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The World Ends With You

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Very enjoyable

| | See all GiantRobots's reviews (1)

This game has it's ups and downs but is overall simply very fun.
The battle system is quite difficult as you try to control two characters at once, but this can be changed within the settings, and the main screen fighting system is very original and satisfying.
You may end up having to go back and go through some boring conversation here and there, but it does mainly contribute to a great story.
The music and artwork in the game are absolutely fantastic. It just has a lot of style!

  Buy this game

| | See all esmuybien's reviews (1)

In my opinion, the 2nd best game on the DS, behind Chrono Trigger. It has a brilliant art style, great control system, compelling storyline and some of the most catchy songs I have ever heard in a game. A steal at 15 quid.

  Must Buy

| | See all Hadina's reviews (2)

a excellent game, nothing to complain about. even after you complete the main story there's lots more to do.

  Not for me

| | See all hannahkay's reviews (13)

Upon reading the numerous five star reviews for this game, i searched and searched until i found a copy and rushed home to play it. However, after playing it for several hours over several days, i finally decided this game wasnt going anywhere.
The graphics are brilliant, and the two screen system is utilized brilliantly, making this game a visual gem.
This is the only thing that makes the cut scenes tolerable for me, they go on for too long, and are comprised of 2 - 4 characters having a very boring conversation. This happens quite often.
The fighting system is a let down, it just isnt satisfying to win a fight, and it feels unnecessarily over complicated.
The game play seemed exciting at first, and completing the first couple of tasks was fairly enjoyable, but after several 'days' task i just felt the only thing i was playing for was the storyline.
Storyline-wise i was enjoying this game, but in the end it just didnt keep me entertained long enough for me to care what happens next.
I wouldn't say don't try this game, i would just say tread carefully, as i thought this was going to be the best game i would play this year, and i was disappointed.

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  Fantastic game

| | See all vinklemesser's reviews (11)

What an absolute gem. Great story, great battle system and one of the best games of the year. Its a shame that despite glowing reviews, this hasn't sold as well as it should have. People need to put down the first person shooters and pick up a game with a bit of intelligence for a change.

  Fantastic game

| | See all Wedjwants's reviews (11)

What an absolute gem. Great story, great battle system and one of the best games of the year. Its a shame that despite glowing reviews, this hasn't sold as well as it should have. People need to put down the first person shooters and pick up a game with a bit of intelligence for a change.


| | See all Andre06's reviews (2)

This is probably one of the best games on the ds.. Its a pity its so underated.... I came across it by sheer chance and thought i'd try it.... Its the best investment iv made for a long time.
I will say it takes alot of getting used to with the 2 battle screens..loads of different things to do to keep you busy..you cant go wrong.hours and hours of fun!!

  Not for everyone, but insanely addictive if you get into it

| | See all MrPerson's reviews (8)

This is a hard game to cope with, mainly because of a battle system that, until you get used to it, may feel too complicated for its own good. Indeed, a lot of people might give up on it after having their ass kicked a few times.
It's worth sticking with, though. Having to focus on both screens at once is hard at first, but once certain hit-avoiding moves become second nature, you'll find yourself enjoying it a lot. That, and the game lets you take it at your own pace. You can set the difficulty up or down literally at any point in the game where you can access the menu screen, and once you get to a certain point in the game, you even get the option to straight-up replay a fight you just lost on the Easy difficulty.
Sticking with the battle system has its rewards, though, beyond the fact that the battle system is simply fun. The harder the difficulty and the higher the risks you take, the better your rewards will be. There's also a LOT to explore, should you desire it: There's a fashion system that gives you stat bonuses or detriments depending on what's popular, but which you can affect by simply using the brands you like: If your favorite clothes or pins are of a certain brand, you can work to make them popular all over the game world, and thus get stat bonuses. There's a ton of stuff to collect, a long postgame, and an engaging story in an original setting to top it all off.

To summarize: TWEWY is possibly the best JRPG on the Nintendo DS, and one of the best JRPGs released overall. Geddit!

  A Fantasticly Awesome Game

| | See all JoeyTT's reviews (1)

Well I have been impressed with Square Enix's Final fantasy series and with this game.....I still am!

It's called an RPG, but its not what people might think. The game has very impressive art and I loved following the story line (makes a change from usually skipping video sequences and the like) It has many twists and turns that you cannot see coming and gives you alot of those 'ooooh so thats why' moments.

I loved the battle system, 'pins' (or you attacks) need to activated via the touch screen. Slashing or pressing at an empty, even shouting or blowing into the mic! And the dual battle system makes fights more intense and gives you something extra to deal with. Plus once youve completed the game theres extra things to do!

Well there aren't any down sides really to this game, the only thing i could possible say would be; because of the amount of pins there are and the ways of activating them, its a little confusing at the very start but you soon pick up what to do, and can pull of winning combinations by mixing different pins around

Oh one more thing, if you are going to play this game.....make sure theres a charger with you, as i can (most probably) asure you that you will on it for a long while, its addictive