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Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

Rating: U (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Germany has declared war on the Jones boys!

| | See all ESBlofeld's reviews (18)

One of the best games on the Nintendo DS. Play any character from the 3 originals movies such as Short Round, Salaah and Prof Henry Jones Snr. Do not compare to larger console versions. A must buy!

  You too can be Indy!

| | See all Singwhenyoubuy's reviews (11)

Love this game,I have the Lego Batman too which is also great.
You can use the mic to blow out lamps,play as all the film characters and of course use the famous whip to full effect.
Like Batman,you may need to revisit the same level more than once to find everything but this makes the game last longer and more interesting.
For under a tenner it is a mustbuy.
A great,fun game & roll on Lego Indy 2!

  It's ok.....

| | See all Iamcos's reviews (2)

I've played lego star wars and lego batman, and found this new lego outing not to be on the same level. The game is good fun, but if you've played the other two lego games you might be a little disappointed.

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  Leo does it again!

| | See all zoecarter0304's reviews (13)

I've always like the films, so when i saw an ad for this, i pre-ordered it straight away. There's plenty of humour and fun to be had, but it does get a little repetative, especially if you can't find a statue and have to look in the same level about 50 times. What i did like was how many characters and specail moves that can be unlocked, and i can understand why it won so many awards. It's a great introduction to those who've never seen the films and to younger players, but like many, wish the new film was included (maybe a sequal in the pipeline?) A good game and not surprised it's won loads of awards.

  This game unites generations

| | See all Gordibhoy's reviews (1)

I read a review which suggested this game was not great for adults. Wrong! I'm 52 and have a 4 year old son who was entranced by his ds and he and I have had a great time exploring different levels. He doesn't understand the tongue-in-cheek humour (not having seen an IJ film until recently) but he has learned a great deal from working his way thru the game with me. Like anything else, he's moved on to other games without finding all the artefacts, but this was a great starter for him and a good re-introduction for me to gameworld. I'm hooked again. This game has been criticised for the fact that the character never "dies", but for me in teaching my son I feel that we have both benefitted. Graphics are not the best but in every other way it kicks serious *ss. I go after the artefacts from time-to-time when the wean is abed, and as someone who remembers "paddle-battle" in the 70's I would say this is a game for dads who want to recapture the child in them!

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  I love this game

| | See all girlgamer1989's reviews (164)

I got this yesterday and I`m really enjoying it; you can play as different characters, and there`ve all got their own special skill so you have to swich between them during levels in order to figure out puzzles and access different areas; plus you fight baddies and do driving and rafting n that. the graphics for this are well good; the clips look really good and you don`t have to do much reading. It's lightly easy and does get a little repetative after a while, so probably not for serious gamers.
overall brill game.

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  At first......

| | See all punxUK's reviews (17)

it's good and interesting especially as i haven't experienced these Lego games before but it is the same thing for each level. Good for children not so much adults.

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  best game for ds

| | See all cheapDVDs4U's reviews (10)

this is a brilliant game i first played on it on my friends ds all the missions are filled with unforgetable action buy it and you wont regret it.

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  A Bit Repetetitive

| | See all mummymaz's reviews (5)

This game is good when you begin, but after about half an hour I found every level to be the same. Its not very challenging, and I completed it over the course of a couple of days. If you're looking for a non challenging easy ride, then this is the game for you, but if your a serious gamer, stay away

  Top Game!!

| | See all Littlebrew's reviews (2)

Brill Game, having played Lego Starwars on the X-Box 360 and also on the DS this was a muct buy for me, roll on october for Lego Batman!!!!

Love the use of the Mic to blow out fires and the use of the touchpad that didnt feature as much in star wars! hope they use it more in Batman!