff iii is easy to just pick up and play. The story is deep but not complicated and you can leave the game for two weeks and come back to it without wondering where your meant to go or forgetting where you are up to. The controls are easy to get the hang of and the visuals are great taking into account its platform. This game is a good rpg and the leveling isn't slow or leaving you to level grind for half a day which makes it a very fun and enjoyable game for fans and casual gamers.

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  Final Fantasy 3

| | See all tinab777's reviews (1)

I loved this game and am hoping Final Fantasy 4 is as good if not better. It kept my interest throughout although I have to say I did buy the Strategy Guide and dipped into it every so often - as I am low on patience and sometimes I just couldn't be bothered to work things out.

I first of all played the game quite a few months back and because I had run out of engaging games decided to play it again (I also have bad memory so couldn't remember enough to spoil it). I have to say I enjoyed it just as much and actually finished it which I hadn't managed to do the 1st time.

I think it is a great game.

  Another Great FF Game

| | See all cutegamesforgirls's reviews (124)

Boasting some of the best graphics on the DS, Final Fantasy 3 is certainly impressive. Luckily for us, it's also great fun to play. We're taken back to a time when only the elites could play the ridiculously hard games of that age and as such this is a very hardcore game. Remember how frustratingly hard Super Mario Bros was for NES? Final Fantasy will have you swearing and boiling over just like that. However, like Super Mario Bros, it still manages to be addictive and highly playable.

The game reverts to the simple turn based action as a result of a random encounter which has worked for Square Enix for so long. You have 4 characters to command throughout the game, each with their own special abilities. Sound good so far? Well heres my main criticism. This is where the "Job" system comes into play. You assign your character a role (Warrior, Black Mage, Ninja etc) and they develop a special ability. Black Mages use black magic, White Mages use White magic. This means that you can't have say, a scholor use any magic because it will be rubbish. Also, it takes ages for a character to get settled into their job and use their weapons properly. This is annoying as you can't change jobs while in a dungeon because it invariably means you'll be killed. Also, this means there are less weapons for each character because only certain jobs use certain weapons.

This may sound like Final Fantasy 3 isn't worth your time but I do recommend it because if the sheer playability which will keep you coming back. I got over the annoying jobs feature by just keeping my characters with the same jobs throughout the game and only changing when I was forced to (Some bosses are impossible without being a certain job). The feeling of satisfaction after making it through a particularly fierce dungeon is enough to warrant buying this and at such a good price, what have you got to lose? I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Final Fantasy 4 won't have a Jobs system.

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  A true EPIC!

| | See all holeinyourhead's reviews (3)

This game is an EPIC as far as DS games go... You start the game with limited abilities/ jobs/ party members, this soon changes when the game gets going and before you know it your 30 odd hours in struggling to beat the final bosses (it sucks your life away)

If you have played any FF turn based RPGs or similar and liked them I highly recommed this... Brilliant game especially for £18 now we just need FF4!!!

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| | See all ogrento's reviews (6)

This game is absolutely fantastic there is so much to do it starts off quite difficult and gradually gets more exciting, easier and more fun to play. The game has so much to do, including various side quests (only a couple), gradually you'll be able to unlock more classes of characters so you'll be able to train and make good combinations with the four characters you end up with. Leveling up in this game is very important so you'll have to spend a lot of time making sure you're a high enough level to defeat some bosses. You'll be hooked on this game. It should entertain you for at least 19 hours if not more. Play.com offers a great price this really is a must have. The wi-fi is just mailing other players and has no multiplayer which frustrated me.

Absolutely awesome buy
must have


| | See all Cloud99's reviews (2)

Amazing final fantasy game. i have been meaning to get it since it came out but only just go round to it. i thaught it wouldnt be that good as i dont really like the modes on new final fantasy games, but i dont think it can get any better. original modes but better graphics than 1&2 on a nintendo handheld. if in choice between FFXII on ds and this, id buy this if you love the original final fantasy game play.

  Great Game. Really worth the money

| | See all MetaKnight's reviews (20)

This is the first Final Fantasy game I have bought, and I love it. The battle system works well, items are easy to equip, assuming you are using the D-Pad because using the stylus is really awkward.

A good variety of jobs available, each one with different strenghts and weaknesses, so you really need to mix and match different jobs to find your perfect combination. To be honest, the Wi-Fi feature doesn't work unless you have a friend with a copy of the game. Also, Wi-Fi is the only way to get certain items, battle a secret boss and get a secret job as well.

Most of the characters have a unique charm about them and you can really tell this by their facial expressions. Difficulty wise, this game can be hard at times, but not so much as you would stop playing altogether, it will keep you coming back to finish off that dungeon or beat that boss.

Presentation wise, the graphics are pretty good for a DS game, although there can be a few nasty textures around. The character models are blocky, but its only a DS game, so you shouldn't expect that much out of it.

Overall then, playing this game is a great experience and gives you a sense of satisfaction once you beat a boss or get through a dungeon. You are better off using the buttons rather than the touch screen and Wi-Fi is only worth it if one of your friends has the game as well. These things aside, a must buy. 5 out of 5.

  Good game but as good as it could have been.

| | See all LilgMorris's reviews (1)

One thing i think needs mentioned.
The story line doesn't really get told and you never really know where to go next but there is normally only one place that you can go.
Other than that fault and the random encounters being a little to difficult, i think this is a great game (so far). The bosses are tough, i've found myself having to use tactics to progress and the magic system is pretty cool. I love that you get to give each of the four characters ANY job you want and occasionally you have a fifth member (that you cannot control).

Great game!
Nothing compared to FFVII lol but that is THE greatest game ever!!!

Nobuo Uematsu's music yet again has amazed me! He is my hero!!!

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