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Space Invaders Extreme

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  great buy

| | See all MukherT's reviews (1)

Great game, very entertaining and good value for money.Also very addictive.

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  Great Game, Even Greater Price.

| | See all jaaaakee's reviews (10)

In a nutshell, this is the original Space Invaders on acid. You shoot the spaceships as normal and as soon as you hit a glowing special ship, you get sent into a "minigame" round. Which, if you win, gives you bonuses (Fever) which helps you progress the level.

At the end of each level, there is a boss of which is different in each stage.

Conclusion: Enjoyable game, Wifi features always a big plus, cheap as chips. Jake recommends!

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| | See all punxUK's reviews (17)

It's a novelty that repeats itself but isn't that what its all about? It's retro It's cool but it repeats itself like this review!

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  Space Invaders Perfection

| | See all Tallis's reviews (5)

This really is a perfect modern update to the classic 1978 game - it's perfect in every way, from the incredibly addictive playability to the excellent graphics and sounds.

Words cannot do it justice - just buy it and see for yourself.

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  A retro update that's actually good!

| | See all Jazzem's reviews (1)

Now this is how you update a classic retro game!

It's amazing how much depth there is to this game, with multipliers, colour/number based combos and a variety of bonus stages. And yet it only uses the d-pad and the A button!

It's incredibly easy to get into due to its accessibility, but over time you'll notice little nuances in the gameplay that encourage you to keep playing to increase your score. Coupled with Wi-Fi play and leaderboards (Which is impressive considering full priced DS games often lack these features) and you have an amazing all round package that's light years ahead of Space Invaders Revolution, the first Space Invaders DS game.

Highly recommended :)

  They're back! (...again)

| | See all ronweasley1975's reviews (2)

Another incarnation of invaders from outer space, this time they're celebrating their 30th Birthday. I haven't played the PSP version of Space Invaders Extreme and with the DS version being this good, I don't think I need to.

From the moment the first wave of invaders line up, you're straight in to the game. Extreme carries forward the original tactic of shoot, dodge and shoot some more by throwing in dizzying colourful swirling backdrops, power-ups of lasers, bombs and multi-shots that can be upgraded for perfect shooting, and echoing audio with sound effects synched in-time with the music.

Longevity is not this game's strong point however, with 5 short levels that can be slewed through at blurring speed thanks to the regular 'Fever Time' rounds. Boss appearances are generally weak affairs, though the Level 4 end of stage provided a tough opponent and cost more than a handful of continues to get past. (tip - your fire power degrades by 2 levels each time you lose a life).

Overall: There have been many updated versions of Space Invaders over the years and Extreme offers the best update of the lot. The backgrounds are beautiful and the multitude of play modes and point building techniques help to squeeze out a few more hours of gameplay once you've breezed through the 'Arcade Mode's' levels.

  Relive the old classic

| | See all FozzySPF's reviews (58)

This is a very fun and addictive game, its fast paced with quite a few extras on the original.
Nice colourful graphics, different weapons, end stage bosses and more.
This game wont disappoint fans of the old arcade classic.
4/5 stars as i like the fast paced arcade action but still with its tweaks and extras it does get repetetive quite fast.