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Pokemon Pearl Version

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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| | See all aliens324's reviews (7)

This game is very fun and entertaining. At first you're a normal girl/boy who becomes a pokemon trainer.You get asked to go on a mission to encounter new pokemon and fill up your pokedex.Train your pokemon by battling gym leaders,the elite four,the champion and normal people.Your journey never ends even when you become the champion.(there is some credits but that is not the end....)

  Good game

| | See all luke982's reviews (2)

But i still thinkit will never hitthe heights of the red and blue pokemon as the first ever game was and always will be the best one to me!

But dont get me wrong this is still a a good game


| | See all oldcrashrocks's reviews (5)

This game may not be the best pokemon game ever because of it's lack in original pokemon,but that dosn't stop it being a good game the new pokemon are a good idea.

  nothing compared to blue red or yellow.who are these pokemon

| | See all mikescott77's reviews (4)

im 19 and grew up playing pokemon blue . i recently bought a ds and pearl to bring back the good old days. ther differents is there is like 300 new pokemon and all the old pokemon are gone except maybe 3. the game is boring and u get wild battles atlease 3 times more now.

BUY new mario brothers

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  another great pokemon game

| | See all corky2k7's reviews (102)

Superb classic pokemon comes to ds and its just as good as previous ones if not better with a new style new start really and its also online which made it even cooler must have ds game especially for pokemon fans

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  Really Good!

| | See all Xtrem3KilleR's reviews (7)

Just like in all other good pokemon games you get to choose what type of pokemon you want at the beggining (fire.grass.water) also you can interact with all the charecters and find out lots of stuff and people give you helpfull things which is great! You can also go in practacly every house..you can explore everywhere and the story is brilliant, you can never really complete the game because theres always more pokemon to catch and to level up. I have been on the game for about 40 hours and i am still finding new things! The only thing that disappointed me was when you just keep runnnig into to wild pokemon constantly, but that may not bother you.
Overall an amazing game

  holy game

| | See all benhurboy's reviews (7)

This game is amazing and should have 10 stars. Catch, battle, and trade pokemon and never get bored. Months of fun. A must have for any ds owner

  It Needs Innovation to Survive

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

It may seem strange to review what is arguably the same game as it's counterpart Pokemon Diamond but with the third game Pokemon Platinum being released early next year I found some things out about this game which I missed in the Diamond review.
One of the things I noticed was that the game is unfinished. Many of the things you receive after the first part of the game is severely limited to a few legendaries, a tower for battling, some extra Pokemon and some more caves to explore. The new game promises a lot more than that but I'll save you the spoilers for now.
You would think with all the massive advancements and innovation the Pokemon games are making you would think that they would make it a MMORPG or at least make a better effort at making a mainstream console game to replace the dismal Battle Revolution game. At this point I would suggest that Pokemon makes another step in innovation as the current games are making less impact on the market.

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| | See all wickedsister's reviews (51)

First pokemon game I bought having never even played one before and I got into it straight away. It's so good and battling with your mates online is ace too. Love it to pieces. Only gave it four stars because its quite hard to keep track of what you've done in the game, and having not played it for a couple of months, went back and was quite lost. Apart from that its awesome. Pokemon are so cute.