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Jam Sessions

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  A real good muck about

| | See all SixMile's reviews (13)

I have been playing the guitar for over 10 years and have recorded and released alot of music over those years so I wanted something to simulate a guitar when I'm not near one so I could try out new ideas or something. This game is brilliant for the price. It is really good fun and has around 20 pre loaded games to play with or you can free play with your own patterns and jam along with another friend on their DS. Incredible value for money and a must for any ds owning guitarist out there, for those times that you're away but you need to play!


| | See all girlgamer1989's reviews (164)

I`m enjoying this 'game'. there`s no story to it, no goals and you don`t complete this game. all you do is play music. there`s loads of different songs on here that you can play, or you can play and record your own songs. you don`t need to know anything about playing the guitar in real life, this game is for beginners. you don`t finish it, you just play and practise on it, to get better and better.
it can get a little boring if you play it for too long though. but for the price I think it`s quite good (it only cost me £4.50 off of a play trader). this game definatley isn't for every one. it`s an instrument, not a game.

  It is a portable guitar, NOT guitar hero!

| | See all Smurf1406's reviews (6)

Alot of people have gotten confused thinking this was guitar hero for the DS or a cheap version of it. IT IS NOT! It is actually a portable acoustic guitar.
I myself as a guitar player have found this amazing, the chords (notes) are 100% accurate and there are loads to choose from. All you need are notes from a website and you can play a song using the free play section or invent your own song.

Now for a negitive point and why this didnt get 5 stars. There are quite a few songs programmed that you can play, but unless you really know the song you cant play them as there is no backing drums, bass, piano etc so i usually use the free play option.

So if you are a guitar player perhaps going on holidays or going away for the day and you cant take your real guitar with you, here is your acoustic solution!

  Bit Of A Let Down

| | See all freakygem's reviews (51)

In general this 'game' did not meet my expectations. It is frustrating that Sometimes when you 'strum' the string it doesnt pick it up. Also, theres not a huge amount of songs on there and the variety of songs isnt fantastic either. I would try and find someone you know that has the game first so you can try before you buy.

  Don't be fooled !!

| | See all Maniacatic's reviews (3)

Now, beofre i got my hands on this game, I thought, like many, that this was a version of Guitar Hero for the DS. Soon after picking up the game i realised it was nothing like it.

It looks to me like a way of playing acoustic guitar without knowing the chords. It has a list of songs which aren't that great in my opinion, which you can follow and play.

I am not very familiar with the guitar but I honestly think that it would be more worthwhile to get a guitar and practice on that. I'm sure the features available on this game are also available on the internet.

I really wouldn't reccomend buying this unless you understand FULLY what it is and still want to buy it.

I would give it a 2 star rating, but because I do not fully understand the point of the game I think i might be missing something. I give this a poor 5/10 and really, don't spend more than £10 on this.

  No 'Guitar Hero' in Sight

| | See all Narni100's reviews (16)

Firstly, it is important to realise exactly what is being offered in 'Jam Sessions'. This product is NOT a game. Most people have the mistaken idea that 'Jam Sessions' is a version of 'Guitar Hero' for the DS system, but this is simply not true.

Basically, 'Jam Sessions' does what it says on the tin - well - box. It transforms your DS into a portable acoustic guitar. The good news is that it does come with an easy-to-learn tutorial on how to play the demo songs and compose your own music, and lots of handy hints of how to get that 'real' guitar sound. So what CAN you do in 'Jam Sessions'?

'Jam Sessions' allows you to play a bunch of selected demo songs from Bob Marley to Avril Lavigne and many more.

It also has a free-play function that allows you to compose your own tunes.

It has an 'ear training' function where you can listen to a select group of chords being played and then you have to play them back correctly.

It has a record function so that you can save and listen to your own
compositions when you want to.

It also has customisable options so that you can change the sound of the guitar and the background of the product.

However, that is about it. As I said before, this is NOT a game. There are no scores for playing a song correctly etc. This is a semi-professional tool for musically inclined individuals who want to play and create music. If you are hoping for a game akin to 'Guitar Hero' etc, then you are sure to be disappointed.

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| | See all lovefool's reviews (1)

Not a game that I would recommend. I don't play guitar so thought it would be a great game to have. Unfortunately, it was disappointing on all levels. I don't recommend you buy this game.

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| | See all oli999's reviews (11)

i bought this when it first came out and i knew exactly what is was and what is wasn't (not guitar hero) and its the perfect portable guitar and it works a treat, but people shouldn't buy if they don't know its a portable guitar and NOT A GAME! i enjoyed hours of fun with it and still play it now.

  An Acquired Taste

| | See all John858's reviews (4)

As with some of the other reviews on this site, I must first point out that Jam Sessions is not a game, it is designed as a portable musician's tool. In that respect, most DS owners will NOT enjoy it.

Jam Sessions allows you to strum your DS like an acoustic guitar, using directions on the D-pad to change chords. You have the ability to program the 16 chords on the palette (8 directions, plus 8 more while holding down the L button), allowing you to play virtually any songs that just require simple chord strumming.

While Jam Sessions allows a lot of chord options, there are many chord which could (or should) have been included to make this package feel more complete. The ability to create your own chords by choosing notes is something which I was very suprised to find not included.

The pre-programmed songs on this game, to be honest, aren't that good. The lyrics are not written in time and the MIDI playback is only available on some of the songs. However, this is not really a feature of the "game" that you should be taking into consideration when buying it.

The effects you can add to your virtual guitar really don't sound particularly pleasant, however the natural acoustic tone is very nice.

You are also able to record 5 songs, which is handy if you come up with something good but don't have any other recording options immediately available to you. However, the limited recording space does mean that recording can only really be used as a temporary thing, so that your creations aren't lost before you can transfer them to something else.

This product really shines when you use it to accompany other peoples (or your own) singing, or for creating chord structures on-the-go, but doesn't do a lot else. Jam Sessions does seem quite rushed and not entirely thought-out like a product of this kind should have been. As a result, this is probably something you will specifically want, rather than something that may appeal to you.

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  The Near Perfect Guitarist Tool

| | See all Hikari's reviews (20)

Firstly lets make this very clear, Jam Sessions is NOT "Guitar Hero for the DS" it does not have a rating system and really is not a videogame. So Disregard any reviews complaining about the lack of game content, because it plainly isn't

What it is, is a portable acoustic guitar, with hundreds of different chords, easy to master to play, you can create your own songs, string things together (hark at the joke) to see how your creations sound, and much more.

There's a bunch of pretty cool backgrounds and styles, as well as about 40 stored tracks, which include some famous artists, these are a little awkward to play along to, though they're good for a novice to see and play...Avril Lavigne!!

Speaking of Novice, not a guitar fan but interested to learn to play? Come this way, it has tutorials on how to play different chords amongst other helpful things

The negative, or rather, things I want to see in Jam Sessions 2 would be the choice of an electric guitar, the ability to pick notes (to create a solo), better distortion, and the ability to save more than just 5 songs

However that's just nitpicking overall this is a great tool, no not game, get that into your head! *slaps* and well worth £25 for any guitar player!

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