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Guitar Hero: On Tour (with Guitar Grip)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (55 reviews)"

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  Great game

| | See all Torehboom's reviews (41)

This is a great game for DS! I am a nineteen year old girl, who has enjoyed playing other editions for other consoles.

Although it follows the same basic idea of guitar hero on Wii and Xbox, (strumming the string as you press the coloured button to play notes) it only has 4 colours, instead of 5 making the game a lot easier to complete.

It still has different difficulties including:
Easy, medium, hard, and expert.
Medium, hard and expert uses all 4 colours.
However hard and expert are faster and have more difficult colour combination.

This game has quite a few great classic songs on it.
Artists include:
Blink 182 / No doubt / Kiss / Daughtry / nirvarna / maroon 5 / Stray cats / Ozzy osbourne / incubus / red hot chilli peppers as well as others.

It recommends not to play for long periods of time!
I hurt my wrist because I played for an hour straight to complete it.

The pack comes complete with:
Game cartridge (with small protective case)
expansion pack (to use with original DS)
a pick shaped stylus (which is hidden inside the grip!! Took me a while to find it!)
quick play guide
a normal guide

So basically it has everything you need to play it other than the ds or ds lite itself.

NOTE you cannot play this game if you have the DSi because you need to use the game boy advance slot!!!!

I hope this helps anyone who is unsure whether or not to buy it!

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  What a *BLAST!!!!

| | See all DoOmHiKi's reviews (1)

This game is fantastic, you will find yourself strumming away day or night it is very hard to put down. You can play single player or play with someone else with a DS via the link up function. Really cool graphics for such a small handheld game. This came with the Grip and pick stylus. I started on Normal mode to get use to it straight away, it was abit tricky to start with an my hand was not keen on the position but i was playing for alongtime, but I think this is very good exercise for your fingers. =D When you hit all the notes correctly you build up and release this awesome star energy which makes your character go nuts lights flash away and they throw the guitar around whilst the crowd *Screamz!!! XD The venues you play at on Career mode are also quite cool like the subway with moving trains and ontop of a penthouse. Im no spring chicken but i am totally enjoying this. Doesn't matter what age you are anyone can have a fab time with this game, and after a while your hand and fingers become use to the position and relaxes. You will not regret this purchase, i have a DS lite because it has the slot at the bottom for the BUTTON SLOT in Guitar GRIP, you *Need* the Grip and a DS lite to play this game, it does not work on the new DS consoles as they don't have the slot on the bottom.

  Good, Not Great

| | See all SLiiPKNOT's reviews (17)

I find the buttons on the grip are slightly small, but not completely unplayable for adult hands. Does work with ds lite. Some decent songs on there, great fun and a nice change from the console version. You only need to buy one grip and buy the other games singular.

  Good value

| | See all BisleySteiner's reviews (2)

For the person that was wanting to know, no the guitar grip does not fit the new DSi as they have got rid of the slot for GBA games for the other features, so unlike the DS, the new DSi is not backward compatible!

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| | See all TyrannousFatty's reviews (3)

I would not advise you buying this game if you had a DSi as the guitar grip fits to the Gamepak slot on the DS, somethging the DSi Does not have, so it would be impossible to fit.

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| | See all vicki1983's reviews (3)

Does anyone know if the Guitar Grip will fit the new DSi?? I have found that the DSi is slightly bigger than the normal DS and would be gutted if it didnt fit??

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  Quite surprising

| | See all SGLaDam's reviews (1)

If you are a fan of the other guitar heroes this game is well worth a try. though it does not have as many songs as you xbox 360/ps3 edition it is a pleasant experience while on the move and will keep you entertained for hours while you play it.

  Very Good Effort

| | See all SeanLondon's reviews (4)

Being someone who really can't understand why you would want to pretend to play a guitar when you can play the real thing I didn't expect to like or even enjoy this game. I bought it entirely in a moment of extreme cynicism while hoping madly that I would hate and despise the game just to prove a point to my friends.

I was reluctantly surprised to actually enjoy playing the game, I felt a bit silly saying "Rock On" into the microphone and stumming the screen but it eventually grew on me...as did the wrist pain. They suggest playing the game in 15 minute bursts but in my experience my wrists normally began hurting after 10 which put a bit of a downer on my experience.

Still if I take a step back from the game and look at the technical achievements of Guitar Hero: On Tour I can't help but be impressed. They managed to shrink a game that can fill a bedroom into something small enough to fit in your hand and still be playable...if you don't mind the wrist strain.

  I was surprised too...

| | See all BigManDave's reviews (8)

A portable substitute for probably my favourite game series of all time took me back a bit. I mean the whole gimick was the fact you get to wail on small, plastic guitars pretending you're in black sabbath, so unless you connect some sort of similar product into a DS and play GH on a tiny screen in your car...

Okay, the controller is a great idea, and quite innovative, only it is falwed in it's design a little. I had to fiddle round with the strap on the controller for several hours before i reached a comfortable position, and even then after around 10 songs my wrist was as stiff as a redwood. But once you do wrestle it into a comfortable position, Guitar Hero On Tour is a superb addition to the massively successful series.

The songs list isn't bad, containing great stuff, and average stugg as per usual, and the touch screen strummer works pretty well too once you get the hang of it. The lack of the fith button i felt made a little to be desired at first, then after palying it realised how difficult it would be to impliment and play with more importantly.

The multiplayer mode is where it really shines. Thankfully me and my brother are both Guitar Hero pro's already, so we could indulge in the expansive local multiplayer almost immediately.

To summarise, fans of the series, it's awesome, but all the console versions are better, obviously...

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  Not quite a rockin' game for the popular series

| | See all Wiiloveit's reviews (18)

This version of the popular music sim was never going to be popular with everyone, but were those people that dismissed the game at first sight right to do so?

For starters, this edition obviously doesn't play the same as the console versions (and is easier since there is no fifth button). The fact that you don't hold a "guitar" in your hands make this feel less like a part of the series, and the new characters and venues make this even more so. What's more, there's only 26 songs (five levels, each with five songs, and then an extra unlockable song available later) available to play. How are they going to make up for all this?

Well, the controls work very well as you play the correct coloured notes and strum along on the touch screen, and the sound and graphics are incomparable to many of the other games that the DS offers. Plus, local multiplayer is included for two players (although you both need the game and controller), and battling the CPU is no longer necessary to continue career mode either. Instead, an extra mode is available where you can play through all of the songs (no separate game save required) in battle mode with another of the characters on offer. Although still not perfect, the mode is improved from the Wii's battle system, with a different selection of DS-specific weapons available, as well as a get-the-highest-score objective, rather than trying to make your opponent fail before the end of the song, thus also making it easier this time round.

Also returning for the DS game is the Store function. Here you can use money that you earn at the end of songs to purchase extra outfits, guitars and guitar styles. Although there is nowhere near as big an array of unlockables as the console versions have (you can't buy extra characters or songs this time), it is still nice to have the feature included.

Plus, there are still in-game features such as hammer-ons (playing more than one note without strumming) and shaking longer notes, but the latter can be quite accident prone since you use the same technique as strumming, and so if you whammy a split-second longer than you should have then the game registers this as an extra strum.

Overall, this game is a nice addition to the catalog of DS games, and with the sequel (out later this year) they can hopefully improve further on the game's length and song choice (some of the songs are god-awful and have been featured in previous GH's anyway), which is what is really holding this game back.

When it comes to the Grip controller, you do get used to the controls after about half an hour and often begin to check that it isn't about to pop out of its slot after a few times of it happening, after which you do get used to it (despite the shrunken down button size and hand cramps every few songs). It really does start to work, and at £30-£40, it isn't a bad piece of kit - now it's just the game length that's letting the grip down.

As a final note, I should mention that the new DS model, the DSi, is not compatible with the Guitar Grip, so be aware of this before purchasing.

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