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Hell's Kitchen: The Videogame

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  worth a buy

| | See all mincepiemuncher's reviews (3)

this is one of the first DS games i bought and if you like a fast pace game then its worth a buy. its a game of speed as Gordon gets enraged if you dawdle and will close down the kitchen if your too slow plus your customers start throwing their napkins around if they've waited too long to be seated or fed or plates cleared. you have to greet guests, cook their food, serve and clear their plates and as the game goes on you get more tables and customers to cover. cooking is a skill in itself as you have to get the timings right or your food goes cold and spoils. i thoroughly enjoyed this game and still go back for another play here and there and have had my moneys worth. it is a fast pace so if you like a slow game this isn't for you.


| | See all Nevfx2009's reviews (2)

This game is very, very addictive. With the constant flicking back and forth between dining room and kitchen, there is never a moments rest.

First, the dining room. Your job there is to greet people at the entrance, take there orders, serve them, and then clear the dishes away afterwards. Keep the customers waiting at any of these junctions will make Gordon Ramsay irritated, and will decrease your rating.

The kitchen is always busy. Three different parts to the kicthen, preparing the food, cooking the orders, and then sending them to the hot plate. Like in the TV show, all food must be sent out at the same time, fail that, and Chef Ramsay will make you start the whole order again.

You really get to experiance all parts of a dinner service, slowley builing up all you need to do from just starters with two basic ingredients, to using the whole kitchen, saucepans, cookers, 6 different ingredients, reciped which require more than one ingredient, and all with different cooking times.

While this is happening, you need to ensure customers are not kept waiting by accuratly timing when to take orders and when to leave customers waiting a while. Also, each different type of customer has different behaviours, for example, retired people have more patience than society gals, who get bored quickly but are kept busy for longer.

All in all, a suprisingly good game. On the PC or Wii I think it would be better, and look more aetshetically pleasing, but is still a good DS game, and one I would recommend.

  Brilliantly Addictive

| | See all Sweets101's reviews (1)

Great game, very addictive. But I agree with the review above that you can't complete those stages as you don't serve all three courses only two and therefore can never get more than 60%. Unfortunate, but the game itself is fantastic.

  great game

| | See all Roxan17's reviews (3)

This game is great it can teach you have to cook and also play the game of running our own kitchen its addictive. And great fun to play


| | See all tomancaz's reviews (2)

This was my first "game" for my DS (not counting brain training as a game) and it is very repetitive but weirdly addictive. It's one of those games where you can't help going back and trying to better your last score. Probably the only time anyone could get away with yelling back at Ramsey which I find myself doing quite often! The strangest outcome of this game is that I have started using the same strategy of timing things and putting things in order in real tasks around the home! That's proper brain training, worth the money for that alone.

  hell's kitchen

| | See all Fingerz's reviews (1)

Great game but can't complete week 2 days 6 and 7 and week 3 days 1 and 2 does anybody know how to do it

  Not the best game ever but pretty addictive and entertaining

| | See all XtinaW's reviews (4)

I will agree with other reviews on here that this game doesn't last very long.... You need to complete 5 weeks to win... each week had 7 days to complete... the 7th day being a challenge to get your needed star. So, when you think that each day takes only a few minutes to complete, it does only last a few hours. That said, it is very enjoyable. It will stress you out! I still haven't worked out how I can cook everything before tickets smoke and even if you get things perfect Gordon will still tell you to hurry up! And if someone can please tell me how I can speed up the oven I would be most grateful!!! Also it's not the most realistic game ever... you want that I'd go for Jamie Oliver and play the Test Kitchen.... after all who heard of putting chicken in a dessert?? Great little game for the money though. I would recommend it.

  better than expected

| | See all binlid87's reviews (1)

I really enjoyed this game! Wasn't expecting much with some of the reviews but as a gordon ramsay fan i bought it anyway! It is a bit repetitive but it's quite addictive and you can really get into it.

  Good Fun Game

| | See all candy00s's reviews (31)

This game is great fun - with lots of recipies to unlock.
Only thing i found slightly disappointing was that it only took me a few hours to complete it :(.
Good fun game just wish it was a bit longer.

  Fun and fast

| | See all acarpenter's reviews (4)

Loved this game. It didn't take me more than a week to complete it but I will be re playing it again at a later date.

Some of the levels are quite challenging and are not easy to complete but that's what makes the game more addictive.

The idea of the game is to earn 5 stars in total to gain your resturant at the end. Only do you earn a star if Mr Ramsey thinks you have done well enough and he is hard to please.
You have to multi task by seating customers, taking their orders, cooking the right coloured food for the right amount of time without burning the food, leaving it to go cold or leave customers waiting too long.

Great fun game which is fast and infuriating at times with Gordon Ramsey shouting and critisizing your efforts.

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