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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  good game

| | See all bananablonde's reviews (3)

a very fun and good game. sometimes wondering what to do to get to the next part but overall it a fun game and would recommend it to other people

  Very good overall

| | See all Kreig12's reviews (7)

I enjoyed the game very much. It does a good job of passing the time!
My only dissapointment is that you can't customize furniture or build houses like in the Wii version which was my fault for not researching the features of each version, but still Excellent game.

  Maybe for younger gamers... but definitely not for me.

| | See all Madforteddies's reviews (10)

I've only been on it once since I've had it. The adverts, to be fair, made the game look excellent. Really fun, really cool, really different. I bought the game with good intentions, being 14 I thought the game would be a nice, easy task. Something fun to play on that wasn't too taxing over the Easter holidays. Obviously, I was wrong. I instantly got the babyish feel 10 seconds after it loaded. The graphics aren't great and certainly don't live up to what is on the TV - they're a lot worse. There wasn't really a storyline (well, not that I had gathered) and the characters were really simple and seemed to hug you after just moving towards them. I only spent about 10 minutes on it before getting bored and after 20 minutes, gave up and turned it off. I was really disappointed - after all the hype, I expected a lot more. Not a babyish kiddy entertainer but something atleast a BIT more challenging. So, my advice to you. Save your money - unless you're buying for a child under the age of about 7, as you will be bored really easily. Don't bother, it's not worth it.

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  Entertaining, But Easy To Complete

| | See all SofaSpongebob's reviews (4)

I bought this game for myself, and, quite frankly, I don't see what all the rave is about. I completed the game in four days, and now, find it extremley boring to play.
Entertaining for a while, but then it gets plain bland.


| | See all mcslammer's reviews (2)

Loved it,loved it, loved it so much i bought my sims kingdom. Kept me entertained for days, i love making lei, yay

  Great game!

| | See all XxblackangelxX's reviews (3)

Maybe suited at the younger people, but i think this game is brilliant!! Completed the levels very quick though, quite easy! Overall good game, great graphics, my daughter loved it.


| | See all Xtrem3KilleR's reviews (7)

This game is really good, *its suppose to be designed for the younger age but im older and i think this game is really great. the graphics are great and you can do lots of things, like change clothes, buy clothes, buy things for your house, talk to everyone, buy cakes and flowers, also the mini games are great e.g tennis and making flowers and taking pictures. you can also never really complete the game because theres always more to do! just wish the characters talked out loud to you
Overall Rating Great!

  Happiness in a box

| | See all zoecarter0304's reviews (13)

I'd heard about the sims and from what i saw, it was boring- is having to tell your character when to go to the toilet fun?! However, i heard of this and thought "here we go again" but after i saw the adverts, i realised it was totally different. You can chose what your character looks like, decorate your own house and even buy a second one later in the game (how many people do you know of these days who can buy a second house?!). All the sims have different personalities and the more money you earn, the more you can buy and as you progress, you open up more areas and meet more interesting people, so even when you have filled up the star meter, you still have many more tasks to complete the game! I love how colourful it was and it just makes you feel really happy- in two words: pure escapism.
However, don't think this game doesn't have it's faults, hence the four stars). As much as i love this game, there are a couple of things you should know about:
1) the game content- when i saw the advert, i thought it was for the ds version, but i found out after i bought it they were advertising the wii version, so no building houses or making pizza, which makes me sad. They have since changed the adverts to say it's for the wii. However, there's only so much room on a cartridge so that can't be helped and more the fault of the advertisers.
2) stumped- the only task i'm having trouble with is the sky diving game- i can't get the bronze, even when all the jewels are collected and doing loads of combos, so this may put younger gamers off.
Those who say the game is repetitive are missing something- your sim has to collect money to buy certain items, so you need to go back over challenges to earn money.
Overall, this game is great- it's better than the sims because mysims is colourful and a lot more fun to play, and although it has it's faults (what game doesn't?) i really enjoyed playing it, especially the second time round as a boy! I will be buying mysims kingdom when it comes out.

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| | See all FIRAND1's reviews (4)

I have this game and it is really good. If you are in a problem where you can not decide if you want the sims or my sims i compleatly recomend getting this game ;]

  a really gd game ..=)

| | See all xgirlpowerx's reviews (8)

It 's a really gd game. It's fast to complete but i luved it! If u r thinkin weather 2 by Animal Crossing or my sims go 4 my sims it's da best!!!..=)