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Animal Crossing: Wild World

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (107 reviews)"

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  Play This If You Dont Have a 3DS

| | See all JamesAKeen's reviews (3)

Like many others I don't have a 3DS yet and i am craving the new Animal Crossing New Leaf. I recommend this game for the newbies to the AC series. I LOVED every minute of playing it and after years of owning this game (From its original release date to now - 2013) I STILL find myself opening my DS and inserting this cartridge because you just cant get enough of it! Its so addictive, and its an absolute pleasure to play! i would advise anyone who hasn't got a 3ds to buy this game!!!

  Amazing game!!!

| | See all eggchip57's reviews (6)

This is my absolute favorite game I have ever played! It is a fun and exciting take on day to day life, with animals as your companions. The aim is to pay off your mortgage and complete your house to the mansion form. The seasons change, time passes the same as real time, you can even build snowmen in winter! The game starts when you meet Tom Nook, who offers you a part time job which you must take to proceed, and basically you get to know your own little village and send letters until you finish work. After you've finished, a small amount is taken off your first mortgage. Then, you're free to roam around town and do what you like. My only problem with this game is the graphics, which aren't as good as the other animal crossings, but that doesn't really bother me much.

Another good thing is that it sort of never ends, I got this 6 or 7 years ago, and I still play on it reguraly now! I think this is fun for people aged 6 and above.

Overall, absolutly amazing game!

  One of the best games ever!

| | See all aliens324's reviews (7)

This game becomes highly addictive and gets better the more you play. It rarely becomes boring and is one of those games that you play for so long, leave it for a while and then play it again and again. Very entertaining, a brilliant game. I recommend to all.

  very good but...

| | See all nishatrulez's reviews (3)

ive had this game for a while now and i must say that it is amazing but it requires a LOT OF ATTENTION! if you leave the game for a month everything has changed and also when you restart the game without saving a character called ressti comes up and wont leave you alone for about 3 minutes which can be annoying. but most aspects of the game is brilliant i think people should only buy this game if they have patience. hope this helped!

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  One of the best NDS titles.

| | See all ShinyPikachu's reviews (7)

Outstanding game, if your into playing virtual games and roleplaying then this is the game for you. Once you start the game you will be given a character (boy\girl) depending on what you gave as the questions at the start of the game. If you answer differently to someone else, they may have different looks. You will have a town hall,museum, your house, neighbour houses and two shops. You will have to start off with your work. The aim of the game is to pay off your mortage that you will get for your house, each amount you pay off your house will upgrade. One shop sells clothing for your char, one sells furniture, letters and items. Theres a millions of furniture to choose, all set into catagories. Mainly a good idea would be to collect furniture of the same colour/type/style. You can speak to neighbours which are animals, there are lots and if you dont interact with them from time to time they may leave your town. More people will move in though.
I Couldnt get enough of this game, i have played it for weeks and weeks. Once youve completed your mortage there is still more to do. You can collect fish,bugs,fossils and donate them to your museum. This game is a must buy.

  really great but then it gets a bit boring

| | See all russ777's reviews (4)

this game is one of my favourite ds games atleast it was as once you have played on it a few times it get a bit repetative and boring but still overall a great game i would recommed it


| | See all josn33's reviews (11)

My sister got this game for her birthday, and after watching her play on it all day I decided to go ahead and buy it! After playing on it for a while, I realised I couldn't put it down!
First of all when you play, you name a world which the game will automatically pick out a random world for you! You name a character, and choose boy or girl. Unfortunately, you have to deal with whatever random character the game picks for you! After that, you can create a flag for your world. You can create many different patterns which you can have on clothing, umbrellas, hats and even in your house! In your house you can decorate it the way you want it to be, and every time you pay off your mortgage you get a bigger house (an extra room or extended floor space). But this game is not one where you complete it, you keep going and going! It snows in the winter and you can make snowman! The weather effects are amazing, and the competitions in your town are really fun! You get to meet your animal neighbours, and if you befriend them long enough, you can receive a picture off them! Things keep moving along in animal crossing, neighbours leave..etc. You have to go on everyday because you get weeds or you can mither one of your neighbours to stay longer in your town instead of leaving!
The best thing though, is connecting with your friends and family - you can play a game of hide n seek, go into the museum or a house - even swap patterns! You can chat too! An endless game of fun, I recommend you buy this game!
This is one of the best nintendo games, maybe behind or equal to Mario Kart which is THE BEST game of all time!
Really great game, for all ages too! BUY IT!

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| | See all happyboo's reviews (3)

I have had animal crossing for a couple of months and I love it! I can understand other peoples reviews though, how they think that it can get boring for them because of certain reasons. But I love it! I cope with change well, so I like the fact that people come in and out of my town. You can get cool gadgets like, slingshots, shovels, fishing rods and more! There really is nothing bad abut it! So in my opinion Buy it!

  Yupp, good game!

| | See all Sweetlooking's reviews (6)

This was an absolutely great game. Why you may ask? You get to meet and be friendly with the sweetest little creatures(and cranky ones).
You collect different pieces of furniture, to go in your house, that grows bigger and bigger! If your not a patient person and just want a game where you can die then DO NOT buy this game.The reason I say you have to be patient is that you have got many morgages to pay off but you have fun doing this. Having an exciting challenge to collect bugs, fish and putting many different fruits to put in your town. Connecting with other players on the DS is fab, although it is hurtful when one of your friends gets one of your neigbours, that you really like to move into their town! Sometime the neigbours just move anyway! The fireworks shows are amazing, you also get sparklers and everything!
There is just one more thing that I would now like to write- buy the official player's guide it is very hard to play the game with out it! Good Luck!
However the reason then why I have given it now a 4 star is because you get bored of it... I haven't played it for about 9 months now, but I had many months of enjoyment out of it.
Therefore it is a very good buy for the DS.

  One of the Best Games on DS

| | See all gorgeousgames's reviews (44)

This is perfect for someone who likes to relax on an island with lots of friendly animals. You can decorate your house with furniture purchased from nooks shop. You can dress your character in clothes from the able sisters shop or design your own. You have to earn bells to pay of your mortgage for your house will will expand until eventually it becomes a mansion! You can visit the local museum where you can donate fossils or fish etc. also downstairs there is a coffee bar! There is a town hall which is where you will probably visit the most. You'll have fun doing whatever you like. All in all, cool game!