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Imagine: Babies

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  its ok!

| | See all customer67's reviews (1)

really fun game but putting the baby to bed and making it sleep is impossible!!!! that part should be alterd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;]


| | See all racergirl08's reviews (8)

I was so excited to get the game for my birthday as soon as i saw a advert on t.v i thought this would be the greatest game ever but when i got it,and played it a while it turned out it was rubbish!!!the stork tells u mostly what to do i thought that i'd love looking after your next door neighbours babies but the stork tells u wat to do!!!and when to do it like to rock the baby to sleep or feed it,the mini games are rubbish if u buy it u'll be wasting ur money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Don't waste your money

| | See all xglitzyx's reviews (30)

I was so excited when i got my ds i was like this will be the first game ill buy, so i bought it and what a waste of money, i couldnt believe how poor it was. I love kids and thought this would b a great game, however it was so boring!!! Looking after a neighbours baby sounds like fun, but on the game it isnt, the bird give u hints on what to do with the baby like feed it or rock it to sleep or play with it but i was just bored by those mini games of trying to get it to sleep and play with it. Also i got stuck at trying to feed it, it would not move to where i wanted the spoon to go, therefore it was the final straw i gave up, though it would not let me exit until i fed the baby but that was impossible as the mini game to do this wouldnt let me, so frustrating!!! Unless you like being annoyed and bored at the mini games, buy it otherwise stay away its not what it sounds like it would be like.

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  Imagine Babies Good?

| | See all InternetQueen123's reviews (3)

I liked this game but it's graphics were quite bad. This game is very addictive but it did get boring after a while because you were just doing the same things!

There is a lot of reading involved which made it quite boring. So I wouldn't recommend for children under 8!

There for thats why i rated it 3 stars!

  Brillant!!!!!!! If you like babies this is tha game for you.

| | See all prettycoolevie's reviews (7)

This is a top game. At first you don't no what to do so it is a bit hard but after a day you will be a pro. If you like babies or baby sitting this is the game for you. I am ten years old and all my friends love this game. x

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  Hmm...I wonder!

| | See all DT5678's reviews (1)

I ordered this game and thought it would be amazing! I'm not saying It's rubbish I'm jusy saying it is a bit boring after a while. You look after 6 babies (1 at a time), feed them, change diapers, bathe them, play with them outside, entertain them put them to bed and clean your house!

After a while you will take part in an exam to try and gain a degree...

It's fun while it lasts but once youve played with all the babies it gets boring!

  great fun but a bit boring

| | See all mellissa45's reviews (2)

i think this game is great but it is a bit cartoony and got boring after a while .i am 12 years old and think this game is suitable for the younger generation and not for teenagers like me.the game took me about 5 days to complete and was hard but got easy and i managed to buy everything for the babies.

  Imagine a great game? then imagine babies!

| | See all brownieowl's reviews (49)

If you like babies then this game is set in stone for you. At your grandmas house babysitting babies with the help from a stork! It may sound wierd but its anything but wierd! The graphics make the babies look sooooooooooooooooo cute with there big eyes. It makes your heart melt as if its a real baby! (sort of =S) The mini games are a laugh aswell!

  dont waste your money!!!

| | See all jannete's reviews (6)

the graphics are bad and you are stuck in the house and the garden so youre limited to what you can do and the stork gets annoying.

  Imagine babies!!!!!

| | See all Purtyprincess21's reviews (1)

When i got this game i thought that perhaps it would be a tad too babyish for me as i am 13 and near the very top of the age range but i have since realized that i was very wrong. The graphics of this game are very good, although the babies aren't very realistic, more cartoony really, but i think this just adds to the cuteness of it. The music is quite good and the sound effects are also good too, but i find that the babies voices (when they cry and stuff) are the same, they dont even differ when one is a boy and the other a girl, but it doesn't really bother me though, as that is only a very small fault. I think the game is incredibly fun if you like this sort of thing, as i do, the mini games are very good fun and i never tire of them and there are many to do. I think the game does get quite repetative as after you have "unlocked" all six babies there is nothing different to do, although different babies like different things so i still find the game very fun and addictive and love looking after each of the babies. Overall i love this game so much, i have 17 games and this is definitely my favourate. If you were thinking of getting this game beforehand, then i think you should get it as soon as possible as you will not be disappointed, and if not then you should certainly consider it! It might get a bit boring after a while for some, but if your anything like me then you will love it!!!!! x