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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (5 reviews)"

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  Sonic's rpg is great but, there are better ones for the ds!

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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood may look like a kids game with it's cartoon graphics but, trust me this is fairly hard and deep game for any gamer. For people that have played many Sonic games over the years there are lots of cool references and some surprises which will put a smile on your face. The touch screen controls work well and the battle system is well thought out. Most if not all the Sonic characters over the years come into the story some where along the line. The only problem I have with this game is that the three other rpgs that I own on the ds are better which are as follows: Chrono Trigger, The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Mario And Luigi: Partners In Time. So unless you are mega big Sonic fan and just want a rpg for your ds then I recommend those games more, yet this is still a very good game in it's own right.

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  Great game, very few little problems!

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Sonic's rating has been going down and down because he's been put in so many rubbish games, so when i seen this game i thought 'oh no, another dodgy game with Sonic's face slapped on it' but to my suprise...this game is amazing. Its Final Fantasy meets Sonic the Hedgehog and it works very well. Everything is done on the touchscreen so it has a 'Zelda: The Phantom hourglass' feel to it. Battles are ace with you having to perform actions on the touchscreen to perform special moves, but there is an odd repetitive battle. Story is ace and there is no dodgy voice acting in it. Hopefully Bioware will make a sequel as the ending of the game can lead to one!!! And finally i recommend this game to anyone who likes Sonic the Hedgehog and RPG games!!!

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  Storyline is Better than Game

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

I know what you're thinking. Sonic is finished there is no way this game is going to be any good. Well actually Sonic Chronicles is really good. The game produces a good storyline, no voice acting, solid gameplay and plenty to do. Plus for the first time in this current generation it actually follows the Sonic canon storyline.
Before I give Sonic Chronicles too much of an ego let me mention some of the problems.
1. It's cartoon style graphics mostly thanks to the DS limitations which gives the image of a kids game.
2. Everything is touch screen controlled including the battle screens, which all DS RPGS seem to have by law.
3. In keeping with the DS gimmicks you need to perform Elite Beat Agents style touch screen tapping to perform every special move which if you perform wrong fails.
4. The pursuit scenes are a waste of time as nothing really happens.
5. Battles after a while become repetitive.
It seems that Bioware are better at making the actual story than the actual game, not to say it's bad it's just really average. But it doesn't leave much hope for Sonic Unleashed though. If Bioware can perform a better job on the storyline than Sonic Team then I doubt Sonic will see 2009.

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  Sonic's Back

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Sonic the Hedgehog, whilst being one of the all time great video gaming characters has unfortunately been cast recently in sub-par games that are nothing to do with the Sonic World.
Luckily this game does not do that, for anybody who was a fan of the old 2D sidescrollers like i was back in the day, you will enjoy the great refrences to the old storylines.
With Bioware along side in this game creating the RPG style, the game flows well enough to enjoy it alot!
The game is still somewhat rough around the edges and could do with a bit of work, but for any true Sonic fan who isnt too against the RPG format then its 100% worth the money...

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  Nice game

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Not far into this game atm, really enjoying it tho. its like final fantasy in a way but i love these kind of games, holds my attention and is really enjoyable.

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