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Operation: Vietnam

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  retro style shooter at a crazy price

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Blimey, £7.99 at time of writing!

Dont be put off by the wonky box art - This is a top down shooter thats kinda similar to cannon fodder/ikari warriors. You wander through a 3D jungle with your buddies who each have different strengths. One has a fast machine gun, another is a sniper (can spot mines), the bazooka guy is great fun (explode enemies) and the medic fella is best at healing. You also get grenades and airstrike attacks (like smart bombs).

Controls take a little getting used to, the guns have an autoaim rather than direction lock, so you have to tackle enemies with some tactical care rather than racing in all guns blazing.

I thought the 1st level was a but dull (trains you on controls I guess), but things pick up from there on. Level 2 sees you getting all your squad together for a big fight at the end, and level 3 packs features lots of airstrikes/a big river/villages/mortar attacks and the 1st end of level boss!!! (no this is not a realistic historical game). I think there are 10 main levels and 11 extras to unlock.

The enemies start off pretty dumb, but gear up as the game progresses. Later you encounter enemy tanks, flame turrets, spawn bunkers and pigs! yes you can explode pigs and cows and chickens (herd chickens into fires for a surprise ;) - AWESOME

The dialogue between teammates although cheesey at times often riffs off jungley movies like PREDATOR and APOCALYPSE NOW, and doesnt take itself too seriously.

The touch screen controls are just for squad commands (like stop and follow), and are easily handled using big thumbs - although you dont need to order them that much, this is an arcade shooter not an rts.

Bonus levels get unlocked if you get a good rating on a normal mission. These bonus ones are quite puzzley and different to the campaign, some are super insane hard challenges and some are just silly fun (the pacman level for example). With all the bonus levels i think its 21 in total.

Here are some pro points:
Varied levels (get very big later too).
Classic arcade shooting fun, lots to blow up.
Big end of level bosses!
Nice animal details like snakes and parrots in the jungle.
Puzzley bonus levels.
Good jungly themed tunes (reminds me of predator)

Here are some minor cons that stop this getting 5 stars:
The first level is a bit uneventful.
No multiplayer is a shame.
Menus seem a bit basic.
Some of the later levels are quite hardcore and dont have mid level save points, so you need to pace yourself.

All in all a good fun old skool shooter!

  Older Player Review - Good value

| | See all SupeRDelbert's reviews (12)

Its that 49 year old gamer again!!

Presently on sale for £15 which is good value.

You control one of 4 little soldiers - each has different weapons. Machine gun, sniper, bazooka! You select between them for wot you need to fight the battles to get the desired result. At the same time you issue orders to the others - Wait, follow, etc.

Game is clever with simple to use controls although it is too easy to throw grenades in the wrong direction and tap the wrong button.

My one slight gripe is that if you all die at a certain stage then that mission/level that you are on restarts from the very beginning again. It would be nice to be able to save just before that "tricky" bit - if you see wot I mean. Thats why I gave it 4 stars.

The blurb does say that its realistic war - Hmm!! I did find that you can run at the enemy and fire at them and then dodge the return fire as it slowly comes at you.

It does say that there are cheats to unlock when the game is completed - I need them now!!!

Well worth the money for this little war puzzler though!

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