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High School Musical: Making The Cut

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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| | See all emeraldlights's reviews (6)

I was really excited when i got the game, but after a while it got tiring. It is better as it gets harder,but within 2 weeks, you have finished. Disappointed. It is hard for me to say my opinion on whether to buy it, since it is a really good game, while it lasts.It is quite short.And I would had preffered it to be slightly longer.

I do suppose you can go back and see if the grades you get can be improved on. Or you can go on quickplay, but that gets repeated. Also you can win clothes and change you're look.

Overall - deserves a 3 star ***


| | See all chocolatediva's reviews (5)

The game is extreamly fun and i love it it absolutly rocks so if your a hsm fan it's a must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By sm

  nearly fantastic

| | See all abbie123's reviews (6)

I would recomend it for children between the age of 9 and 15 because it does last for quite along time. You go through loads of stages and you get to dress characters from hsm. You can only dress them up if you pass the level! you can also play multilink.


| | See all fissijo's reviews (2)

This game is painfully addictive, even though the main story game is pretty easy to complete (I did it in the space of two evening easily) it's difficult to perfect. As someone else mentioned, you won't notice the graphics (apart from in the video making rounds) because you have to concentrate heavily on the bottom screen! It's like a dance stage game for your hand(!)
Kids would probably love it (I love it and I'm not quite a kid anymore!), and the shortness of each stage would appeal to a shorter attention span.

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  reminded me of Elite Beat Agents

| | See all SamsTown's reviews (54)

Got this from the library recently for a niece of mine (yes it really was for my niece).

What you get really is Elite Beat Agents without the slick, slightly quirky presentation, character and "classic" tuneage. Its of course replaced by The High School Musical tunes, characters and scenes from the film and unlockables in the form of costumes awarded upon beating songs at certain levels.

The game mechanics are identical to Elite Beat, i.e. tap the circles in time to the tune although what I would say is that the game doesn't have the slickness or style that the above title has.

What is comes down to and this is probably the clincher is do your kids prefer "classics" (Madonna, Black Sabbath) over High School Musical tunes because in choosing between the two the likelihood is you would buy the one with the music that suits your/their tastes.

As a game taken on its own merits it ain't bad, I tend to compare it to EBA though and as such couldn't award it any more than 3 stars - originality isn't the games strong suit and it could have been visually better.

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  Seriously addictive game!!

| | See all devontonka's reviews (26)

This game is so addictive. I could just sit and play it for hours. You get to be all the characters from the movie and all the songs are on it too. You have to tap the circle when it gets to green, trace the patterns, put the ball through the hoop, make music videos and much more. At the end of a level you get a grade and if it's B or more then you can unlock new outfits and locations. Must have game!!!

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  So so

| | See all Flossyfi's reviews (1)

My daughter is 9 and loves HSM. She thinks the game is OK but I feel she will soon get bored. There is effectively only one game to it - hit a spot on the screen in the correct rhythm to the music, whether you are on the dance on music mode. there are just levels to progress through. If you want the music - buy the CD. I wouldn't recommend it.

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  fab oh so fab

| | See all luvrockangel's reviews (1)

i think this it any execlt game for all age over 3 .if some one ask me to pick a best feature i probley couldnt pick a best feature!!!!

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  Shove off,guys!

| | See all JhonnyVincent's reviews (18)

Leave it alone,guys!The other reviews sicken me.They are put there for no other reason than to promote other games.Get lost and stop this shameless act.But now onto the review.This is a great game.It has all the music from the first High School Musical and two bonus songs from it's popular sequel as well.Yes,I admit,it has the same gameplay as Elite Beat Agents and yes,I even admit that the Sing It! version may be better.But why call the graphics?Firstly,this is a kids game!If they love the two High School Musical films,they will not care about the graphics.Secondly,you will be too focused on the touch screen to even look at the graphics.This is a creative game and is very addictive.All these review calling it make no sense!They are just promotions for other games.If you like those games so much,review them and leave this one alone!It doesn't even matter what age you are!If you like the music,who cares?But if I were you,I would wait for the price to go down just a little bit.But it is worth it at this price,if your kids like it,because it will keep them occupied for a very long time.Buy this game and it will not disappoint.JhonnyVincent says buy High School Musical:Making The Cut and ignore these shameless promotions.

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