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My Health Coach: Manage Your Weight (includes FREE Pedometer)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Doesn't work if you are actually overweight!

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I know quite a bit about fitness, but depsite this I am still quite a bit overweight. I was looking for a product to help me stay motivated and I thought aiming for a healthy balance would be a good way to do this. Unfortunately, this game cannot cope with even this little task, a task it was originally designed to do. As I mentioned before, I am quite a bit overweight and have already worked out my basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories I burn on an average day at rest) to be around 2,300. I aim for around 1,600 calories a day which is the recommended amount for weight loss. So please can someone tell me why this game recommends I eat 3,500 calories a day? If I enter any exercise, the game gives me another couple of hundred calories to eat before I can attain a healthy balance meaning some days, this game which claims to be developed in liason with fitness professionals and dieticians recommends I eat over FOUR THOUSAND CALORIES A DAY which is twice that of the recommended amount. Also, I do not enjoy walking and prefer to get my exercise in other ways. The game does not work without the pedometer, and you cannot change the goal that says you should walk a certain number of steps. So if you do decide to take exercise in another manner, you will never get recognition for your hard work.

All in all, this game is a complete waste of time if you are overweight. And for a game with the phrase "manage your weight" in the title, this seems a little redundant. There is a very good website out there which will do all of this for free and it is much much better. Don't waste your money.

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  Great weight loss tool

| | See all randomhil's reviews (1)

I found this very motivating, it sets you a target number of steps to walk with your pedometer each day (you can input by hand if your original pedometer which plugs into advance slot breaks), and a number of calories to eat, an amount of exercise to do, and challenges to do. It is happy with you eating a couple of hundred calories less or more than the target and will tell you that you are in balance. The food inputting can be tricky because it is quite general, for example the only option for inputting that you ate a packet of crisps is for crisps with 300 calories in them, so not always accurate. I find I have to miss out inputting certain foods I ate and give myself too many calories on other foods. The pedometer is also very big and unsubtle but works well. If they were to update it, they should let you input the exact calories and food types yourself, and they should make a smaller pedometer. Apart from that a great idea. Can only store 1 person's stats at a time, if you buy it second hand you can delete the previous stats and start over.

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  Requires Willpower!

| | See all Egor74's reviews (4)

This is NOT a game, it is more a motivational tool to help adults who want to lead a new healthier lifestyle. The Pedometer is helpful as it encourages you to think about how active you are being each day and the coaching and tips gained from My Health Coach help you to think more positively about health and well-being. The challenges are fun and this product has a lot to offer someone who is serious about maintaining their health, however, it can not do all the hard work and does require comitment from the user in order to work. I find it really useful, but it does require willpower.

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  The only DS game to insist you step away from the console!

| | See all Narni100's reviews (16)

What is 'My Health Coach'?

Basically, 'My Health Coach' is a tool to help teenagers and adults manage their weight and daily lifestyles. Thus, although it does include game-style quizzes, it in itself is NOT a game.

What does it involve?

MHC helps you to think about changing your lifestyle to a more healthier one by four different methods. Firstly, it monitors the number of steps you walk each day, for which you get a nifty little pedometer that can slot into your DS after a day's walking and calculate your steps.

Secondly, it looks at your food consumption - there are two ways to do this: quickly and detailed. The quick version allows you to determine whether you've had heavy, balanced or light meals throughout the day and gives you
an estimated calorific value for the day. However, as you can imagine, this is not very accurate, which is where the detailed version is helpful. In the detailed version, you can actually select the foods and type of foods you have eaten that day, along with how many actual portions of the food you have consumed. This gives a more accurate estimate of the food you have eaten.

It also checks how much physical activity (besides the pedometor) you have undertaken throughout the day and asks you to record how long you have spent doing physical activities, and what types of physical activity you have done that day.

From the above information, it then calculates your 'Food Balance.' This is represented as a scale, which shows whether you have eaten enough food and done enough physical activity to keep a healthy balance for that day.

MHC also offers 'coaching sessions' on areas of health such as 'Getting more exercise' and 'Eating Healthily' etc.

Where's the fun in that?

Actually, it is surprisingly fun. There are lots of little quirks that make this game interactive. For example, the 'food consumption' section actually makes the 'Player' feed their daily food intake (including accurate portions) to their animated Health Coach via the stylus.

Moreover, MHC features quizzes in the coaching session that determine how healthy you are and give you ratings based on your answers. For example, in the 'Steps to Health' coaching session, which is about walking and moving about more often, the ratings are a) stationary object, b) centipede c) escalator

Of course, there is also the usual mini-games, which are based around your
knowlege of health, food and basic human structure. These allow you to unlock new content within MHC.

Also, there are daily challenges to complete, but none are mandatory, so you get a choice of which ones you want to undertake per day. Challenges fit into four categories: Minute challenges, in which you are given easy tasks
that can be completed in a matter of minutes, 24-hour challenges (usually, but not always physical in nature) that must be completed by the end of the day. For example, "Put your TV remote away and change the channel yourself every time", then there are 'surprise' challenges, and challenges based on your coaching sessions.

When you complete a challenge, you gain a participation stamp and can unlock new content. You can choose up to six challenges each day, but must do at least one per day to proceed to the next stage of MHC.

Okay, but what's the point of all these things?

Well, apart from achieving a healthier you, the goal of all these things is 'milestones' and 'distance'.When you first start MHC, you will be asked to give the following information: Gender, Age, Height and Weight. The DS will then calculate your individual weight management plan.You are also given daily objectives that must be fulfilled to progress.

It won't be to everyone's tastes, but I like it!

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  too americanised for UK market

| | See all rosemist's reviews (1)

Not at all impressed. I had high hopes for this. Most of the content is more USA based. Would have thought for the UK market the makers would have researched better.. Most of the food balance part is very USA foods. some challenges are unrealistic for UK. Some I don't even understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO not waste yr money!

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  Just traded it in

| | See all Greenfae's reviews (1)

Don't bother. Seriously.

Keeping track of your steps is the only think this is very good at, and you can do that with a 5 quid pedometer and some paper. It says it keeps track of your food but only if you can find something in its list of things that comes even somewhere close to what you have eaten.
Seriously, paper and a pen, much better at helping you to get healthy

  B O R I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all scoobydo's reviews (5)

I must admit I am finding this diffiercult to like !! I have the Wiii Fit say no more !!

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  Really useful tool

| | See all LabTech's reviews (2)

As someone who just needs a little extra motivation to get fitter and healthier, I have found this to be a real help. The challenges are varied and doable, and the health and fitness quizzes are fun and informative.
Well worth the money.

  Not bad

| | See all GemF2007's reviews (38)

This is a good therory, but in practice the game is a bit of a disappointment. The handy free pedometer is slightly large and bulky and only counts steps. Would be better designed if this counted calories as well. The game itself has some good pricipals, hints and tips, but I found it very time consuming compared to what had been promised and although it recommends you update this every day, I have found myself only using it once or twice a week.

Overall i think this could have been a great game, but some more thought and planning should have gone into it before release.

  If you need to lose weight ...try this.

| | See all sharo0077's reviews (1)

First of all My Health Coach is not a game although there are games on it they are all related to My Health Coach so anyone thinking this is a game you play and get to the next level please note it is not. However if you want to lose weight and get fitter then go buy it..I allready love it. I only have this a few days and all ready have found it very helpful. You input your weight,height and age. It works out your BMI and tells you what your ideal weight and BMI should be. There are lots of hints and tips.
It comes with the pedometer which you wear around the waistband of your trousers or skirt and it tells you how many steps you took.
There are great little exercises to do when your favourite programme breaks for an advert. My health is really good if you want to lose weight and need a little help..it also has lots of tips.

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