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Professor Kageyama's Maths Training

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Professor Kageyama's Maths Training

| | See all KingRat2007's reviews (5)

EXCELLENT!! Now my maths are exceptionally good, and anyone who says this game is too easy are only playing the first 3/4 stages. I defy anyone who can reach stage 5 onwards and say that the maths are not hard enough. It's all basic maths, Adding, subtracting, multiplication and division. BUT, play against the clock and you can make the silliest of mistakes...

A truly great mind boggling puzzle :-)

  Brilliant for kids

| | See all mathsuccess's reviews (1)

As a maths tutor I've been recommending it to all my younger students. Exam success is vital these days and speed of the essence. If you can calculate fast then you increase your thinking time for maths concepts and this is a key to success. So yes, it is a little tedious if you are good at maths, and yes number recognition for 4 and 8 can be tricky, but if it gets kids making basic maths techniques second nature it's brilliant...and practice in this case certainly makes faster and more accurate if not perfect. Dropped the star only for the recognition flaws which badly affects your time...perhaps they could freeze the time if you need to go back to re-enter in the next version?

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  Brilliant way to brush up on your maths

| | See all PastyHelen's reviews (1)

If you are anything like me, you will find this game a great way to boost your confidence with basic maths.

I am postgrad educated BUT maths has always been my weak spot and I have always been under confident especially doing calculations in my head. This game starts off VERY basic such as 2+2 and flash cards with a certain number of symbols on that you have to count etc.. but gets your brain working and does get harder and harder as you go through the exercises. No its not degree level or even A level standard, more akin to basic GCSE arithmetic but if you practice a little every day like me you get better and better and soon when someone says "What's 8 9's again?" or " What's this add this?" you will be the one to answer them.

The game consists of daily tests which after several days of play change to a harder level. You can then either have a go on the hundred cell calculation method which is great for getting your brain working on simple calculations or work your way through the exercises which go from simple times table practice to long division and multiplying large numbers.

A must for under confident people who need a refresh, but not suited for people who are already great with maths as it will be too easy.

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  Love playing this

| | See all Abbafan1972's reviews (20)

I really like this game. It does start off easy. But you move up a level after 5 days, so it does get harder. Lots of practice excercises and I like the 100 cell calculation as well. I agree though with one of the previous reviews about the handwriting recognition. With me it has a problem recognising the number 14. When this happens obviously it affects your score. It's good for adults and also for kids to learn their times tables. Have dropped one star because of the handwriting recognition, but overall a good game and would recommend.

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| | See all girlgamer1989's reviews (164)

I hated this game, too easy and the music is sooo annoying. I played it for about 15 minutes before I decided to trade it in. If you want to practice your maths skills your`d be much better off with (more) brain training

  disappointment :(

| | See all fiestafanatic's reviews (3)

not what i expected at all. Its just too easy. definately for the children. i expected it to be challenging like the brain training but its the complete opposite. plus it doesnt quite pick up the numbers i write in, which can be irritating.

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  Pretty Good

| | See all nurfherder's reviews (8)

This title does what it claims to, my only niggle is that the handwriting recognition isnt as good as some other titles, but its not annoying enough to stop you wanting to carry on training

  Not quite up to scratch

| | See all amyloves's reviews (1)

Having really enjoyed brain training; i thought this would be a bit more of the same. However the format and layout of it was very disappointing and the games pretty boring to be honest. It was ok and the puzzles fine but overall not too great.

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  Not bad

| | See all GemF2007's reviews (38)

This game is ok. It works your maths knowledge and helps you improve by moving you up a level every 4 days or so. However, I have found it very simialr to brain training. Although there are more exercises on it, and most (if not all) are unlocked when you first start, some are bit a repitive.

However the 100 cell maths problems are very good and definitely test your maths and speed! Overall I like it and play it most days!

  Very good. Worth Buying.

| | See all happyjo's reviews (8)

You start off on level 1 which is easy and then it increased your levels as you play each day.
They also 10 levels of practice, where they is a timer to beat. They lots of different math activities like, flash cards, sentence sums, time tables, etc...
It good for all the family. My son is learning his eight times table from this game.

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