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Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat?

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Not as good as I expected..

| | See all hendyy's reviews (1)

I really wanted to get this game after seeing it on tv, part of the reason I got a DS, but it really isn't as easy or useful as they make out. Plus can't even understand my voice!


| | See all misswelshgirl's reviews (7)

I love this! It has recipes from all over the world as well as british food so its a nice change to try new things. Easy to use and takes you step by step right through the cooking process where u can use voice prompts to move onto the next step if you got your hands full. Its not just recipes but gives advice and video clips of how to prepare things too. I would highly recommend this and is great for beginners like me

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| | See all Roxan17's reviews (3)

This is ok... Problem is this game makes the simplist things like spaghetti bolognaise hard because of all the extras that you add in that you never heard of. I wouldnt recommended this game to people wanting to learn to cook as this is more of an advanced level


| | See all FozzySPF's reviews (58)

I love this DS game, not really a game more of a life tool lol.

I'm not very good at cooking, not one for making proper sunday roasts and stuff like that, whacking a pizza in the oven or a pasta bake is about as much as i know, maybe the odd omelette but thats hardly difficult.

This program makes it so easy to learn, i've so far tried a few english dishes, some spanish and tonight i cooked my folks the szechuan chicken from the chinese list and it was gorgeous.
The instructions are clear and easy to follow, it adjusts the ingredient quantities depending on the amount you're feeding

It has speech recognition so u can control the cooking steps just by talking if u have your hands full, this is a nice touch but a little sensitive for my liking, i found the odd clack and sizzle noises from the kitchen moved on / backed up the steps on its own without me wanting it to.

The only other moan i have is the cooking times, during the steps it rarely tells you how long you should be frying something for but merely gives you a visual thing to look for. I understand some hobs and cookers may act different and vary times so this doesnt bother me too much, just as a beginner cook it does make u panic a little if you're doing it right.

All in all this game is fab and i love using it, perfect for people who arent too familiar with cooking and are tired of eating the same meals they only know how to prepare.

also, i have tried the Jamie Oliver game and i thought it was utter pants compared to this, the visual aids are terrible and theres hardly any talking in it apart from Jamie saying the name of the dish which hardly helps me cook to be honest. I'd recommend this one any day.

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  Great for a beginner

| | See all Redmos's reviews (1)

I loved this, always one for throwing some frozen food in the oven before this, today I made Sautéed Lamb and Wedges, with lemon, garlic and parsley garnish and it was lovely, my wife said she felt like she went out for a proper meal :) It takes you step by step and also has help to change the ingredients (I used some parsley leaves (about 50p for a pack) instead of rosemary, Great program for people who want to cook or learn :)

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  Cook? Non-cook? Give it a go, and then decide.

| | See all Wiiloveit's reviews (18)

When Nintendo announced this DS title, everyone was confused why they were releasing such a title? With around 250 in depth guides to cooking though, this isn't an application to be sniffed at.

To get started, you can choose what you wish to make by searching the country it originates from or what you want it to include. The advanced search tool works really well, and includes options for the amount of calories, the main ingredient (such as meat, fish, veg) and the cooking time. This narrows your search down to all of the recipes that apply, and from here you can view details of each one, and then check you've got the correct utensils and ingredients ready.

When it's time to cook, you get help from a cheerful British "man", who reads out each of your instructions for you. The instructions are also available in a little more depth on the screen, and sometimes more details will be available alongside each step. These extra details might explain why you're doing something or they may give you tips on how to get a nicer taste. Sometimes, there will even be a video (displayed in a very good picture quality for the DS) to help you further, making sure that you hardly ever get it wrong.

To progress to the next step, you can either touch the respective icon on the screen, or say "continue" out loud for the microphone to hear. You can also ask the cook to repeat instructions or go back a step if you need any more help.

In addition to all this, there are several extras also worth mentioning. First of all, there is a guide that teaches you the meanings of all the terminology used, and how to perform each technique described when cooking. These are packed full of information, and are also available whilst you're cooking a recipe. There are also lists of all the ingredients used, with an image and description of each one, and (where applicable) a substitute ingredient that may be used instead.

Plus, the cartridge also includes a timer that can be activated at any point during a recipe, further ensuring you get everything perfectly right. Whilst your meals are cooking, there is also an option to busy yourself with the Game & Watch title "Chef", where you move a character left and right to toss falling sausages before they hit the ground. It may be a simple game, but it's also pretty addictive and is a welcome addition.

If you're not in the mood for cooking, though, then you can still browse the recipes, and mark them for notification later. Plus, you can add comments (written by handwriting on the touch screen, Brain Training style) to each meal, search for a particular something, or browse the calendar to see which meals you have made and when you made them.

There are a few letdowns in the software though. For starters, many of the recipes are foreign, and will most definitely not suit everyone's taste. The problem with the recipes being foreign also means that there are quite a few ingredients you won't be able to get because they originate from Japan, or other countries. The substitute ingredients list helps out, but it's still a shame it's been done this way. In addition to this, the microphone (marketed as one of the most important features) is often too responsive, and there is no option to alter this. If you clatter a pan or rapidly stir some food, it can pick this up, and often skips back a step, or repeats the step again, which eventually led to me switching that option off, and instead getting my DS covered in food by using the on screen "buttons".

Overall though, there's loads to do in this package, and it is well recommended for anyone who can or would like to cook, providing you've got a liking for a wide variety of foreign food.

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  A useful little thing

| | See all minirac's reviews (60)

I'm utterly rubish at cooking. I also cannot allow my mother to try and teach me how to cook because she is annoying when she does so. When I heard about this game I was incredibley pessimistic, it had the potentional to be awful like a lot of DS educational games (a lot of them are awful by the way) this isn't one of them. It's so easy to use, and whilst the voice recognition is not perfect (though I am a geordie so that may not be their fault!) it is still a handy thing to have. I love the note taking capability and after cooking the dish I write the rough price of each dish so when I'm skint I can see what I can afford! I'm off to Spain for a month soon where I shall have to fend for myself and this will be a great tool to take with me when I'm stuck for ideas. I also think this would be a great idea for getting kids involved in cooking as it is an innovative, fun and clever tool whilst at the same time appealing to the adult market.

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| | See all 1622colli's reviews (2)

Being the sort of person that would like to do more in the kitchen but not having a clue where to start i figured this product might come in handy. Tried it out for the first time today and was very impressed. The recipie ideas look great with a large variety to choose from and the step by step guide carries you through each stage from choosing ingredients all the way to serving the dish. My only gripe was with the voice system, a little too sensitive and often have to shout for it to work though that doesnt take away from the overall usefullness of this product!

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  Really Good

| | See all jillywilly's reviews (1)

The Cooking game is really good you don't need alot of ingidence like in most cook books, and they are very affordable, hope they bring more cooking guides out .

  not very good

| | See all cabby111's reviews (1)

my mum and best friend wanted this I showed them mine and they both changed thier minds my advice is check it ou with someone who already has it b4 you buy it!

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