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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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| | See all aliens324's reviews (7)

A very good game!!! Full of lots of different stories and plenty of minigames.The further you get the more things you unlock!!!Recommended to all.


| | See all notty77's reviews (4)

It is really good i love it and it is hard i recomend this game it is quite easy but i think it is good for any age

  My favourite lego game

| | See all Monika84's reviews (14)

I have played lego star wars, batman, indiana jones and harry potter and this one is my favourite. I am 26 and an average gamer, not serious; just enjoy playing on my DS and the end of the day.

This game provides enough of a challenge but is still quiet easy to complete. If you get stuck you can go to other levels and complete a different world then come back. These are lots of characters to unlock (unlike in Indiana Jones where you get 10 different Indiana's), my favourite is Darth Maul with his dual light saber. You get to play through all 6 episodes and unlock characters from all of them, either through completing the level or by purchasing them. You then get to use a whole host of characters in the free play option to find hidden rooms. The movie clips are great and have so much humour in them, especially if you have seen the original movies; it's a fantastic take on them.

The only down side to the game is the number of times/hours I played it - trying to get all the studs to unlock all of the characters/mini games. In the end I had to sell the game in order to play some others.

This is a great addition to any nintendo DS collections and I would thoroughly recommend it.

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| | See all Daibhead's reviews (7)

good game but dont buy until you've watched all the movies
storyline:(same as movies)

  This game is epic and fantastic fun for all ages.

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

I am a big a Star Wars fan and for me this is one the best games that I have for the DS and I own a lot of excellent DS games. The graphics are brilliant and playing through all six Star Wars film is a real blast. The lego humour will have you laughing throughout the game. There are 30 levels in total which have been created especially for the DS which includes some fun touch screen action. If you have a friend with a DS and a copy of this game then you can have a ball of a time playing through all the levels together. There are loads of different Star Wars characters for you to unlock and you can mix their heads and body parts up. The different class characters can access different areas of each level. I like being a Jedi the most for combat as they hit laser-beams back at the baddies and use the force to throw them out the way. The Hoth level with the AT-ATs is great fun and there are some good minigames too.
Even people that don't like Star Wars very much will enjoy this great DS game.

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  Brilliant game for all ages

| | See all KeepersJon's reviews (2)

A fantastic, engrossing and addictive game. Follows the 6 films closely and allows you to play as all the characters from the "hootineeeee!!" ewoks to the four light sabre wielding General Greivous. Basically a platform/puzzle game but includes shoot em up and racing levels. All in all a must for all DS owners of all ages, my four yr old loves it, and so do I (ahem 34).

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  totally awesome!!!

| | See all legoboy's reviews (1)

Best price on Play.com!!!! Absolutely fabulous. I play it so often that I've nearly completed the game. A must buy.

  The best game ever! I highly recommend it...

| | See all GameGirlSian's reviews (1)

I have to admit, in my opinion, this has got to be the best game i have ever played on the DS and the first i have actually stayed interested in and completed! I think its suited for both girls and boys and of all ages. Its not too hard and not too easy and the graphics are really good. However, I would suggest you watch the films before you play the game as it helps you to work out what to do on the hard levels and understand the plot.

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  Lego Star Wars - The Complete Saga

| | See all Legofan1's reviews (2)

A truly amazing game, my 9 year old loved it, as did all his classmates. Brilliant graphics, totally engaging a superb buy. Thank you to the makers of this game!

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| | See all JEFFERSbling's reviews (14)

i got this game today and absoulutly loved it. it is suberb with great graphics and amense gameyplay. insanly good i absoulutly love it it rocks. the droidekas are amazing but darth maul takes the cake. A must for people with a DS

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