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Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Older Player Review

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Yeap the 49 year old reviewer is back. I like this sort of game and it follows the same genre of most of the others.

A DS is not an Xbox 360 so don't expect to see that sort of graphics from a little DS screen - Graphics are pretty good for the little DS though.

You advance thru various scenarios mainly on foot to complete an mission objectives. There is a few spells in a helicoptor, etc at the gun but I found these very gratifiying as you blew the enemy away but a tad easy as a level.

Most of the action takes place on foot. Game control is easy. The + move you around and the fire/throw/punch is the top L. Pointing the weapon is done very easy with the stylus. Reloading / pick ups / swapping weapons is done by tapping the item on the screen. Be careful throwin grenades - little devils sometimes throw them back!

One slight niggle was that touching the screen sometimes moved my weapon into sniper scope when I did not want too. Usually at the worst moment!!!!

Took me a month on medium difficulty to complete the game. Pretty sure its one you can come back to.

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  I couldn't believe I was playing a game this good on the DS!

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Sure I read all the reviews of this game, but nothing prepared me for some of the experiences I had playing this. Sure, this stuff has all been done before on home consoles, but when I played some of the missions on this, I couldn't believe I was playing it on the DS. There are the usual on-foot missions where you basically follow a set path through an enemy infested area, picking them off while sneaking round corners. But then you get missions where you are on the back of a truck shooting at helicopters, or in a helicopter shooting at soldiers on the ground. The scope of these levels are vast and they last quite a while. But most importantly they are GREAT fun. The controls are spot on. In all missions you use the stylus to control aiming with the L button to fire. On foot, the D-pad controls movement, and double tapping the screen allows you to look down your rifle or use your scope for better more precise aiming. This is essential for one-hit-kills to the head. Sure, the game doesn't take more than a few hours to complete, but the amount of fun I had playing this was huge, and so I will play it again on a harder setting. You can play any level you complete if you want a quick blast too. The only thing I would have liked (and this is being a little picky) is to be able to play a completed level but with randomly placed terrorists to make it different every time you play. This is something the original Ghost Recon games did which I miss. But basically, if you have a DS and you love shooters, you simply MUST buy this.

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Having played this game on the XBOX 360 i thought this game was awesome, well i was very dissappointed when i came to play it on the DS. Graphics aint great, controls take some getting used too and the actual game takes about 2 hrs to complete. So all in all would not recommend this game on the DS. But GREAT on the 360.

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  well done activision best shoot em up on ds so far....!!!

| | See all LeWiS1's reviews (6)

well....this is just a great game i can not explain it, i have cod1:finest hour,cod2:big red one and cod 3....all on ps2 and they are all great game's but this one cod 4:modern warfare this is just a unbelievable game everthing about it is great i think it is a must buy... cod rulez......!!!BUY NOW

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| | See all steelstel's reviews (6)

This is by far the best shooter on the DS by miles, its even better than brothers in arms, and thats saying a lot. The graphics are awesome, very detailed with plenty of nice little touches, so is the sound, with good effects and a great score. You cant fault the controls, the only thing lacking is theres no online multiplayer for it, however the game supports multi and single cart play. Get this, you wont be disappointed!

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