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Advance Wars: Dark Conflict

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Get It!

| | See all Tomlinson87's reviews (3)

Fantastic game! The strategy is so deep, and it looks so slick, you can create new units and the new dark look is cool, plays as good as Dual Strike, and looks even slicker.
Beware though: it is immensely addictive! It's like carrying war around in your pocket! :)

  Brilliant strategy game

| | See all KeepersJon's reviews (2)

First got into advance wars on the GBA and was interested to see the amendments for the DS. Game plays virtually the same as the GBA version although you can control with the stylus, which is good, "if it aint broke....".

Really addictive strategy game where you deploy infantry, tanks, ships, subs, planes, helicopters to defeat your foe in a variety of terrains, plot runs throughout the game of defeating the ultimate baddie, who is trying to crush mankind after a meteoer strike has decimated humanity. Great that you can return to any level to try to improve your "grading", and a hugely addictive game. Get it!

  Simply the Best

| | See all Hope2Cmore's reviews (1)

I got this game for my son sometime ago but it is me keep going back to this top game to play more! WARNING: very addictive

  Well worth the money

| | See all grayskunk's reviews (9)

This is an excellent turn based strategy war game, it has a storyline running through it to give some kind of direction and reason for each battle (The story left me cold but some people will enjoy it I am sure).

Once you get to the more challenging levels and as aresult have a wider choice of vehicles the game comes into its own, you really have to think about what units you produce and how they will fit into the battle.

The graphics are neat and tidy and do the job well as does the sound with the usual gunfire and explosions you would expect to find in this type of game.

The gameplay is excellent and rewarding and once you get the first few really easy levels out the way the game gets nicely challenging. All in all a really high quality game and well worth the money in terms of enjoyment and also longevity, buy it!!

  A Decent Game for the DS

| | See all tomahawk13's reviews (18)

I liked this game, it's fun, addictive, funny ( apart from the bad jokes from one of the characters) and it's strategic. The only reason i gave this one a 4 star is because there isn't much help when your in trouble, the leveling up is a nice addition aswell.

  Best RTS out on the DS

| | See all Jazybp's reviews (12)

This game is brilliant, both multiplayer and the single player campaign due to the highly addictive game play.

With varied units, this turn based game requires you to use a certain degree of tactical skill, especially if you are playing against people all over the world.

The story line is a dramatic and dark one, with an apocalyptic outcome which is similar to what we think the dinosaurs ended up being wiped out!

All in all, if you like strategy simulation games, this is a definite title you should add to your collection!


| | See all cloudcover's reviews (3)

Dark Conflict moves away from the often far too cute story line of the previous games. It is war after all. Control and game mechanics remain mostly the same with some tweaks. The single player game features tutorials to take newbs through the learning curve. Its an enjoyable campaign and also unlocks COs for use on line or in one off games.

The units function as before, gone are the Neo Tanks but air craft carriers that can build planes are added along with bikes that act like fast infantry. That means they can capture buildings, but move slowly off road. APCs are now able to build temporary airports/docks which can facilitate repairs but are unable to build new units. These new units allow for some interesting new tactics.

Perhaps the biggest change is in the COs. Gone are the often too devastating dual strikes of the previous DS game and CO bonuses potentially giving ALL your units more powerful attacks/defence. Instead your CO is added to a unit (like a tank or plane) and adds certain bonuses to near by units. This change makes for a more tactical game, forcing you to carefully place your CO for maximum effect. It also means both sides are far more balanced so you have to out think your opponent rather than just come up with a the best CO powers and dual strike.

On the plus side it means you don't have to sit and watch as your whole army gets eaten by a dual strike. On the other hand I did quite enjoy the scheming that went on to get a proper brutal dual strike in but I think this is more satisfying.

The graphics are no better than before, though a zoom feature is included which I find of no use at all. Still it doesnt detract from the game.

A great addition to the series, go buy it.

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  Very Addictive

| | See all SJG1983's reviews (41)

First had a go on this game on the weekend and I couldn't put it down. Its is a very nice and addictive turn base strategy game for the DS if you have long train/bus journeys to work this maybe ideal or if you going on holidays would be good to pass the time while laying on the beach as you do get totally immersed in the game.

The graphics aren't the best but hey it's a Nintendo DS not a PS3.

It has a little story running thorough it as well which is nice.

You can also play on Nintendo wifi with this game that's also a bonus

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| | See all BiggMan's reviews (6)

Another stab at the advanced wars franchise,i loved the previous ones so much i went and bought a new DS just for this game!!!
graphics are ok.
but in this game its not so important,
still adictive,but you cant choose COs as in the previous games which is a shame(or if you can i havent woked out to do it)
Also you only build you CO power if he/she is in one of your vehicles (easy to forget,in the heat of battle)
Has a lot of sideline missions which i think would have been bettter to incorporate into the main game.
last levels are quite hard too.
all in all a decent game,but not as good as the previous ones

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  Yes it's even better then the excellent Dual Strike!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

Advance Wars: Dark Conflict is like Command And Conquer with Chess mixed together. You have your troops, tanks, aeroplanes, battleships, helicopters and factorys for building more units. Altogether there are 26 different types of troops and transport you can build. When I say it is a bit like Chess it is because you have to take it in turns at moving your army. To begin with I found the game easy but as you progress you really do have to think about each move you make in order to win. Alongside Zelda and Mario Kart this is My next favourite DS game so far it's that good.

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