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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  ideal for fans of pokemon and dragon quest viii

| | See all escapethefate's reviews (1)

would highly recommend for fans of the dragon quest or pokemon series.
Players of the handheld pokemon games may want to try out Dragon Quest: Monsters to see how it compares.
Overall, good graphics for the ds, and great battle and monster-team building system.

  great game

| | See all kairu08's reviews (1)

ive played the game before, and i really liked it. i got it again as my last copy broke.
really good system for the game if you like dragon quest VIII then you should enjoy this game.
really excellent delivery aswell.


| | See all zola26's reviews (1)

Fantastic game, I have not played it myself but my 10 year old son loves it, cant wait till the one in February comes out! He says the graphics are good, their are loads of monsters to battle with and well in his words "It's the best game I have!"
BUY IT FOR a tenner

  wicked games only minor problems

| | See all Rish1984's reviews (3)

this game is quite easily one of the best games on the ds. if you have the money to buy it then do get it. the only problem i genuinely have with the game is the shoddy music and that when you mix beasts together you have to train them all from scratch again which can become annoying. but if you can deal with only those 2 things then this is a must buy

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  Fantastic Value!

| | See all DragonFreek's reviews (10)

This is one amazingly priced game. The graphics push the DS to the limit, the amount of monsters is astounding and it has online play! This is one bargain of a game! Look anywhere else and it is much more expensive. The only downside is that it can get a bit repetitive.

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  Best DS game out now!

| | See all AlienMoo's reviews (2)

I did have my doubts at first, I thought it would be another Pokemon clone, but this even better then Pokemon in my opinion.

For starters, not all the monsters are cute and cuddly: some of them look mean, some of them look "ugly" and some of them just look so awesome! Another aspect is when you combine two monsters together you can use those monsters old abilities with your new monsters and make them even more powerful. The more monsters you combine the higher their rank goes up and the stronger they get: by the time you've completed the game, you will probably have the most unbeatable and most unstoppable team! And it's all about crushing your opponents in one single blow ;)

It's much more challenging compared to Pokemon and the story line is very good. There is a bit of level grinding and some travelling, but it's so addictive and just so much fun to play you don't really notice.

I got when it was £10, so I think it was a great bargain. Even though it's now £17.99 now that I have played it I would happily pay that price for this game.

I would happily give it 5 out of 5, but I don't think some of the level grinding is everyone cup of tea. Don't let that intimidate you, because I can guarantee that if you like Pokemon and similar games you will defiantly LOVE this game.

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  Great Game !

| | See all leemartin1988's reviews (5)

DQM is a really amazing RPG monster game. I haven't played any RPG or Pokemon style game in about 5 years but DQM managed to have me addicted from the start. The storyline is good and a wide range of monsters. Not many downfalls except it can get a bit repetitive towards the end.

  In My Top Ten

| | See all DubelR's reviews (1)

DQM is a bit like Pokemon and Final Fantasy put together the way you fight and because of the monster synthesis you have hundreds of monsters to create. It's a great game if you like this sort of thing but if you don't i wouldn't recommend it.


| | See all SuperSusie's reviews (2)

This game is ACE. With hundreds of different monster fusions to create, it'll keep you occupied for hours, and none of that boring repetitivity comes into it.

5 STARZ =)


| | See all jdavies's reviews (1)

when i first saw this, i thought, hmm, another pokemon look-a-like. this could not have been wronger. the graphics are incredable, the replay value is huge, the story is immersing, and much darker and stronger than that of its pokemon doppelganger. the only slight thing is a tad too much level grinding towards the later stages, but this only adds to the depth and strategy of your team.
an excellent game, well worth the money. 5 stars easily.