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Brothers In Arms DS

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Great War Shooter

| | See all Rednaw's reviews (4)

I was surprised at how good this game actually is. If you like medal of honour then this is a good game for the DS following the same principles. The graphics are amazing, and the controls only take a few missions to fully get the hang off. Only downside is it's too quick to complete, but for a tenner, who minds?

  I could like this....

| | See all Tropiq's reviews (8)

I've just started playing this and it seems to have good potential. I do find myself running around,trying to clear the check points and there seems to be elements of the game that you don't have any control over. You can choose to fight a number of scenarios,whether it be tank battles or as part of a team as a basic soldier. Most of the scenarios require you to use a vehicle and run with the team. Like most games on the DS,you use the stylus and the movement cross on the right - this takes a bit of getting used to;once mastered though - you're good to go. Tricks like standing against a wall while targeting a soldier or a tank will stand you in good stead although I do find the reloading of the sub machine gun fiddley,especially when you've got your eye on the action on the upper screen. Constantly ,you do have to read the screen so that you know where you should be and what the present threats are;I find this a bit confusing sometimes. It would be good if the game had the ability to refresh your mind of the objective from time to time as I tend to go round in circles ndoing things at random. Weaponry is ok:Machine gun,Bazooka and Grenades so far. When you get close to enemy tanks you can climb up them and drop grenades through the man hole - if you make it.

Overall not bad - It could be a little more intuitve and the game play could be smoother.

  Good game for the price but.........

| | See all SupeRDelbert's reviews (12)

Its the 49 year old player again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like my title - its good for the price. But it don't take too long to fight thru the 3 campaigns plus the course you follow thru each level is a bit restrictive - you have to follow a particular course very closely to complete each level.
If you get bogged down trying to shoot particular enemies and keep repeatedly dying then I did find that you can run quickly thru the bottleneck to complete that level.

After completing the first 3 levels you become a veteran and you seem to play the 3 campaigns again but you have more weapons. Rather oddly the extra weapons are better so each level is easier to complete plus you already know the course that you have to follow.

All in all - good for the price -good graphics and the controls are user friendly. Athough aiming the gun is done with the stylus and sometimes I would lose it position.


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  Great war game

| | See all Gamer08's reviews (10)

This is one of the best games i have ever played the graphics are really good and the controls easy to grasp I can seem to play and play the mission again and again espically a tank level or one where you drive a truck. Defentily worth getting espically for the amount of money you will pay.

  Great Value for Money

| | See all Maniacatic's reviews (3)

When I bought this game off Play.com, it was selling for £9.99 in the sale. I was interested in buying a shooter, which I am not usually good at.

I found the control very easy to get used to and found myself playing the game endlessly. It's very fun, especially for the price.

You have the oppurtunity to get down 'n' dirty with Automatic weapons or keep your distance and snipe people. You get to control tanks and recon units. After each level you get a rank. It lists how many headshots, granade, tank and vehicle kills you made.

The onyl reason I haven't given it 5 Stars is because it is quite short. DOesn't take a long to complete, but you have to oppurtunity to play each of the 3 campaigns in different difficulies in order to agin all 5 medals available.

For £9.99 this game is AWESOME and well worth every penny. Very fun and easy for new players to get to grips with. Highly recomended.

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  Pretty Kool

| | See all iAnjunabeats's reviews (54)

i do like this game, it was abit tricky to get to grips with the controls, but once id sussed that, it was fun! the grafix & sound are good actually, i was surprised! to doesnt support multiplayer via a wifi connection, but it does support DS to DS multiplay. but, overall, this has a fun factor of 10, but proper fps games have to be left to the 360, but the DS game is fun though! well worth it imo...

  One Great Game!

| | See all MortonSales's reviews (8)

This game is one of the best DS games i have played on. The graphics are not bad and the controls with the styles are easy to use and even have a left-handed option! However the game is a little short but this does not matter too much. Overall a great game

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  very good game but now i have cod 4 on ds......

| | See all LeWiS1's reviews (6)

don't get me wrong this is a very good ww2 game and they have done a very good job at it two, but it is short.
I have cod 4 (call of duty 4) now on ds and is i have complete brothers in arms i don't rally play it is much now but i do think you should buy it because it is a very good game and worth ever penny i just wish they make a brothers in arms 2 on ds because i bet you now it will be so good that it will be better than cod4(call of duty4) in this review i have told you basic all u need to no and i have rated this game 5 out of 5 am wishing for brothers in arms 2...=)....BUY THIS GAME U WILL NOT BE LET DOWN........buy NOW

  must buy!!!!!

| | See all piggy1011's reviews (7)

i love brothers in arms on the xbox so when this came out i bought it straight away and i must say im impressed by this game. for the ds the graphics are amazing and it feels like you are really there. There is one problem thou and that is it is way to short, i have only been playing the game for a couple of hours and i have completed two thirds of the game!!!!! but it is definately worth buying, and just to let people wifi dosent mean online play it means wireless play as in you can play some one in the same room if they have a copy to, online play would of made this game even better!!!!

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  Good fun with Jerry ;)

| | See all simos999's reviews (8)

This is a decent attempt at a war game on the DS and works reasonably well. As with one of the other reviews i agree it is a little short! One other thing the picture shows WIFI yet the game i received doesn't have WIFI so if you are buying for online play stay away!