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Nintendo DS Silver Console (Dual Screen)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Great Console

| | See all willo26's reviews (2)

The DS console is such a joy to own, I have the original DS and my mum has the lite. You can play and chat with each other at close range and if you have games such as nintendogs you can let your dogs play together. Regardless of what DS model you have (DS, DS Lite, DSi) you can play together. The DS lite has a brighter screen than the DS and the DSi has a larger bottom screen than the DS but, I think this original looks the best.

  Brilliant Best handheld ever (except DS Lite)

| | See all Daviduk2000's reviews (40)

Brilliant, and here's why, its just so fun to use, iv had mine just under 2 years now and had no problems, it works great and has well amazing games, touch screen, microphone over all brilliant, only disappointment no mp3 capabilities, but still its not that important.


2/5 Graphics
5/5 Games
4/5 Size
5/5 Screen

Average 4/5 great

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  cool it has a touchscreen...

| | See all guitarheroqueen's reviews (1)

I have to say i love my ds. The games are great. not the best graphics in the world but that's not what you want from this kind of console. Anyone who doesn't have one, buy it. They're such good fun.

  Not Great.

| | See all OliverW's reviews (4)

When I first got this console and saw the graphics I wasn't impressed and I still aren't now. I will admit that the touch-screenness is quite cool and the way the games use the touch-screen is but the console is big and heavy, and there is no-way I could fit them in a jean pocket. So thanks Nintendo, but I'll stick to the PSP.

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  The Original - not the best

| | See all PapaSB's reviews (29)

This is a bit big, its a bit like a vanity mirror and to be honest a bit plasticy.

I have owned this since the day of release, Feb 2005 i think it was - the games are pretty good, but not ideal for the train.

Screaming RED, BLUE, BLUE, BLUE, RED, at what looks like a mirror whilst travelling into work is not the best thing to do.

That said, its really good fun and all of the the family can join and WANTS to play. The competion that can build between the family members is very amusing.

If i would suggest one thing, i would get the new smaller version.

This one is compatible with GBA games - better so than the new one as the cart fit in the back flush.

Good fun gaming.

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  I have had the ds since the release date about 3 years?

| | See all jemmylemmy's reviews (31)

and no i do not have a lite i have my trusty average old silver ds and it is still as great as the first day i got it i have dropped it numeros times not a scratch! i dropped it out of the window once it stil works i have over 30 games and love it i also have a wii and a gc nintendo rules

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  Nintendo DS the great

| | See all slapham's reviews (22)

What a fabulous handheld console. I mean nintendo have really out done themselves with this amazing touch-screen technology. Yeah it doesnt give out the best graphics youll ever see but its got some amazing games.
Every game seems to use the touch screen in a unique way which u will love. If ure looking for a decent handheld console dont get a PSP get a DS

Review: Slapham

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  Old faithful!

| | See all issueskid's reviews (17)

If you don't already own a DS this is a superb buy. The DS is currently leading the console wars, its outselling all other hand held and home systems and if that isn't enough to get you interested how about this...

The DS features stereo sound, a microphone to interact with games by blowing to help start a fire (Lost in blue) or blow away clouds (Yoshi touch and go), and even speech recognition (Brain training).

The DS features unique touch screen controls which game developers are taking full use of, for example performing operations (Trauma centre) or playing sudoku! The DS also features 2 screens which can be useful for playing on one screen while viewing a map or stats on the other screen.

Many games now even feature a 2 player mode with only 1 cartridge while the 2nd DS will download the multiplayer option.

What else could the DS possibly need you ask? Well it also features internet access to play against player's world wide on games such as Mario Kart and Animal Crossing. There are also download points in various shops where demos can be downloaded to test a game before you actually buy it, or even downloading new packages for your current games! Picross allows owners to download new puzzles to extend the games life.

Finally the future for the DS is also looking pretty good, with connection options to the Wii, the possibilities will be endless!

With all that said, if your willing to buy a DS from new and you have a bit of spare cash, go for the DS Lite, it's a much improved version of this system, however you still can't go wrong with owning a standard DS. However some people also prefer the Bulkiness of this older system as they can be handled easier.

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  DS - you won't leave home without it!

| | See all Conkertheconqueror's reviews (4)

The DS is not one of the best handheld consoles ever made. It is the best handheld console ever made! It has not one but two screens (the bottom one is a touch screen) and it has a stylus to use the touch screen with. The stylus makes using the touch screen simple and easy. It has an in built microphone so in some cames you whistle, blow or even shout at you your DS! It's only real let down is the graphics but they're about as good as a Nntendo 64. It has some amazing games including New Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart DS. It has wireless multiplayer which in some games is amazing. Also, if you go to a hotspot you can use Wi-Fi and in some games you can play people around the world. Games like Dr kawashima's brain training will improve your mental abilities and make you remember things quicker. If there is a reason not to get a DS I haven't found it.

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