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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (30 reviews)"

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  difinatly worth buying!! very adictive

| | See all peanut1985's reviews (2)

I saw my boyfriend playing on a final fantasy on the ps2 and his addictid to it, so ithought d try the game especilally as it was only £9.99. It was def worth buying and its very addictive, i cant put it down.

  Good, not Great

| | See all phildeaton's reviews (3)

I am a massive fan of the final fantasy series of games but this game was not up to the standard of some of its predecessors, it was quite difficult to get into and a lot of the gameplay seemed repetitive.

I still enjoyed the game and would recommend it if you were a FF fan, otherwise its probably not for you.

  Great game

| | See all caviesrcute's reviews (1)

Basically, the story rocks, it was hard to get into to start with but you'll love it once you dfo, worth buying, i love pokemon games and final fantasy 10, i hated final fantasy twelve (ps2) but still loved this buy it, now!!!

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  Could of done better

| | See all happypoo's reviews (1)

Hmmmm they could have done a lot better this game is poor
:( the gameplay is hard to use and it is to slow but for the price it ant that bad

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  i think this game is amazingly awesome!!!

| | See all adam666's reviews (46)

how people can slate this game i don't know. its a brilliant game, i enjoyed it all the way through even though im only on 80% the graphics arent amazing but still look good, the gameplay is differant and new to final fantasy which is not only a great change of pace but not too differant. my girlfriend also loves this game and is better at it than me lol i am stuck atm and its frustrating the hell out of me but thats the sign of a good game, it isnt easy it challeneges you every step of the way which i think is good.
i could play this game for hours and hours and the side missions add an extra delight to this game. one of the best games out there for the DS. i emplore you to buy it and discover how great this game is. its a gem that must be played for FF fanatics and non-FF fanatics alike.

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  Great Game, Great Price

| | See all Rainman1664's reviews (1)

I am only a quarter of the way through this game but wanted to write a review to say how much I am enjoying playing it.

The last time I picked up a FF title was back in the days of the PS1, so I was concerned that I would be a little out of touch, but for brilliant price of £9.99 I wasn't going to be out of pocket too much if I didn't get on with it. I needn't have worried though as I picked up the story line straight away and have found the control with the stylus to be flawless and neat. Having read some of the other reviews prior to purchase I was aware that the battle sequences are different from other FF titles. Having not played an FF game for a long time this hasn't been an issue as I was effectively starting from scratch. I found the battle sequences worked well for me with the main decisions being made before going into battle and then the odd adjustment during the fight....maybe I'm just a lazy fighter!

In all an enjoyable and addictive game and for the price you really can't go wrong. Right I'm off to take Vann and his cohorts on another mission......

  A solid Title for the DS

| | See all Split212's reviews (5)

Where to start....well...first off this game is not like any other of the FF seires and adds really solid gameplay that is surprisingly fun.

The game can start off a little wierd as you keep getting a little confused with whats what, but trust me after 2-3 hours you cant put it down, its so fun.

This game at this price is amazing and it would be a sin not to buy it! its great to pick up and play and have some fun with a great storyline and some solid gameplay!



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  A must for Final Fantasy fans, others, not so much

| | See all TheLoneDunman's reviews (1)

First of all, don't expect this to be too much of a challenge, it is quite easy to just wizz through the game with hardly any problems. Secondly, if your looking for strategy the only strategy you will use is swarm one after another.
In all honesty, this game dissapointed me but it did keep me entertained on the train home etc.
All in all though if you enjoy Final Fantasy, you should enjoy this, even if it's just for the references to FF12.
The best point (why i originally bought it), play.com sells it at £9.99 occasionally, great deal.

  Let's cut Square enix some slack here Ok?

| | See all Chrissy0jay's reviews (40)

Ok, I am ashamed to admit it, I am an adamant FF fanatic and only got this once it was cheap due to lack of cash...I wish I hadn't.

The game, as you may have already surmised, is a direct sequel to the Ps2's FFXII, continuing the tale of Vaan and friends, who are now fully fledged sky pirates with their own ship. After a short introductory chapter in Rabanastre that teaches you the ropes of the game, you are whisked off to explore the floating world of Le'mures, broken up into 5 or 6 continents. So, let's attack this one by one...

Gameplay is an RTS STRATEGY, which you would know if you took the time to read the blurb or other reviews. Essentially your army and the opposition army both move and attack in 'real time' (not turn based!!!). You look upon the battlefield in a pseudo 3-D isometric view (similar to that of FF tactics) and must guide your army to victory against the enemies in a variety of conditions. Mission objectives are varied and range from saving hostages to eliminating all enemies, to navigating trap filled temples, or preventing destruction of an important crystal. Each of the important party members (Vaan, Penelo etc) is a group 'leader', who can themselves be guided to attack, heal, and capture important enemy summoning gates. Each leader can summon a small group of 'espers' that are theirs to command, and the stylus control works beautifully to enable you full and responsive control of all groups. You pan the battlefield with your D-Pad, and everything else is done with the stylus and allows for skillful and competent play...this game is one example of the stylus put to brilliant use.
Units are subdivided into melee, flying, and ranged classes, with a weapon triangle similar to fire emblem created (melee good against ranged, ranged against flying etc). On top of this, elemental weaknesses allow you to take further advantage (or vice versa, the AI is extremely intelligent!) Party leaders level up with successful victories, and can be outfitted with new equipment and skills as they gain experience.

The game is a definate long laster (true to FF's name), and contains about 90 missions, many of them optional sidequests to flesh out the story and your character's experience. The game weighs in at about 20-25 hours for an initial completion, partly owing to the difficulty of the game. This game is HARD...Enemy units relentlessly summon espers, and defend their summoning gates with their lives, sometimes venturing forth small armies to take yours and push you into a little corner that will become your grave. That said, there is no need for level grinding, and a good strategist will be comfortable with the level of difficulty.

Finally, and of some importance, is the presentation, where Square enix have outdone themselves. The graphics in game are gorgeous rendered environments in the same sort of watercolour style as FF12 (and in my opinion even more impressive!) The music and sounds are lovingly recreated on the DS speakers, and those who hear the Dalmascan estersand theme booming out of the DS for the first time will be gobsmacked. It may lack "ring of fates" fully 3D presentation, but it makes up for that with exquisite battlefield design and incredible cutscenes that trump any of the Ps1's FF's.

So, the question you ask is, what if I didn't play FF12? I answer truthfully, that it had a pretty bad storyline if there was one, so I advise you to quickly read up on it and if you are a strategy fan, grab a copy of this game (it has a deep story, a definite improvement over FF12!)

Overall, Square Enix have managed to create a sequel to FF12 that is challenging, beautiful, and squeezes in even more charm that it's predecessor.

Pure DS Gold, this one

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  Great Game

| | See all Griff835's reviews (4)

Great looking gaming and typical Square Enix attention to detail. £9.99 is a steal and there ar hours of gameplay. I had not played a FF game for a few years (being first introduced to FFVII on the PS in 1998) and its lost none of its magic and addictiveness. The change from turn based combat is OK although sometime in a real dust up its difficult to highlight the party member to rez! but apart from that great animation and cut scenes and a must buy for all FF fans