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The Simpsons Game

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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  Good Game

| | See all Lozzerenzotron's reviews (5)

I just completed this game and overall i think it was really tricky in parts but i found it alot of fun.

And to the people below, if you are having trouble on a level you could have a look at a walkthrough of this game on the internet to help you

  Just like the last review...

| | See all Hendryhog's reviews (13)

I would like to back up what ilovejim said. (No i do not love jim just in case you are wondering) I have only recently completed the game after receiving it for christmas last year. Throughout the game there are tricky parts to it. But "if first you do not succeed try try try try try try and try again." In my case i managed to get past an ape after 4 months of hard work.

But i see this as a challenge and as another fun part of the game. So yes i think this is a great buy but give it time as well.

  good, but tricky!

| | See all ilovejim's reviews (14)

Ive just bought this game and have only managed to get thru the first part, which was homers dream land of chocolate! The next part is Bart as a superhero and i cannot get thru this game! i get to the same part everytime and get stuck, bart gets to the end of a platform and theres no where for him to jump onto,just keep falling off the edge which is so annoying! so if u like a challenge or are good at the mario kinda games i would recommend this game to you! if ne one can tell me how i get thru barts level it would be much appreciated! so buy it and tell me how to play it!

  It's not 3d!

| | See all Honylittle's reviews (9)

The preview is not the same because its made for other consoles. the ds version is not 3d! I brought it because i thought that it was 3d and I am a Simpsons fan. If I knew that the DS version was not 3D I would have saved my money and buyed it for anohter game console. Anyway, avoiding the disapoitment, the game is quite good. I just recieved it yesturday and well, lets see how it goes!

  The Simpsons Game...Brill!!

| | See all Xtrem3KilleR's reviews (7)

I thought that it was a bit easy to start with, but when i got into the game it was quite challenging. Also i thought that the cutscenes where quite funny and also the pet homer thing was really fun and a great extra.The game is quite a long game took me quite a while to complete.


| | See all Homer13's reviews (1)

This game is awesome!the plot is amazing!it is very addicting...worth its money.A must have for simpsons-lovers or not!!!

  matt greoning is a genious!

| | See all garfieldandodie's reviews (20)

because he put the maker of the sims (will write) in it!!!!! YAY! and he has developed my favorite DS game. he should be proud! Lol!!! :D i have had it since christmas 2006 and have been on it ever since, i have finshed the game millions of times! lol!!! please bring another one out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  fun but really hard

| | See all girlgamer1989's reviews (164)

visually this game is really good, and there`s clips of the simpsons between levels where they talk, so you don`t have to read much. If your a fan of the simpsons your`ll recognise alot of stuff on this game from the tv show, and further in the game your`ll fight bender and zoidberg (from futurama). each simpson has a special skill so you usually have more than one character on a level, but it`s the game that switches you between them after your`ve completed a task. the game is quite long, so it should last you a while.
on the down side this game gets really hard, and it`s not always clear what you have to do, which can be annoying.
this is a fun game, but would`nt be good for someone too young.

  Another amazing movie AND tv tie-in!

| | See all brownieowl's reviews (49)

The simpsons gamedoes so much more than tie in with the movie. It does extra things that would happen in a tv program aswell!! A great platform game with a hilarious story line. But one of the highlights for me is pet homer!!