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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  I was surprised

| | See all Minimad123's reviews (12)

I am a Final Fantasy Freak. Anything with that branding on it I have to have it - so I got this as a stocking filler. I didnt expect much to the game, I'm not really a DS Fan either.

However - to my surpirse - this game was addictive yet not too overwhelming for a non-hardcore gamer like myself. Ok it is babyish in parts but all the characters are there (from Shiva to Cid).

My advice that if you are looking for a small gift for one of your loved ones but there isnt a final fantasy due out at the time (such as the amazing XIII-2) then buy this. Its a little bit of fun and only took me about a week to complete.

  A MUST for Squenix fans both old and new !!!!

| | See all blackice10's reviews (1)

This game is just so sweet, both myself and my daughter who is 5 can play it, there are puzzles and minigames which you must complete in order to progress through the storyline. You will, if you have played other FF games, undoubtedly recognise soundtracks from your favourite FF games, the last boss battle music is @Battle on the big bridge@ where you fight Gilgamesh in FF5 for example.

Basically, a demon named Bebuzzu takes on book form and traps all of the chocobos in its stories, cue the chocobo completing famous fable-themed minigames in order to unlock chapters of the stories, items, higher levels, other books and the chocobos themselves, of course!! OK, so it isn't as long as Final Fantasy games usually are but believe me you will go back to this one again and again !!!!

  Loved it =)

| | See all garnetxXx's reviews (1)

This game is great, I couldnt put it down.The chocobo's are all so cute.Was sad when I finished it.

  I loved it!

| | See all hannahkay's reviews (13)

As soon as i saw this game on the shelf i wanted it, how could a chocobo game not be fun?
Well i wasn't disappointed! The characters are cute, the graphics are lovely, and the games are addictive.
It only took me about 14 hours to complete, so it isnt a long game, although you can play the mini games as much as you like, and there are alot to choose from.
i would say anyone of any age should play this game, me and my boyfriend are in our 20's and we had lots of fun with it, (especially being final fantasy fans) but it would easily be alot of fun for a child aswell.

  Amazingly Frustrating

| | See all deltamonkey's reviews (1)

although this game seems based at a younger audience it is still fun to play and contains frustrating and some impossible mini games but pop up duals are fun
its a great buy and will keep you entertained for ages!

  fantastic game **************

| | See all ilovemuffy's reviews (6)

This is a great game it kept my 6 year old daughters attention for ages which is unbelievable because she loses interest in things really quickly! There are loads of different games to play and if you complete each game it unlocks another secret place in the game. I really loved it too and we play it together and i will do the games my daughter is not so good at and she does the games i'm not so good at and we completed it today but she is really sad it has ended!
It definitely gets 5 stars.

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  A Great Minigame-Based RPG

| | See all John858's reviews (4)

Final Fantasy: Chocobo Tales is a very original twist on the RPG formula. Instead of the usual battling and levelling up style of gameplay, you will take part in a variety of minigames utilising the DS touchscreen. In between these there is some simple puzzle-solving and the boss fights are played out in a trading card game-style duel.

The minigames themselves are all done very well, and there's enough variety from one minigame to the next to prevent them from becoming tiresome. Further, there are also various optional microgames dotted around which you can play to earn cards which are used in boss fights.

The card system is great, with 122 different cards available and the ability to completely customise your own 15-card decks, plus the option to go online and battle other people.

The game will probably last you 7-10 hours if you just aim to play the main storyline, although unlocking all the cards will take you much longer should you wish to.

Overall, the game is very fun, never too difficult and I would definitely recommend it.


| | See all BigBob88's reviews (2)

I got this as i am a big final fantasy fan, although it is a big change from the original turn based rpg's it was amazing. It is a must have for any Final Fantasy fan and great for people of all ages.