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Super Mario 64 DS

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (30 reviews)"

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| | See all supababe's reviews (96)

I am so addicted to this game. I loved new supermario bros on the ds and was looking for a new game to play. I must have been late to catch on to super mario 64 as its a few years old now...but I think its a little bit better than new mario bros! Theres stacks to do and you have to unlock 4 characters and find 80-150 stars. Bowsers there and all of the great things that makes nintendo so good. Lots of swimming, wall jumping, icy ravines, flying etc BUY IT!

  Great game!

| | See all Daibhead's reviews (7)

great game but can get boring after completing the game three times. this was my first mario game I ever bought.you see, I had played it at my cousins house and at the time I tought it was a good game but I was dissopointed when I got it

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  A trip down memory lane

| | See all Jaymedia's reviews (12)

The ds version of this game is a funny old affair. Its difficult to imagine how I'd feel about this game if I hadn't played it all those years ago on the N64. Indeed, the initial incentive for me buying this was to re-live the fun I had back in the day. And on that level, it doesn't disappoint. Almost every level was greeted by a huge grin on my face, along with such thoughts as; "ooh, I remember this bit", and "oh wow, I'd forgotten how cool this bit is", etc.. But once you strip away the nostalgia, how does the game stand up on its own merits? The answer is, very well. Very well indeed. The control system is fine. Not at all awkward as some people seem to insist upon. The graphics are fine too. Some parts are not as sharp as the n64, but that's to be expected considering how much they've crammed into the cartridge. There's extra playable characters that, rather than being a gimmick, are actually essential if the player intends to complete the game fully. Another smart addition is the addition of mini-games. These provide an excellent distraction, and are retro in their orientation. ie. Achieving high scores is what matters. As was the norm in days of yore. ..the only downside to this game, unsurprisingly, is the camera. As was true with the n64 version. But it by no means spoils the game. ...in short, this game is as much of a "must-have" as it was in its original incarnation. Highly recommended.

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  Best Ds Game

| | See all jituyn's reviews (1)

My son introduced me to the game when he wanted me defeat the big bomomb.Soon I was addicted .There are 150 stars to win .It took me almost 2 months to win all of them.My wife would hide the DS not to letme play.Best game.

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| | See all smileitsjenny's reviews (38)

This was a incredible game but i prefered the N64. Although i liked playing as wario and yoshi etc, i would have prefered to play as mario and then you can unlock the three caps!

However i loved there were 30 extra stars and a few more bonus levels that werent in the N64 version. All in all it was a pretty good game.

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  A lot of plusses, it just doesn't wash with me, sorry

| | See all minirac's reviews (60)

How can I explain myself? To say that I didn't enjoy this game would be a lie, but I feel there was something missing from this. It's probably because I remember playing the original which is still the more superior game. A couple of issues I had with this one was that the camera was annoying and sometimes difficult to see what you were doing and hard to control when you are in the middle of doing something else. Also (please don't find out where I live and kill me!) Whats with the added characters? I don't feel this adds more to the gameplay, it is an annoyance, whats wrong with just mario? In all all it is an undeniably a good game, with the minigames being a good edition but I would recommend people with t wii to download the original from the virtual console rather than get this, if you don't have a wii, then it may be your only chance to experience this great game, although it is a watered down experience.

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  Older Player Review - Good Old Classic still works

| | See all SupeRDelbert's reviews (12)

Have now reached 50 and still playing games. I love the DS because you can pick it up for just 5 minutes where ever you are.

Had this on the original N64 and thought it was good then. Transforms to the DS well and is a lot better than 90% of the new games out there.
Control is fairly easy and soon mastered after a bit of practice - there is various ways to control the charactors. Some of the other comment may not have noticed. I used the stlus on the lower screen to guide the charactor and press the buttons to jumpand flip, etc. You will watch the charactor on the top screen and his control becomes second nature and you ignore the lower map/control screen.

Basically you are tring to collect 130 odd stars from strange room/worlds. You gradually unlock more rooms as you collect enough stars. Things get gradually more harder and you learn new charactor movements to help in this. You develop these skills as you progress in the game.
Some stars require Mario's friends to get them and they have to be unlocked by defeating some baddies.

Some stars are easier to get than others - if you get frustrated in one area you can go to another room to do something different.

Look on the internet and you will find some walkthroughs for advice. Its surprising wot secrets that you can miss and there is lots of them.

If you are an older player then ignor the cover picture this is a challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours.

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  Good, with a few problems...

| | See all Monkeydave's reviews (46)

I have to say I disagree with some of the positive comments people have made about the graphics and controls on this game. The graphics aren't as good as on the N64 - of course they're not, the DS is a handheld, so you wouldn't expect them to be.

The stylus controls may be good, I've not tried them yet. However, the basic d-pad controls are pretty annoying. The default speed of movement is a painfully slow walk and to move with any speed, you constantly have to hold down the Y button, which makes pressing any other buttons awkward. I'm hoping that the stylus controls are considerably better, otherwise this is going to take a lot of getting used to.

That's not to say that the game is bad - it's not. It's different to the N64 version, as bits and pieces have been tweaked here, giving it the nostalgic fun of the original, whilst keeping it new and interesting.

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  WOW brilliant game!!!

| | See all ceeleah's reviews (2)

Well what can i say i received this game at around 8 am this morning and havent been able to put it down it is fantastic just like the old one on n64 even the same music i am very very very very please with this game

Well done nintendo !!!!!!!!

I would def recomend this game worth every penny :)

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  Really good

| | See all georgie1's reviews (39)

this game is a really good jump up from the original, and i love it. If you like Yoshi quite a lot then you will like this game.