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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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| | See all simonsept1963's reviews (2)

way better than the PC version and even though when you quick sim in the maneger mode you always lose it's still great


| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

For my first football game on DS i thought it was going to brilliant but was rubbish. The only good thing was that you didn't have to do a match to do a penalty shootout, if that hadn't of been there, i would of gave it a 1 star!

  wouldnt recomend

| | See all DAZM4N's reviews (3)

At first it was good but it just got too easy to score from anywhere and the graphics are shocking pretty dissapointed!

  good football game

| | See all nice51's reviews (12)

I have enjoyed playing on this as I am a football fan. It has good graphics and the muliplayer is also fun playing on. The only thing which annoyed me was that I had to keep redoing the transfers because for some reason they were'nt going on properly.

  Highs and lows...

| | See all callan94's reviews (32)

I would of prefered it if the graphics were more cartoony and bright. Nintendo are hopeless at trying to make games look good and fail most of the time. This game is no excuse they should have never tried to make the graphics realistic on the DS. Overall though pretty good game. Manager mode disapoints me hugely as you can't make transfers on it like you would on the Xbox and PS3. I love the penalty mode though using the touch screen to its full potential is a stroke of genious.

I'm a Fifa Nerd though so don't pay an attention to me.


| | See all Ryan90's reviews (1)

If your looking for hours of entertainment, I'd definately recommend this game.I had the advantage of playing and testing a friends copy before buying my own, and since buying it have been extremely happy with it!

As mentioned in other reviews, the graphics are, for a DS, exceptional, and the actual gameplay mimics versions on more powerful consoles, with no holds barred on the flow of the play or any smaller details such as player appearance. Even down to the 'real' music played during the main menu, Fifa 08 on DS continues to match its counterparts on other consoles. Feature rich and accessible, the Main Menu boasts a familiar look to previous Fifa titles, even including Create a Club and Create a Player, which re-inforces the playability of the game. In this release, there are many clubs to choose from, including not only the Premier Division sides but lower division teams as well, which is brilliant, plus teams from abroad leagues. To top off the positives, the Single- Card multiplayer really sold it for me, with the option to play friends even if they dont own their own copy. With this option, plus the Wifi capabilities of the game, which i have unfortunately been unable to test as of yet, this game becomes fun for not only you, but for your friends as well.

In terms of negative aspects on the game, Im yet to find any which have caused me to question why Ive bought the game! As other reviewers have said, the manager mode is a bit lacking in terms of detail, compared to versions availiable on the psp for example, yet I argue that this version on DS is more of an 'arcade' version, simply as it is so and easy to pick up, and not put down for a long time if the game takes you!

Aside from this, the match commentary is slightly annoying in my personal opinion, sometimes being infrequent and in no context to actual events in the game. This is one of the only aspects of the DS version which has suffered from the reduced proccessing power of the DS console itself, compared to other handheld consoles. But it is an age old niggle in Fifa games that the commentary is annoying, so I'll leave that to your own opinion!

So, if you want a game which will spend most of its time in your DS slot and not in its case, then Id recommend Fifa 08, a timeless classic bought to DS and well worth the money! Happy goalscoring!

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  a let down

| | See all peck88's reviews (5)

i had this game on psp and sold it to buy a ds , what a mistake!!!
the game is easy to play and the manager mode has alot less then other formats, no transfer etc. it also doesnt matter who you sub whereas on other formats you can see a players energy, morale etc which adds more to the reality.
if you have any other format avoid the ds version however if not it gets three stars as it isnt a bad if dont compare it to anything else and as easy as it is it does get addictive!!

  Fifa 08 € Not that good

| | See all Mofman's reviews (5)

I have been playing this game for a while now and although overall its pretty darn good, there are some fundamental faults which I have made EA Games aware off.

These being, in Manager Mode when playing a Cup Match, if you beat the team, you end up playing them again in the next round up until the quarter finals. (Obviously, in real life once you beat a team they are out of the cup, and you play a different team)

Also, if you train your team to increase the overall team stats(%), they don't increase, no matter how much training you do!

The game play itself is very good along with the graphics and you can't fault the amount of detail thats gone into the stats. A good effort, but EA Games have overlooked some serious omissions in their programming.

These are faults only in the Manager Mode, if you can live without it the rest of the features and game play are very good and I would recommend it.

  Best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all galpen's reviews (13)

Ive got this game and have played it loads of times i never get board of it. you can play as man united chelsea macclesfield accrington man city and lots more you must get this game and you can also play against
people around the world using the wifi connection BBUUYY!!

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  best sport game for ds EVER!!!

| | See all review4u's reviews (2)

you have to get this game if ur looking for a new game for your ds it is good offline but when you play it online it is something else if u don't get this u are simply crazy the multiplayer combines multi and single card play so you dont have to have the game aswell. the only down sides are that it sometimes lags on online and keepers take the free kicks and penaltys a 1/4 of the time but u should get this!!

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