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Drawn To Life

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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| | See all JonnyI's reviews (4)

Drawn to Life is perfect for all ages.
But some of the things that might hold u back r the black monster things that look like tar and that u can lose track of wear u r in the game.
Some of the really really cool things about the game r that u get to colour ur own snow blaster and ur very own SUBMARINE!
But the very best thing about the game is that u get 2 bring out ur creative side!

  A 5 star game

| | See all legoman's reviews (23)

This game is the best game you will ever play. You create your hero & your on your way to save Raposa Village.

The drawing part is the best & the gameplay is wonderful so is the story. The ending is worth watching too.If you can find this game buy it you won't regret it. Like the title says 5*


| | See all flashboy's reviews (3)

This was a great game, i got it cheaply and i love it! The boss levels were hard at first (and i love a challenge)but i cracked the code! I have a teddy which i created on the game and it looks cool. I loved flying and there is a funny side to the game. Good for all ages(i'm only 10) 10 out of 10

  very imaginative game.

| | See all greatgame's reviews (2)

This game is absoluty brilliant,you draw your own hero,weapons,items and more...i bougth this game a month ago and i played it traited away as soon as it arrived.at the beginning of the game your woken up by a raposa(the name of the people of the village)then you draw your own hero(the tools are good)and then you come out the house and the mayor explain all about the village and that it is covered with darkness cause of wilfre.after you go in the first portal and do the first platform and you draw some new things and you need to bring 4 templates and 4 raposas to get out of the dungeon.then you go to the mayor and he welcomes the raposas(one of them is the main characters)and puts the page that you collected in the platform into the book of life.then he ask you to go into another dungeons and you do the same thing then he does the same thing again intil you go to the boss of that portal.then when you affronted him, you speak to the mayor, then he opens another portal, then do the same thing again.in total a very very very very very very very good game.hope you find this review very very very helphul.so buy this game cause it's cheap and it's very very very good game.

  A very different game and not just for kids!

| | See all zoecarter0304's reviews (13)

I had my ds last christmas, and i was fortunate to have a bundle of sonic rush adventure and this. My sister, who secretly had the same bundle and revealed all on chrismas day, told me this game was good and different from anything she's played before, this coming from a 24 year old. I wasn't feeling confident, but when i saw the box, i liked how coulorful it looked, but still looked like a game for kids. How wrong i was! 've always been envious of those who could draw, so this allowed me to be creative in that way. For those who are cautious, there are templates of people to copy, but the best way is to just draw something. I couldn't believe how my character turned out. You can name your hero as well, and the best part is you can design three and you can save two seperate games, so that shoud hold off some arguements. The story is you are the creator, and after drawing the world and what's in it, you speak to a rapo and agree to help (selecting no just means the game ends and you have to draw everything again as i found out!). When you are brought to life, you go on adventures and save rapos along the way, but it isn't that simple. You also have to get four parts of a page, otherwise you can't leave the section, something which i found a little frustrating but makes the game interesting. As you collect pages and go through adventures, you get to design modes of transport, weapons and even things you wear to help you progress. Some complain of your hero being 2d, but personally, i think it adds to the charm.
Overall, i loved this game and have played it several times since, and everytime i finish it, i feel sad it's over. If you're a hard core gamer, this won't be for you as it's designed for the casual gamer. Definatly worth a try if you want a game which you're kids will love and you can also love, this coming from a 21 year old!

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| | See all rickyksuperstar's reviews (3)

I thoroughly enjoyed this game! The combination fo traditional platforming and the drawing aspect was both enjoyable and innovative! For this price you really can't complain and some of the reviews in magazines have been really harsh! A must have if u enjoy drawing or are just looking for something different!

  pretty good

| | See all girlgamer1989's reviews (164)

It`s a charming little game. You draw and colour in what you need as you go through the game, but unfortunatly it would`nt be good for young children as the boss levels are very difficult, and it`s hard to figure out what you have to do. It focuses alot on the story line, so there`s alot of reading to do between levels. overall it`s a fairly good game.

  A different dimension to just gaming

| | See all 1974Lass's reviews (6)

Drawn to Life is quite a clever concept - not only do you travel around different worlds collecting items and killing baddies like many other games, but you also get to draw characters and weapons etc along the way.

If you are the creative type, you should find this fun. If you are not, you may find it annoying and see it as just an interruption in gameplay (it's a welcome break in my opinion though).

Granted, it's not as sophisticated as the likes of Zelda (see my other reviews), but worth a punt at the price.

I just wish we had digital colouring in when I was a child - digital pens never run dry!

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  A nice little game

| | See all lizzy86's reviews (91)

I really enjoyed this game. You get to design your own character (I made link with duck legs LOL) You play throw 19 different levels collecting pages from the book of life. You have to draw different things that will help you progress throw the game eg wings, a rocket, clouds, and lots of other things.
You don't even have to be good at drawing because you get templates that will help you and on some of the game the object is already drawn so all you have to do is colour them in.
If you don't link drawing then you won't like this game because there is a lot of drawing in it but I really enjoyed it.

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| | See all PrettyKittyXx's reviews (2)

I bought this game for myself but got bored of it extremely easily. My brother, however, adores it and says after a little while it becomes much more intresting and fun!

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